The next Low Cost Spay/Neuter event will be Wednesday April 12th.

Go by Animal Control to Preregister your pet @ 336-982-4060. You MUST pre-pay for your pet. Intake will be April 12th @ 7:15 am @ the old Happy Tails in WJ. Your pet will be returned the same day for Pick-Up @ 4pm the old Happy Tails in WJ. For more info 336-982-4060


Ashe Animal Control is partnering with Randy Marion Ford to help expand the “No Empty Bowl” Pet Pantry in WJ. Local businesses have partnered to help give out Free Dog & Cat Food & Pet items to folks in need. These businesses are: Barks & Co.; The Wranglin Mae; Boondocks Brewing; Creative Printers & Backstreet Subs. These businesses are also accepting items for Dogs & Cats. For more info call Animal Control @ 336-982-4060

You can also go by Parson’s Farms in WJ for Free Straw for your pet’s bedding this winter season.

May 25, 2023

Missing: From an Air B&B at 640 Fairview Heights in Boone, a Female Jack Russell Terrier. She’s 17 years old and hard of hearing & microchipped. Answers to “Cali” If found, call 919-592-7527

May 12, 2023

Missing: From Ed Little Rd in Creston, a 2-year-old, Black & White short haired, male neutered cat, weighs about 18 lbs. His front legs are shorter than his back legs. He’s very friendly. Answers to “Lucky”. If seen call 828-964-1590

May 9, 2023

Missing: From the Three Top area on Millard Rd, a Female 1 ½-year-old Shepherd Mix. Wearing a Cow Bell & a Radio Collar, no tags. She will Cautiously, respond to her name, “Abby” If seen call 336-385-7422

May 5, 2023

Missing: From Shelter Baptist Church Rd a Female Sheltie / Border Collie Mix. Wearing a Red Collar & and Flea Collar. She may also have a bandana on from a recent Grooming appointment. Answers to “Molly”. If seen call 336-877-7448

April 14, 2023

Found: On Whenlin Ridge Rd. in Lansing, a smaller, Intact Male Black Lab Mix dog with a white chest & white feet. Very Friendly, No Collar. To claim call 336-877-6536

April 5, 2023

Missing: A 2-year-old Boxer visiting from Florida, went missing from Big Peak Creek Rd. in Laurel Springs, Very Friendly, Brown in color. She was wearing a Turquoise Collar & tag with owners’ info. Answers to “Lily” If seen call 707-357-2227

April 4, 2023

Missing: On NC 194 near Sturgills in Lansing, a Male Siamese Cat, wearing a Flea collar & a collar with owner’s name & info. Answers to “Biss”. If seen call 612-760-0350

February 22, 2023

Found: On Roaring Fork Road in Creston, a young Female, Large Yellow Lab mix & an Older Male Yellow Lab Mix, may go by the name ROY. Both believe to be related / On Little Laurel Church in Creston, a White & Tan Male pup / Found on Magan Lane in WJ, a young tan female dog with blue eyes found. Call Animal Control to claim 336-982-4060

February 20, 2023

Missing: From Ed Little Rd in Creston, a Neutered, Male Brown Chihuahua around 7-8 years old. Answers to “Teddy-Bear”. Last seen on Feb. 8th. Wearing a Blue Collar with a bone shaped ID tag. He needs his medications. If seen call 336-977-5910

February 9, 2023

Missing: Missing: From Creston, a small Female, Gray & White, Pit Mix. Wearing 2 collars with tags. Very Friendly. Answers to “Soma”. If seen call 774-254-7806

Missing: From Woodland Trail off of Deep Ford Rd, an Older, Solid White, Male American Eskimo Dog. He’s Very Friendly & wearing a Red Collar, No Tags. Answers to “Fritz” A $200 Reward is offered for his safe return. Call 336-620-7080

December 30, 2022

Found: On Rich Hill Rd in Creston, 2 Black & Tan Young Puppies, looks to be Hound, No Collars. Call & identify………………………………………………………………………..732-768-2337 ________________________________________________________________________

Missing: From Carl Eastridge Rd area in Warrensville, a Miniature Male Dachshund. His name is “Buster” and very skittish. He’s wearing a worn collar with owners info. If seen call 336-385-6049 or 336-620-2872

December 8, 2022

Missing: From Charlie King Road in Lansing, Black & White neutered male cat. Mostly white with large black spots. His name is Max. Wearing a collar and tag with name and contact information on it. If you see Max, please call 336-977-2661.

November 25, 2022

Found: On Danny Ridge Rd, 2 Tan, Male Chihuahua mix dogs. To claim call 336-982-4060

November 25, 2022

Found: On Wallens Creek Rd in Lansing, a Calico cat with a black nose. To claim or interested call…….336-982-4060

Found: On Water Tank Rd a Male & Female Beagle with no collars

November 11, 2022

Missing: From Fleetwood area on Big Flatts Ch Rd, near mill creek side, a Black Boxer Answers to “Jep” wearing a Brown Leather Collar. If seen call 336-977-7249

November 10, 2022

Found: In Creston, 2 adult dogs. 1 is White with light-colored eyes, 1 is Black & White with 1 dark eye & 1 white eye. Both are wearing dark, wide leather collars. Call to claim 336-977-2798

November 9, 2022

Missing: From Fleetwood area near Liberty Grove Church Rd a Male Red Sable Pom-Chi with a Blue Collar. Answers to “Koko”. He is microchipped. If seen call 828-406-3595

October 26, 2022

Missing: From Greer Town Rd in Lansing, a Blue Colored Male Neutered Cat. Answers to “Malcolm” He’s very friendly and is Microchipped. He also has a small tattoo on his belly. If seen call 980-322-7769 or 803-960-7094

October 24, 2022

Missing: From Silas Creek area, a Female Husky with Blue Eyes wearing a Pet-Safe collar. Call if found 336-620-1358 or 336-620-6291

October 18, 2022

Found: On Rings Rd in Fleetwood, a Gray Female Cat with short hair, Very Friendly, No Collar. To claim call 336-877-1158

October 14, 2022

Missing: Near Fleetwood, 221 and Liberty Grove Church Rd., a White Border Collie with Black markings on her face & wearing a Purple Collar, 35 lbs. Her name is “Cleo” she is skittish, if seen call the owner to pick her up @ 303-809-8738

Found: On Mulatto Mtn. in WJ, a small Black & White, Female Pitty / Found: On Walnut Drive in Jefferson, a Black& White male, Medium Size Mix Breed Dog with Big Pointy Ears. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4060

October 12, 2022

Found: On Old Field Creek Rd. in Grassy Creek, an Intact Male, Yellow Lab, Apx. 2-2 ½ yrs old, Very Friendly, Housebroken & Leash Trained. Cal 336-977-2404 or 336-384-1343

September 30, 2022

Missing: From D’town WJ at the Honey Hole, a Female, 4-year-old Golden Retriever, She’s very Skittish & Timid! Wearing a black collar with tags and owners’ info. Her name is “Abby” but she will not respond to a stranger. She is microchipped. She is likely in a hiding place. Do not try to chase. Just give us a call asap. Reward offered! Call 704-641-4584

September 26, 2022

Missing: From Jerd Branch Rd in Lansing a fixed calico femal named Lucy and a orange male tabby named Ceaser. They went missing on September 12th. A reward is being offered for their safe return. Call 336-620-6119.

September 16, 2022

Found: On Ashe Street next to the Library and Maintenance building, a Black Male Retriever & a Tan Male Shepherd Mix

Found: At New River State Park off 221, a Brown Neutered Male Shepherd Mix. To claim or interested call 336-982-4060.

September 14, 2022

Missing: From Oak Grove Circle in Jefferson, an older Black & Tan Beagle, he’s short & chubby, wearing an orange collar. Answers to “LeRoy” Last seen off Frank Dillard Road. REWARD OFFERED for his return. Text or Call 336-620-3631.

September 8, 2022

Missing: From Parker Eller Rd, in the Riverside Estates, a 12-year-old, Solid Black, Lab/Beagle Mix Dog. Her name is “Bella” and very skittish. She has large lymph nodes under jaw & behind her back legs. If seen call 252-531-5571.

September 6, 2022

Found: Two dogs found on Ed Little Rd in Clifton, with no collars. One is a Male, Dark Brown, Brindle Pit Mix. The other is a Female, Tan Colored medium-sized mixed breed. Both are playful and very friendly. To claim call 336-385-2544

September 2, 2022

Found: On Boggs Rd in West Jefferson, a Neutered, Male Alaskan Husky wearing a Camouflage Collar, No Tags or Microchip. To claim call 336-982-4060.

Aug 31, 2022

Missing: From Little Peak Creek Rd, a Female Blood Hound Mix. Wearing a Red Receiver Collar for underground fence. Answers to “Ellie Mae” If seen call 336-984-9249

Missing: From Deep Gap Estates in Fleetwood, a Neutered Male, Tabby Cat, with Black & Tan Stripes. His name is “Catfish” and skittish. A $250 Reward is offered for his return. Call 863-287-4334.

Aug 23, 2022

Missing: Mount Jefferson, a Small 6-month-old, White with Brown Stripes, Female Cat. Her name is “Alaska” If seen call 336-620-6200

Aug 22, 2022

Found: On Boggs Rd in West Jefferson, a Male Malamute wearing a Camouflage Collar, No Tags or Microchip. To claim call 336-877-2412

Aug 22, 2022

Missing: From Roaring Fork Black & White Border Collie, answers to “Buddy” If seen call 336-385-1316

Aug 18, 2022

Missing: From the area between Big & Little Peak Creek Roads, a Female Australian Mix Dog with Short Hair, Brindle Colored with a Black Nose & has been Microchipped. Her name is "Tilly" and wearing a Purple Collar with Black Harness, Very Timid. If seen call……386-956-9504

Aug 12, 2022

Found: At 221 New River Access, an Intact Male Tan Colored Dog, looks like a Boxer Mix wearing a Red Collar & Gray Harness. To Claim or if interested call 336-982-4060

Aug 10, 2022

Found: At 194/ G street in Lansing a female Gray Tabby cat wearing a Teal Colored Harness / Found @ the laundry mat in Lansing, a female long haired tabby cat. To claim call 336-982-4060

July 22, 2022

Missing: From a Beech Mtn. rental, a Male Black, Tan & White Beagle. Last seen around Pinnacle Ridge /Elderberry Rd, wearing a collar with owner’s contact number. If seen call 919-360-8108 or 919-599-6486

July 15, 2022

Missing: From the Shatley Springs area of Crumpler, an older, Black Brown & White, intact male, beagle, Wearing a teal and gray collar. Has some vision and balance issues. His name is “Sheriff” If found call 336-977-2421

July 15, 2022

Missing: From Buck Mountain Rd near WJ where it turns to dirt, an Orange & White Neutered Male Cat. His name is “Herman” wearing a collar with his name & info. If seen call 336-877-7527>

July 14, 2022

Found: On Willie Walker Rd in Creston, a Black & Brown Shepherd mix dog, has white on the face. & looks to be an older dog. To claim call 336-385-1244

July 11, 2022

Found: In the BARK Mobile parking lot in WJ, a Black Intact Male, Mountain Feist-Chi mix Black dog wearing a beige harness. To claim call 336-982-4060

June 28, 2022

Missing: From South Rd. in Pottertown Community, a Neutered Male Pit/Lab mix Dog, looks more like a Lab. Brown / Copper color, wearing a Pale Green collar with fish on it. Answers to “Vic”. Reward offered for his return. Call 828-297-7979 or 336-927-4444

Found: On Waltons Mtn Rd in WJ, a Large Black Intact Male Lab with a tan collar that has “BUBBA” in large letters sewn on it. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4060.

Found: On Three Top in Todd, an Older Intact Male Beagle, no collar. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4060

June 24, 2022

Missing: From the 400 Block of Oakwood Rd in WJ, a 17-year-old Female Shih-Tzu. Almost Blind & Deaf, No Collar. Her name is “Annie-Marie” $100 Reward offered for her return. Call 336-877-6443

June 22, 2022

Found: On 221 near New River Outfitters/General Store, a Female Black & Tan Beagle mix Dog, No collar on when found, but very apparent that she did prior, Very Friendly & Healthy. To claim call 828-320-9662

June 20, 2022

Found: On South Big Horse Creek Rd in Lansing, a Light Brown Female, Medium Size, Mix Breed Dog, has some white on her face. To claim or interested call 336-982-4060

June 16, 2022

Missing: From the Baldwin area near Bethany UMC & Convenience Center, a Blonde Colored Female, Shepherd /Husky mix, She’s been Spayed & Microchipped. Answers to “Izzy” & wearing a Purple Collar with tags & owner’s info, Very Friendly. If seen call 336-489-1133 or 336-877-1842

Missing: From Bald Mtn. Rd a male Beagle / Aussie Mix. White with Brown Spots, Answers to “Lucky” No collar. Reward offered for his safe return. Call 336-877-2805

June 9, 2022

Found: On Hwy 221 between Fleetwood & WJ, a Dark Gray Cat wearing a Blue Flea Collar, Has been De-Clawed, Very Friendly & well fed. To claim call 336-301-1364

June 6, 2022

Found: On Chestnut Way off Howard Colvard Rd in Crumpler, an Intact Male Hound /Beagle mix dog. Brown with white on his chest, wearing a Red Collar. Call 336-982-2055

May 26, 2022

Found: In the Cranberry area of Scottsville on Hwy. 221, a Male, Brown Pit Mix with White on his chest, wearing a Red Collar. Call to claim 336-982-4060

May 25, 2022

Missing: From Hoke Wagoner Rd. in Crumpler, a 4-month-old Male, short hair, Light Orange & White Kitten, Very Friendly. Answers to “Cheez-It” If seen call 828-406-8872

May 19, 2022

Found: On Roby Poe Rd in Crumpler, near the airport, a Male Black Shepherd wearing an electric collar. Very friendly. To claim call 305-525-3641

Missing: 2 dogs, missing from 6376, Hwy 93 in Piney Creek: 1) A 2-year-old Blue Pit with a white patch on his chest, no collar. Answers to “Blue” 2) An 8-month-old, Starfordshire Bull Terrier. Dark Brown with light shaded black places on him, wearing a Blue Collar. Answers to “Hopper”. A $200 Reward offered for their safe return. Call 336-620-1952

May 17, 2022

Missing: From Radio Hill, coming up from Warrensville, an Older, Blind & Deaf Plott Hound. Brindle colored with a White Face. Wearing a Black collar with owner’s info on it. His name is “Harley”. If seen call 336-977-0962

May 9, 2022

Missing: From Little Laurel in Creston, a Small, Older Female, Salt & Pepper colored Terrier mix dog. She has a crippled right back leg, wearing a collar with owner’s info. Answers to “Cana” If seen call 336-409-2491

May 9, 2022

Missing: From Quillen Rd in Mouth of Wilson, Va, a 1 ½-yr-old Male tri-Colored Beagle. Wearing a Tan & Brown Collar. Answers to “Wrangler” If seen call 276-768-7326

May 6, 2022

Found: On 221 by 194. A Neutered Male Husky w/ brown collar / Found in Deep Gap an older Female Yorkie, no collar. Call to claim 336-982-4060

May 5, 2022

Missing: From Big Piney Creek Rd in Lansing, a Small, 11-yr-old Female, Black & Grey Poodle Mix wearing Green Collar with pink flowers. Answers to “Remmy” She has a long tail & floppy ears. Reward offered for her return 423-557-5770

Missing: From Lyalls Rd in the Beaver Creek / Buck Mtn area, a 9 yr-old Black & White Neutered, Male, German Short-Haired Pointer, has intact tail, No Collar. Has been chipped. Answers to “Pongo” Reward offered for his safe return. Call 828-592-1023

April 29, 2022

Missing: From Elliott Rd. in Smethport, a Male Brindle Colored Belgium Malinois dog. Wearing a Blue Collar. Answers to “Zeus” Large but Friendly! If seen call....336-877-7308

April 28, 2022

Missing: From the Pottertown area, a Black Male Pitt Mix Dog, has white on his chest & white speckled feet, has been neutered, wearing a Blue Collar. Answers to “Animal” If seen call 336-385-4133 or 336-877-7512

April 27, 2022

Missing: From Low Gap Rd & Little Peak Creek Rd area, a Male Lab/Australian Shepherd Mix Dog. Black with White Speckled Feet, Wearing a Red Collar. Answers to “Chug” If seen call. 336-982-4300

Found: In the Ingles Parking lot, a Young Female, Black & White Cat. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4060

April 21, 2022

Found: April 12th on Frank Dillard Rd by the new bridge area, a Female, Tan & White Terrier Mix wearing a light green collar. To claim call 336-982-4060

April 12, 2022

Missing: From Fleetwood Falls, a female Tri-Colored Beagle, answers to “Sadie” Wearing a Flowered Collar with name tag & has been chipped. If seen call 336-706-1463

April 4, 2022

Found: On the 5600 block of Old Hwy. 16 in Crumpler, a female Tan & White Boxer Mix wearing a red collar. To claim call 336-982-4060

March 29, 2022

Missing: From Helton, a Brown Male Anatolian Shepherd, Wearing a Black Leather Collar. Answers to “Buster” Very Friendly and weighs about 120 lbs. Call 336-977-3659

March 25, 2022

Missing: From around Friendship Baptist Church Rd in Jefferson a Female Husky, answers to “Lilly” If seen call 828-773-4073

March 21, 2022

Found: At the Ashe Senior Center on Chatty Rob lane in WJ an Intact Male Pit Bull, Mostly White with a Black spot on his back & tail, wearing a chain collar. To claim call. 336-982-4060

March 18, 2022

Missing: From Joe Hampton Rd in Lansing, a Male Black Lab with a small white stripe on his chest, No Collar, answers to “DiNozzo” & a Male, Wire Haired Griffon, with a Dark Tan Face, Body is a lighter color, wearing a Green Collar, answers to “Rubble”. If seen call 336-384-4802

March 17, 2022

Missing: From Greenbriar Drive, (behind the Ashe Co. Library), a Male, Brown Chihuahua with a White Blaze down his chest. Answers to “Tonto” He is skittish but if seen call 423-297-7668

March 11, 2022

Found: On Pounding Mill Rd in Warrensville, a Male Shepherd Mix. To claim or if interested to adopt, call 336-982-4060

March 9, 2022

Found: A Black Male shepherd mix on Tucker Rd in Lansing. To claim call 982-4060

March 8, 2022

Found: On Parson’s Hill in Lansing, a Large Male German Shepherd wearing a Red Collar. To claim call 336-982-4060

PET of the WEEK

WKSK is proud to present “The Pet of the Week"!

PET OF THE WEEK: “Ivy” a 2-year-old, Spayed Female, Boxer / Pug mix. She is full of energy & loves to play. “Ivy” has been tested and passed with flying colors and ready to go to her Furever Home!

Visit the Face Book page for Ashe County Animal Control for links & Info on how you can adopt this pet or call them at 336-982-4060.


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