Barn Cat Program

Ashe County Animal Control has established a “Barn Cat Program” which are feral cats that have been spayed or neutered and are available to work on your farm, eliminating pests in around your barns and outbuildings.
If you have any questions about any of the programs, to claim or adopt a pet, call Animal Control at 336-982-4060 or come out to the facility at 767 Fred Pugh Rd.


• Adoptions are DESPERATELY needed at Animal Control for Feral & Semi-Feral Cats! They are ideal for all rodent control. These cats are NOT Suitable for indoor living and NEED outdoor homes. All these Cats are Free of Charge! Call Animal Control @ 336-982-4060

• Volunteers, Donations, Foster Parents and Adopters, are ALWAYS needed & welcome at Ashe Co. Animal Control. If you can help, call Animal Control @ 336-982-4060

• If you would like to support the animals of Ashe County, please consider donating Pet Houses, Pet Food & Supplies to the Ashe Animal Control & Shelter. For more information on how you can help, call 336-620-3775

May 13, 2024

Missing: From John Griffith Rd. in Helton area, a 9-year-old Chiweenie dog named Molly. She’s wearing a pink collar with tags. She has ginger colored fur with spiked fur on her head. Last seen yesterday near her home on John Griffith Rd. Call 828-263-7360

April 24, 2024

Found: On Buffalo Rd. near the Bed & Breakfast, an older, Female, Light Brown Beagle Mix, weighs about 25-30-lbs., wearing a black electric fence sensor collar with colored hearts on it. No tags. To claim call 661-373-1969

March 29, 2024

Found: Wednesday, at Ashe Park, a Female Corgi/Shepherd mix. To claim or if interested call 336-982-4069

March 27, 2024

Found: On Graybeal Hollow in Creston, a Medium Sized Black, Tan & White, Male mixed breed dog. He’s Very Sweet & Shy & looking for his family. He has apparently been trained. Call 336-385-9077.

March 7, 2024

Found: 3-3-24, at Walmart, an intact male, Miniature Pincher mix. To claim or if interested to adopt, call 336-982-4060

February 23, 2024

Found: In Lansing, a Black, Female Cat with pink collar. To claim or interested in adopting, call 336-982-4060

February 23, 2024

Found: On Beaver Creek Rd. in WJ a Male, Tri-Colored Beagle. To claim or interested to adopt, call 336-982-4060

February 14, 2024

Found: On Valentine’s Day, in Lansing, on Gander Town Rd., a Large Female, Brindle dog. To claim or interested in adopting, call 336-982-4060

December 21, 2023

Missing: Since April!! From railroad Grade Rd. in Todd, an Intact Male, Black & White Donkey. If seen call. 336-462-2169

December 20, 2023

Missing: From 941 Big Helton Creek Rd. in Grassy Creek, a Shy, Female Black German Shepherd with Silver & Black coloring on her legs. Her name is “Meeka”. Was wearing a Bright Orange Reflective Collar when went missing. A Reward is offered for her return or information. If seen call. 336-384-4240 or 336-877-7755

November 28, 2023

Missing: From Whenlin Ridge, a 2-year-old neutered, male boxer/pit mix. Tan/white. Looks more like a boxer. Answers to “Diesel”. Very Friendly. If seen call or text 336-977-6965

Missing: 710 Hwy. 88 west in Jefferson, 2, 9-week-old, Male German Shepherd Mix Puppies. One is Brown with white spots & Blue Eyes. The other is Black with Brown Spots. Weigh about 18-lbs each. Reward is offered for their safe return. Call 215-390-4754

Missing: From 941 Big Helton Creek Rd. in Grassy Creek, a Shy, Female Black German Shepherd with Silver & Black coloring on her legs. Was wearing a Bright Orange Reflective Collar when went missing. Last seen near Blevins Sub Shop. If seen call 336-877-7755

October 31, 2023

Found: Male intact lab mix. Found on Lucy Bell road in Crumpler on 10/26/23.

October 25, 2023

Missing: From Deep Ford Rd. a Female Great Pyrenees Dog, wearing an orange collar. Her name is “Flo”. If seen call 336-877-6166

October 24, 2023

Missing: From Tom Pless Rd in Warrensville, a Neutered Male, Plott Hound Dog. He’s about 5 years old, wearing an orange collar. If seen call 336 385-0398

October 23, 2023

Found: 2 male beagles, both with collars (one leather with an O ring on it and the other has a nylon collar) found on Howard Colvard Rd. In Crumpler.

October 16, 2023

Missing: Lost 13 Oct - Howard Colvard Rd. - Older Male Shitzu, answers to “Ozzy” Call 919-548-4101 or 980-621-3630 if spotted!

October 5, 2023

Found: On Chestnut Farm Rd in West Jefferson, a young Female Aussie mix dog. To claim call Animal Control @ 336-982-4060.

October 2, 2023

Found: Very friendly female adult Blue Tick Coon Hound with a leather collar found on Waggoner Access Road, Please call Ashe County Animal Control at 336-982-4060

Found: 3-4 year old male intact German shepherd wearing a wide black collar. Found on Big Horse Creek on the 27th of September. Contact Ashe County Animal Control at 336-982-4060 to claim.

August 31, 2023

Missing: From the Wahoo area in Todd, a solid Black Female German Shepherd. Wearing a Purple Carhart Collar with name & info. She’s very friendly & microchipped. Answers to “Maya”. A $200 Reward offered for her safe return. Call 828-964-0152

Missing: From Little Laurel in Creston, a Small, Female Chihuahua. She’s mostly Black & Tan with some White on her Chest, the tip of her Tail and Paws. Answers to “Coco”. If seen call 828-263-9745

Found: At Jefferson Landing Club, a Black & White Kitten wearing a collar with a bell on it. To claim call 843-812-0264

Found: A Small Kitten, on the 4-lane in front of the ABC Store in WJ. To claim call 336-977-6781

August 18, 2023

Missing: From East Jefferson near Jefferson Landing, a Male, Black Lab mix dog wearing a leather collar. Has some gray around his chin. Answers to “Buddy” Call 336-977-6884

Missing: From Glendale Springs, a 16-year-old Blanket Back, Female Beagle. She has a large cyst on her left back leg, very friendly. She’s a pet and will not hunt. If seen please call 336-452-8211 or 336-982-9096

Found: On Hwy. 221 near the Convenience Center, a Light Brown, Intact Male Dog, wearing a Leather Collar. Looks to be hound mix. Very friendly, weighs about 40 lbs. To claim call 815-238-2440

August 4, 2023

Found: On Flat Rock Rd. in Crumpler, a young Tri-colored Male, Beagle. Call to claim 336-977-1495

August 4, 2023

Found: In Fleetwood, near Railroad Grade Road, a large young male dog with brindle coloring and a white spot on front of chest. Very friendly, no collar. Call 336-977-4517

August 2, 2023

Missing: From the Ray Field Acres area, a male, 2-year-old Shih-Tzu / Chihuahua mix dog. White with Tan and a little brown, very friendly, but can be skittish with around strangers. Weighs about 6-7 lbs. His name is “Snickers” If seen call 336-977-2037 - $250 REWARD OFFERED

Found: Near, East Whenlin Ridge Road in Lansing, a Brown Pit Mix Dog. No collar. Call 336-624-1676

July 14, 2023

Missing: From Ore Knob Mine Rd in Jefferson, a Small, Black Male Mixed Breed Dog, has a white tip on his tail which curls up and white on his feet. Answers to “Bob” If Seen call……………………………………………………………………………………………………..…..336-982-9471

Found: In Smethport, a tan & white dog. Looks like a Boxer Mix, apx. 70-lbs, no collar. To claim, call 336-977-8352

July 6, 2023

Missing: From Wade E. Vannoy Drive in West Jefferson, an 8-week-old, dark, solid gray kitten, with long hair and gray/blue eyes. Very friendly, and might answer to JoJo. If found, call 336-977-5471

June 30, 2023

Found: Between Brushy Fork Rd & Antioch Rd near the Tennessee line, a Neutered Male Dog, looks to be Border Collie Mix with a docked tail. Very sweet, white with Blackish Gray Speckles, wearing a Black collar, no tags. To claim call 757-343-9081

June 29, 2023

Found: On East Healing Springs Rd, just before turning on 16, a Large, Black Male Dog. Appears to be young, looks to be a Lab Mix, wearing a large tan Kong collar, super friendly. To claim call 980-635-9097

June 23, 2023

Missing: from 18723 NC Hwy. 88 in Creston, a Small Female Havanese Dog, looks similar to a Shih-Tzu. She has Dark Brown Nose with Brown & White Hair. The hair on her face is long. She’s very skittish but may go to someone if they have a treat. Her name is “Spice”. There is a $500 Reward for her SAFE return. Call 828-773-0171 or 828-266-3339 or 828-964-4890


Missing: Form Davis Rd. in the Flatrock area, a 10-week-old Female, Black & Tan Beagle puppy. Answers to “Molly” If found call…………………………………………………...336-982-4047

June 16, 2023

Missing: From an Air B&B at 640 Fairview Heights in Boone, a Female Jack Russell Terrier. She’s 17 years old and hard of hearing & microchipped. Answers to “Cali” If found, call 919-592-7527

May 12, 2023

Missing: From Ed Little Rd in Creston, a 2-year-old, Black & White short haired, male neutered cat, weighs about 18 lbs. His front legs are shorter than his back legs. He’s very friendly. Answers to “Lucky”. If seen call 828-964-1590

May 9, 2023

Missing: From the Three Top area on Millard Rd, a Female 1 ½-year-old Shepherd Mix. Wearing a Cow Bell & a Radio Collar, no tags. She will Cautiously, respond to her name, “Abby” If seen call 336-385-7422

May 5, 2023

Missing: From Shelter Baptist Church Rd a Female Sheltie / Border Collie Mix. Wearing a Red Collar & and Flea Collar. She may also have a bandana on from a recent Grooming appointment. Answers to “Molly”. If seen call 336-877-7448

April 14, 2023

Found: On Whenlin Ridge Rd. in Lansing, a smaller, Intact Male Black Lab Mix dog with a white chest & white feet. Very Friendly, No Collar. To claim call 336-877-6536

April 5, 2023

Missing: A 2-year-old Boxer visiting from Florida, went missing from Big Peak Creek Rd. in Laurel Springs, Very Friendly, Brown in color. She was wearing a Turquoise Collar & tag with owners’ info. Answers to “Lily” If seen call 707-357-2227


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