Ashe County Animal is proud to announce the New Spay/Neuter Program for Ashe Co. residents.

Go by Animal Control, Happy Tails or Ashe Humane Society to pick up your admission form & instructions for your pet. Intake will be June 15th @ 8am @ Happy Tails in WJ. Your pet will stay overnight & be returned the next day for pick-up. For info call 336-982-4060.

Aug 9, 2022

Found: At 194/ G street in Lansing a female Gray Tabby cat wearing a Teal Colored Harness / Found @ the laundry mat in Lansing, a female long haired tabby cat. To claim call 336-982-4060

July 22, 2022

Missing: From a Beech Mtn. rental, a Male Black, Tan & White Beagle. Last seen around Pinnacle Ridge /Elderberry Rd, wearing a collar with owner’s contact number. If seen call 919-360-8108 or 919-599-6486

July 15, 2022

Missing: From the Shatley Springs area of Crumpler, an older, Black Brown & White, intact male, beagle, Wearing a teal and gray collar. Has some vision and balance issues. His name is “Sheriff” If found call 336-977-2421

July 15, 2022

Missing: From Buck Mountain Rd near WJ where it turns to dirt, an Orange & White Neutered Male Cat. His name is “Herman” wearing a collar with his name & info. If seen call 336-877-7527>

July 14, 2022

Found: On Willie Walker Rd in Creston, a Black & Brown Shepherd mix dog, has white on the face. & looks to be an older dog. To claim call 336-385-1244

July 11, 2022

Found: In the BARK Mobile parking lot in WJ, a Black Intact Male, Mountain Feist-Chi mix Black dog wearing a beige harness. To claim call 336-982-4060

June 28, 2022

Missing: From South Rd. in Pottertown Community, a Neutered Male Pit/Lab mix Dog, looks more like a Lab. Brown / Copper color, wearing a Pale Green collar with fish on it. Answers to “Vic”. Reward offered for his return. Call 828-297-7979 or 336-927-4444

Found: On Waltons Mtn Rd in WJ, a Large Black Intact Male Lab with a tan collar that has “BUBBA” in large letters sewn on it. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4060.

Found: On Three Top in Todd, an Older Intact Male Beagle, no collar. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4060

June 24, 2022

Missing: From the 400 Block of Oakwood Rd in WJ, a 17-year-old Female Shih-Tzu. Almost Blind & Deaf, No Collar. Her name is “Annie-Marie” $100 Reward offered for her return. Call 336-877-6443

June 22, 2022

Found: On 221 near New River Outfitters/General Store, a Female Black & Tan Beagle mix Dog, No collar on when found, but very apparent that she did prior, Very Friendly & Healthy. To claim call 828-320-9662

June 20, 2022

Found: On South Big Horse Creek Rd in Lansing, a Light Brown Female, Medium Size, Mix Breed Dog, has some white on her face. To claim or interested call 336-982-4060

June 16, 2022

Missing: From the Baldwin area near Bethany UMC & Convenience Center, a Blonde Colored Female, Shepherd /Husky mix, She’s been Spayed & Microchipped. Answers to “Izzy” & wearing a Purple Collar with tags & owner’s info, Very Friendly. If seen call 336-489-1133 or 336-877-1842

Missing: From Bald Mtn. Rd a male Beagle / Aussie Mix. White with Brown Spots, Answers to “Lucky” No collar. Reward offered for his safe return. Call 336-877-2805

June 9, 2022

Found: On Hwy 221 between Fleetwood & WJ, a Dark Gray Cat wearing a Blue Flea Collar, Has been De-Clawed, Very Friendly & well fed. To claim call 336-301-1364

June 6, 2022

Found: On Chestnut Way off Howard Colvard Rd in Crumpler, an Intact Male Hound /Beagle mix dog. Brown with white on his chest, wearing a Red Collar. Call 336-982-2055

May 26, 2022

Found: In the Cranberry area of Scottsville on Hwy. 221, a Male, Brown Pit Mix with White on his chest, wearing a Red Collar. Call to claim 336-982-4060

May 25, 2022

Missing: From Hoke Wagoner Rd. in Crumpler, a 4-month-old Male, short hair, Light Orange & White Kitten, Very Friendly. Answers to “Cheez-It” If seen call 828-406-8872

May 19, 2022

Found: On Roby Poe Rd in Crumpler, near the airport, a Male Black Shepherd wearing an electric collar. Very friendly. To claim call 305-525-3641

Missing: 2 dogs, missing from 6376, Hwy 93 in Piney Creek: 1) A 2-year-old Blue Pit with a white patch on his chest, no collar. Answers to “Blue” 2) An 8-month-old, Starfordshire Bull Terrier. Dark Brown with light shaded black places on him, wearing a Blue Collar. Answers to “Hopper”. A $200 Reward offered for their safe return. Call 336-620-1952

May 17, 2022

Missing: From Radio Hill, coming up from Warrensville, an Older, Blind & Deaf Plott Hound. Brindle colored with a White Face. Wearing a Black collar with owner’s info on it. His name is “Harley”. If seen call 336-977-0962

May 9, 2022

Missing: From Little Laurel in Creston, a Small, Older Female, Salt & Pepper colored Terrier mix dog. She has a crippled right back leg, wearing a collar with owner’s info. Answers to “Cana” If seen call 336-409-2491

May 9, 2022

Missing: From Quillen Rd in Mouth of Wilson, Va, a 1 ½-yr-old Male tri-Colored Beagle. Wearing a Tan & Brown Collar. Answers to “Wrangler” If seen call 276-768-7326

May 6, 2022

Found: On 221 by 194. A Neutered Male Husky w/ brown collar / Found in Deep Gap an older Female Yorkie, no collar. Call to claim 336-982-4060

May 5, 2022

Missing: From Big Piney Creek Rd in Lansing, a Small, 11-yr-old Female, Black & Grey Poodle Mix wearing Green Collar with pink flowers. Answers to “Remmy” She has a long tail & floppy ears. Reward offered for her return 423-557-5770

Missing: From Lyalls Rd in the Beaver Creek / Buck Mtn area, a 9 yr-old Black & White Neutered, Male, German Short-Haired Pointer, has intact tail, No Collar. Has been chipped. Answers to “Pongo” Reward offered for his safe return. Call 828-592-1023

April 29, 2022

Missing: From Elliott Rd. in Smethport, a Male Brindle Colored Belgium Malinois dog. Wearing a Blue Collar. Answers to “Zeus” Large but Friendly! If seen call....336-877-7308

April 28, 2022

Missing: From the Pottertown area, a Black Male Pitt Mix Dog, has white on his chest & white speckled feet, has been neutered, wearing a Blue Collar. Answers to “Animal” If seen call 336-385-4133 or 336-877-7512

April 27, 2022

Missing: From Low Gap Rd & Little Peak Creek Rd area, a Male Lab/Australian Shepherd Mix Dog. Black with White Speckled Feet, Wearing a Red Collar. Answers to “Chug” If seen call. 336-982-4300

Found: In the Ingles Parking lot, a Young Female, Black & White Cat. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4060

April 21, 2022

Found: April 12th on Frank Dillard Rd by the new bridge area, a Female, Tan & White Terrier Mix wearing a light green collar. To claim call 336-982-4060

April 12, 2022

Missing: From Fleetwood Falls, a female Tri-Colored Beagle, answers to “Sadie” Wearing a Flowered Collar with name tag & has been chipped. If seen call 336-706-1463

April 4, 2022

Found: On the 5600 block of Old Hwy. 16 in Crumpler, a female Tan & White Boxer Mix wearing a red collar. To claim call 336-982-4060

March 29, 2022

Missing: From Helton, a Brown Male Anatolian Shepherd, Wearing a Black Leather Collar. Answers to “Buster” Very Friendly and weighs about 120 lbs. Call 336-977-3659

March 25, 2022

Missing: From around Friendship Baptist Church Rd in Jefferson a Female Husky, answers to “Lilly” If seen call 828-773-4073

March 21, 2022

Found: At the Ashe Senior Center on Chatty Rob lane in WJ an Intact Male Pit Bull, Mostly White with a Black spot on his back & tail, wearing a chain collar. To claim call. 336-982-4060

March 18, 2022

Missing: From Joe Hampton Rd in Lansing, a Male Black Lab with a small white stripe on his chest, No Collar, answers to “DiNozzo” & a Male, Wire Haired Griffon, with a Dark Tan Face, Body is a lighter color, wearing a Green Collar, answers to “Rubble”. If seen call 336-384-4802

March 17, 2022

Missing: From Greenbriar Drive, (behind the Ashe Co. Library), a Male, Brown Chihuahua with a White Blaze down his chest. Answers to “Tonto” He is skittish but if seen call 423-297-7668

March 11, 2022

Found: On Pounding Mill Rd in Warrensville, a Male Shepherd Mix. To claim or if interested to adopt, call 336-982-4060

March 9, 2022

Found: A Black Male shepherd mix on Tucker Rd in Lansing. To claim call 982-4060

March 8, 2022

Found: On Parson’s Hill in Lansing, a Large Male German Shepherd wearing a Red Collar. To claim call 336-982-4060

February 28, 2022

Found: On Hwy 163 at the Apartment building across from Goss’s Tree Farm, a Female medium size Dog. Has white long hair with brown spots, wearing a Blue Collar. To claim call 336-620-0540.

February 18, 2022

Missing: Near the overlook/park vista area of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 5-month old German Shepherd / Boxer mix puppy, answers to “Bandit” No collar on. He’s a big boy for his age & Very Friendly. IF seen call. 336-620-5855 or 336-620-1081

January 31, 2022

Missing: From Brown Hollow Rd, in the Potter Town area in Creston, a Female Sheltie, she has nursing puppies at home. Answers to “Gypsy or LuLu” wearing a purple collar. If see call 828-783-1037 or 336-385-6571

January 14, 2022

Found: Male Black & White Boxer with a grey collar found on Allen road in Piney creek. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4060

January 11, 2022

Found: In Todd on Three Top Rd apx. a mile from the Post Office, a Long Haired Multi Colored Cat, No Collar or Tags. To claim call 336-877-1155

December 30, 2021

Found: Near Mtn Aire Golf Course, a Larger Male, Mix Breed Dog. Has Blue Eyes & a Pink Nose, wearing a green collar with no tags. To claim call 336-491-0192

December 29, 2021

Missing: From West Mill Creek in Warrensville, a Reddish-Brown Color Golden Retriever, about 70 lbs. Answers to “Bigly” Reward offered for his return 336-977-4599

Missing: From 194 in Todd, an 8 year-old, Boxer / Terrier Mix. Has a pink collar on, no tags. Answers to “Biscuit” If seen call 828-964-3801

Found: On Deep Ford Rd at Barker Stone & Mulch, a Small Black & Brown Puppy with a Black Face, No Collar. To claim call 336-977-3253

December 20, 2021

Found: In Creston on Rich Hill Rd a Male, White & Brindle Color Pit Mix, No Collar or Tags. To claim call 336-620-3520

Found: At Mtn View Elementary a Male Heeler, No Collar, Very Sweet. To claim call 336-982-4060

December 9, 2021

Missing: From Windy Hill Rd in Fleetwood, a Male Brindle Antolian Shepherd Mix, anwsers to “Tommy” Wearing a collar for fenced yard & a Brown Carhartt Collar. Reward offered for his return. If seen call or text 828-434-5958

December 2, 2021

Found: On Garfield McNeil drive in Lansing, a Black & Tan Female Terrier mix wearing a Grey Collar and a Black Harness. To claim call 336-982-4060

Missing: From Greensboro Rd in Crumpler, a Male Terrier Mix, Answers to “Max” and has a scar from surgery on his belly. He has a lot of White with Salt &Pepper color on his head & Tan on his Snout & Legs. If seen call 336-649-1424

Found: On Bear Rd in Jefferson, an Older Chocolate Lab Mix wearing an Orange Collar. Call to claim

November 23, 2021

Missing: From the Boggs Community @ the Cox Rd intersection, near Camp New Hope, a Lab/Beagle mix. Up to date on shots, and very friendly. Should have his orange collar on. Answers to "Piggy" If seen call 336-620-3631

Found: At the Overpass on Old 16 in Crumpler, an Intact Male Yellow Lab...336-982-4060

Found: At Riverside Estates in Lansing, a Female Shepherd mix with flea collar / On Smithy Rd in Crumpler, an Intact Male Black Lab, no collar found. Call 982-4060

November 17, 2021

Missing: From Fred Pugh Rd in Crumpler, a Male, Black Lab, Answers to “Buddy” He does not have a collar on. If seen call 982-4060

November 15, 2021

Missing: From Mouth of Wilson in the Fox Ridge Area, a Female, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She was wearing an Aztec Patterned Collar when missing. Answers to “Ellie” If seen call 276-768-0089

November 14, 2021

Found: On Chestnut Grove in WJ, a Senior Male Border Collie mix, no collar 982-4060

November 11, 2021

Found: On Grassy Creek Rd in Grassy Creek, an Intact, Male beagle with Blue Harness and no tags. Very sweet tempered. To claim call 608-215-5528

November 1, 2021

Found: On Big Piney Creek Rd. (194 side), Small, Female Beagle, Very skittish to loud noises. Please call 336-977-4556

October 28, 2021

Missing: From the Stone Bridge Area in Laurel Springs a Female Hound Mix Dog. Wearing a Purple Collar & a long leash when missing. Answers to “Lizzie” If seen call 828-400-2907

October 26, 2021

Missing: From Frank Dillard Rd, a 3-year-old, Female, Short Hair, Golden Retriever / Lab mix, Wearing a Pink Collar. Answers to “Fina” If seen call 620-4255 or 620-5244

October 18, 2021

Missing: From Smethport, across from Ashe Tire, a Small, Male, 16 or 17-yr old Brown Chihuahua, he is a little chubby. Answers to “Scooby” Call....877-6829

October 15, 2021

Missing: From Twickenham House Wedding Venue, a 12-yr old Male Golden Retriever & Lab Mix Dog, wearing a Tan Velvet collar, Has a bad hip. If seen call 727-560-7756

October 12, 2021

Missing: From near Friendship Church, off Jesse Roark Rd, a male large mix breed dog, Black & Tan & resembles a Rottweiler in the face, Very gentle & Playful, answers to “Thor” Was wearing a blue collar. Please call if seen call 977-2567

October 6, 2021

Missing: From Glendale Springs, a 4-Yr Old Black, Spayed Female Cat with Golden Eyes. Was wearing a Reflective Flea Collar & a Pink Collar when missing. Call 336-414-3676 or 828-773-4956

September 23, 2021

Missing: From Howard Colvard Rd in Crumpler on Sept 21st a Red Nose, 14-Year Old Pit. Answers to “Rosie” Wearing a Pink Camo Collar & a flea collar. If seen call 336-620-5113 or 336-620-5114

Found: At the corner of Grant Houck/Big Flatts Church Rd in Fleetwood, a Black & White female kitty. To claim call 982-4060

September 16, 2021

Found: At 1218 Shelter Baptist Church Rd, an intact Black & White, Male Pit Bull & a Large, Intact Male Chocolate Lab, No Collars. To claim or interested in call 336-982-4060

Found: Monday at 1218 Shelter Baptist Church Rd, an intact Black & White, Male Pit Bull. To claim or interested in call 336-982-4060

September 10, 2021

Found: In Fleetwood on Watertank Rd, an intact male, Black & White Beagle, has a Camo Bandana on with a collar but no name or tags on collar. Call...................877-3121

September 1, 2021

Missing: From the Clifton area between Hwy 88 & Carl Eastridge Rd in Creston a Male, Long-Haired Black & White Tuxedo Cat, very friendly. Answers to “Precious”....385-9108

August 30, 2021

Missing: From near the intersection of Water Tank Rd & Mtn. Orchard Rd, a Neutered, Black & Tan Male Beagle. Wearing a collar with tags & owners info, has been microchipped. Answers to “Sandy” or “Treat” If seen call 1-336-312-3709

August 16, 2021

Found: Female German Shepherd, She was trapped at Nor Field Drive off of 163. Call 982-4060

Found: RA large Tabby found on Dream Mountain Rd in Grassy Creek / Off 221 in Crumpler, a Female Calico with a lot of whites on her. Call to claim 982-4060

August 2, 2021

Missing: Raccoon Holler Campground, a Male Solid Gray Cat. Has been Neutered & Microchipped. Answers to “Smoky” He is shy. If seen call 770-713-1213

July 29, 2021

Missing: From Blue ridge Manor off Hwy 163, a Female Long Haired Cat with Blue Eyes, mostly White with a Black Nose & Brown on her ears, wearing a Floral Collar. Has been Microchipped & recently Spayed. Very friendly & answers to “Dolly” Call...704-651-6855

July 27, 2021

Found: Roaming on Copeland Rd in Warrensville, a Brindle, Neutered Male Pit Mix, No Tags of Collar. To claim call 982-4060

Missing: Hwy 194 near Baldwin Mtn Church & Stonebridge Development, a Male, Orange Tabby Cat with White Paws, No collar. Answers to “Thomas” If seen call 843-419-8917

July 19, 2021

Found: Friday, Near Shatley Springs in Crumpler, an Older Female, Black, Tan & White Beagle, No Collar. To claim call 982-4060

July 16, 2021

Missing: From Green Valley Road & Sutherland Rd in Creston, a 6-month old Golden Retriever Mix. Answers to “Chip” Wearing a Red Collar, probably has part of a leash attached. If seen call 977-7205 or 977-7206

July 13, 2021

Found:Found: In Jefferson close to Neaves Trucking Company a Yellowish-Beige & White, Male Cat wearing a frayed collar. The cat is very friendly. To claim call 336-620-1881

July 12, 2021

Found: On Staggs Creek Rd in Warrensville, a Small Male Dog, Mostly White with Tan Ears and half his face is tan, wearing a Lime Green Collar. Call to claim 977-8941

July 7, 2021

Found: Friday at New River Park off 221, a Neutered Dapple colored Boxer Mix. No collar. To claim call 982-4060

June 25, 2021

Missing: From Bristol Community in Jefferson, a Male, Yellow & White Cat. He is very shy, wearing a pink flea collar. Answers to “Rylee” If seen call 977-3579

June 24, 2021

Found: At Creston / Forge Creek line, an Intact, Male Coon Dog, Black with Tan on face & legs. Has a scar on left back leg. Call to claim 828-773-8674

June 14, 2021

Missing: From Mt Jefferson Rd, a Small Male, Yorkie Mix Dog. Has Long Blonde Hair, with some black in it. Wearing a Gray Collar with owners information on it. Answers to “Sebastian” If seen call....828-424-1105

June 11, 2021

Missing: From 391 Walter Drive in Buck Mtn Heights, WJ, a long haired mainly white cat with a Black Tail & Black on top of his head. If seen call 336-977-5877

June 10, 2021

Missing: From Raccoon Holler, a Neutered, Male, Long Haired cat with Green Eyes, Wearing a Green Camo Collar. Answers to “Midnight” If seen call 977-4806

June 4, 2021

Missing: From Piney Creek Rd in Lansing, 2, Male Neutered Cats, Both are Solid Black. 1 is wearing a blue reflective collar, the other one is wearing a red collar. If found please call or text at 336-977-1241

May 27, 2021

Found: On Cherry Hill, a Male Husky, Wearing a Red Collar. To claim call 982-4060

May 25, 2021

Missing: From near Long St and Ridgecrest, close to the town cemetery, a Female, Light Gray & White Tabby Cat. Answers to “Gracie” If seen call 919-219-5738

May 21, 2021

Missing: From Hillbilly Ridge Rd in Lansing, near the carwash, an Intact Male, Brown Chihuahua, Has a collar on with owner’s info. Answers to “Theo” If seen call 877-0506

May 14, 2021

Missing: From Mountain Village, a Long Haired, Orange, Male Cat, No Collar, answers to “Third” If seen call 336-447-8274.

May 11, 2021

Found: At Mountain View Lodge, a Husky Mix, Tan & White Dog with Blue Eyes. He is dragging behind part of a leash. There is no tag. He seems quite emaciated & hungry Call to claim. 877-0399

May 7, 2021

Found: On Kettle Knob Rd, an adult Male Tabby Cat, Tan with white on his chest. Call to claim 982-4060

April 23, 2021

Missing (since April 8th): From 11444 Hwy 194 N in Lansing, a Male, Short-Haired, Solid Gray Cat with Golden eyes, Answers to “Finnigan” Reward is offered for his safe return..........620-1844

April 20, 2021

Found: At Global Manufacturing on Beaver Creek School Rd, an Intact, Male Dachshund, Tan with a white spot on his chest, Wearing a Yellow Collar & a Gray Flea Collar. Call to claim 336-246-5143

April 13, 2021

Missing: From West Mill Creek Rd in Warrensville, a Small, Male, Blonde color, Chihuahua mix. Has a Collar on with tags. Answers to “Brownie” If seen call 384-3011

April 9, 2021

Missing: From Mtn. Aire Golf Course area, a 15 yr old, Spayed, apx 19-lb, Female mix breed dog with short, Blonde, Silky Hair. Has a Blue Collar with owner info & has bones on it. Answers to “Pickles” Very Friendly but skittish. If seen call 828-773-3578

April 1, 2021

Missing: From Double Springs Church Rd & Cranberry Creek area in Laurel Springs, a male, Whitish Tan, Labradoodle, apx 30 lbs. Answers to “BEAU” & a female, Tan Beagle with white feet, apx 15 lbs. Answers to “JUNE BUG” Both dogs are microchipped. If seen call 919-906-0687 or 919-417-2348

Found: Saturday, March 27th in the Silas Creek area, a young male Hound type dog, wearing a leather collar with no tag. Call and identify 977-3856

March 25, 2021

Found: On Deep Ford Rd a Female Heeler Mix, No Collar, she was trapped. To claim call 982-4060

Missing: From Three Top Circle & Buffalo Rd, all white, Great Pyrenees with 1 lazy eye. Sweet dog but shy around people he doesn't know. Answers to “Monga” If seen call 877-0357

March 24, 2021

Found: On Hwy 88 West in Creston, a Young Male, Black & Brown Aussie mix, no collar. Call to claim 982-4060

March 19, 2021

Missing: From Idlewild area near Calloway Gap, an 8 month old, Male, Black Cat, Wearing a Blue Reflective Collar with owners name & info on it. Answers to “Felix” Call 336-620-1344

Missing: From Beaver Drive in WJ, a 13-year-old Yellow Lab Mix approx. 120 lbs. Answers to the “Hercules” Wearing a Red Collar. Very friendly, Crippled in back hips with arthritis. Call or text 977-0919 or 877-7034

From Beaver Drive, a 13-year-old Yellow Lab Mix approx. 120 lbs. Answers to the “Hercules” Wearing a Red Collar. Very friendly, Crippled in back hip. Call or text 977-0919 or 877-7034

March 8, 2021

Missing: From Old Field Rd near Ashe Park, a Neutered Male, White & Brown Shih-Tzu. Answers to “Charlie” Did have a Black & White Bandana on, no collar. Reward is offered for his safe return. If seen call 977-0590

March 5, 2021

Missing: From Pond Mtn area in Creston, a young male husky mix, Black & white with bright blue eyes, wearing a mint colored collar. Answers to “Mac” If seen call...977-1141

Found: Wednesday Mar 3rd on Old Hwy 16 & Grassy Creek area, a Male, Intact, Yellow Lab, has a light green collar on. Call to claim 982-4060

Missing: From West Pine Swamp, a 7 yr old, Female, Black & White Australian Shepherd, Very Friendly but afraid of cyclists. Answers to “Bonnie” IF seen call 977-9650

March 1, 2021

Missing: From Silas Creek, between Landmark & Liberty Church, a Cream colored, Female Chihuahua. Answers to “Sable” Wearing a Pink Collar, Very Friendly. Reward offered for her safe return. If seen call 977-1502

February 24, 2021

Found: On Little Peak Creek Church Rd area in Laurel Springs, a Small Female Dog, all White with brindle face, no collar on. Looks to be a pit mix. To claim call...........982-4060

February 23, 2021

Found:Around Big Helton Creek Running together, a Lg. Male, Black Retriever & a Small Female, Golden Retriever, No Collars! Call 982-4060

February 18, 2021

Missing:Thursday, from Lansing around the Citgo Gas Station a Heeler Mix dog. Black & White Spotted with Brown Paws, has a Red Shock Collar on. Answers to ”Mud” If seen call 977-3172

February 11, 2021

Found:On the 2700 Block of Roaring Fork, Female, Brown Pit Mix Dog. Has white on her nose & Chest. Call to claim 982-4060

February 8, 2021

Found:Near Fairview Church Rd close to Pond Mountain, a Male Blue Tick Hound / Near Watertank Rd in WJ, a Female Red Heeler wearing a light pink collar. To claim these dogs call........982-4060

February 4, 2021

Found:Wednesday, in the road @ Bark Mobile, a Young, Intact Male, White & Brown Pit. Very Friendly, has a Green Collar on. Call to claim......877-7465


PET of the WEEK

WKSK is proud to present “The Pet of the Week"!

PET OF THE WEEK: Is “SNOOKIE” a Brown female Heeler/Pitt Mix. She is very Sweet & Playful. She has passed with flying colors and ready to go to her Furever Home!

Visit the Face Book page for Ashe County Animal Control for links & Info on how you can adopt this pet or call them at 336-982-4060.


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