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December 2, 2021

Found: On Garfield McNeil drive in Lansing, a Black & Tan Female Terrier mix wearing a Grey Collar and a Black Harness. To claim call 336-982-4060

Missing: From Greensboro Rd in Crumpler, a Male Terrier Mix, Answers to “Max” and has a scar from surgery on his belly. He has a lot of White with Salt &Pepper color on his head & Tan on his Snout & Legs. If seen call 336-649-1424

Found: On Bear Rd in Jefferson, an Older Chocolate Lab Mix wearing an Orange Collar. Call to claim

November 23, 2021

Missing: From the Boggs Community @ the Cox Rd intersection, near Camp New Hope, a Lab/Beagle mix. Up to date on shots, and very friendly. Should have his orange collar on. Answers to "Piggy" If seen call 336-620-3631

Found: At the Overpass on Old 16 in Crumpler, an Intact Male Yellow Lab...336-982-4060

Found: At Riverside Estates in Lansing, a Female Shepherd mix with flea collar / On Smithy Rd in Crumpler, an Intact Male Black Lab, no collar found. Call 982-4060

November 17, 2021

Missing: From Fred Pugh Rd in Crumpler, a Male, Black Lab, Answers to “Buddy” He does not have a collar on. If seen call 982-4060

November 15, 2021

Missing: From Mouth of Wilson in the Fox Ridge Area, a Female, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She was wearing an Aztec Patterned Collar when missing. Answers to “Ellie” If seen call 276-768-0089

November 14, 2021

Found: On Chestnut Grove in WJ, a Senior Male Border Collie mix, no collar 982-4060

November 11, 2021

Found: On Grassy Creek Rd in Grassy Creek, an Intact, Male beagle with Blue Harness and no tags. Very sweet tempered. To claim call 608-215-5528

November 1, 2021

Found: On Big Piney Creek Rd. (194 side), Small, Female Beagle, Very skittish to loud noises. Please call 336-977-4556

October 28, 2021

Missing: From the Stone Bridge Area in Laurel Springs a Female Hound Mix Dog. Wearing a Purple Collar & a long leash when missing. Answers to “Lizzie” If seen call 828-400-2907

October 26, 2021

Missing: From Frank Dillard Rd, a 3-year-old, Female, Short Hair, Golden Retriever / Lab mix, Wearing a Pink Collar. Answers to “Fina” If seen call 620-4255 or 620-5244

October 18, 2021

Missing: From Smethport, across from Ashe Tire, a Small, Male, 16 or 17-yr old Brown Chihuahua, he is a little chubby. Answers to “Scooby” Call....877-6829

October 15, 2021

Missing: From Twickenham House Wedding Venue, a 12-yr old Male Golden Retriever & Lab Mix Dog, wearing a Tan Velvet collar, Has a bad hip. If seen call 727-560-7756

October 12, 2021

Missing: From near Friendship Church, off Jesse Roark Rd, a male large mix breed dog, Black & Tan & resembles a Rottweiler in the face, Very gentle & Playful, answers to “Thor” Was wearing a blue collar. Please call if seen call 977-2567

October 6, 2021

Missing: From Glendale Springs, a 4-Yr Old Black, Spayed Female Cat with Golden Eyes. Was wearing a Reflective Flea Collar & a Pink Collar when missing. Call 336-414-3676 or 828-773-4956

September 23, 2021

Missing: From Howard Colvard Rd in Crumpler on Sept 21st a Red Nose, 14-Year Old Pit. Answers to “Rosie” Wearing a Pink Camo Collar & a flea collar. If seen call 336-620-5113 or 336-620-5114

Found: At the corner of Grant Houck/Big Flatts Church Rd in Fleetwood, a Black & White female kitty. To claim call 982-4060

September 16, 2021

Found: At 1218 Shelter Baptist Church Rd, an intact Black & White, Male Pit Bull & a Large, Intact Male Chocolate Lab, No Collars. To claim or interested in call 336-982-4060

Found: Monday at 1218 Shelter Baptist Church Rd, an intact Black & White, Male Pit Bull. To claim or interested in call 336-982-4060

September 10, 2021

Found: In Fleetwood on Watertank Rd, an intact male, Black & White Beagle, has a Camo Bandana on with a collar but no name or tags on collar. Call...................877-3121

September 1, 2021

Missing: From the Clifton area between Hwy 88 & Carl Eastridge Rd in Creston a Male, Long-Haired Black & White Tuxedo Cat, very friendly. Answers to “Precious”....385-9108

August 30, 2021

Missing: From near the intersection of Water Tank Rd & Mtn. Orchard Rd, a Neutered, Black & Tan Male Beagle. Wearing a collar with tags & owners info, has been microchipped. Answers to “Sandy” or “Treat” If seen call 1-336-312-3709

August 16, 2021

Found: Female German Shepherd, She was trapped at Nor Field Drive off of 163. Call 982-4060

Found: RA large Tabby found on Dream Mountain Rd in Grassy Creek / Off 221 in Crumpler, a Female Calico with a lot of whites on her. Call to claim 982-4060

August 2, 2021

Missing: Raccoon Holler Campground, a Male Solid Gray Cat. Has been Neutered & Microchipped. Answers to “Smoky” He is shy. If seen call 770-713-1213

July 29, 2021

Missing: From Blue ridge Manor off Hwy 163, a Female Long Haired Cat with Blue Eyes, mostly White with a Black Nose & Brown on her ears, wearing a Floral Collar. Has been Microchipped & recently Spayed. Very friendly & answers to “Dolly” Call...704-651-6855

July 27, 2021

Found: Roaming on Copeland Rd in Warrensville, a Brindle, Neutered Male Pit Mix, No Tags of Collar. To claim call 982-4060

Missing: Hwy 194 near Baldwin Mtn Church & Stonebridge Development, a Male, Orange Tabby Cat with White Paws, No collar. Answers to “Thomas” If seen call 843-419-8917

July 19, 2021

Found: Friday, Near Shatley Springs in Crumpler, an Older Female, Black, Tan & White Beagle, No Collar. To claim call 982-4060

July 16, 2021

Missing: From Green Valley Road & Sutherland Rd in Creston, a 6-month old Golden Retriever Mix. Answers to “Chip” Wearing a Red Collar, probably has part of a leash attached. If seen call 977-7205 or 977-7206

July 13, 2021

Found:Found: In Jefferson close to Neaves Trucking Company a Yellowish-Beige & White, Male Cat wearing a frayed collar. The cat is very friendly. To claim call 336-620-1881

July 12, 2021

Found: On Staggs Creek Rd in Warrensville, a Small Male Dog, Mostly White with Tan Ears and half his face is tan, wearing a Lime Green Collar. Call to claim 977-8941

July 7, 2021

Found: Friday at New River Park off 221, a Neutered Dapple colored Boxer Mix. No collar. To claim call 982-4060

June 25, 2021

Missing: From Bristol Community in Jefferson, a Male, Yellow & White Cat. He is very shy, wearing a pink flea collar. Answers to “Rylee” If seen call 977-3579

June 24, 2021

Found: At Creston / Forge Creek line, an Intact, Male Coon Dog, Black with Tan on face & legs. Has a scar on left back leg. Call to claim 828-773-8674

June 14, 2021

Missing: From Mt Jefferson Rd, a Small Male, Yorkie Mix Dog. Has Long Blonde Hair, with some black in it. Wearing a Gray Collar with owners information on it. Answers to “Sebastian” If seen call....828-424-1105

June 11, 2021

Missing: From 391 Walter Drive in Buck Mtn Heights, WJ, a long haired mainly white cat with a Black Tail & Black on top of his head. If seen call 336-977-5877

June 10, 2021

Missing: From Raccoon Holler, a Neutered, Male, Long Haired cat with Green Eyes, Wearing a Green Camo Collar. Answers to “Midnight” If seen call 977-4806

June 4, 2021

Missing: From Piney Creek Rd in Lansing, 2, Male Neutered Cats, Both are Solid Black. 1 is wearing a blue reflective collar, the other one is wearing a red collar. If found please call or text at 336-977-1241

May 27, 2021

Found: On Cherry Hill, a Male Husky, Wearing a Red Collar. To claim call 982-4060

May 25, 2021

Missing: From near Long St and Ridgecrest, close to the town cemetery, a Female, Light Gray & White Tabby Cat. Answers to “Gracie” If seen call 919-219-5738

May 21, 2021

Missing: From Hillbilly Ridge Rd in Lansing, near the carwash, an Intact Male, Brown Chihuahua, Has a collar on with owner’s info. Answers to “Theo” If seen call 877-0506

May 14, 2021

Missing: From Mountain Village, a Long Haired, Orange, Male Cat, No Collar, answers to “Third” If seen call 336-447-8274.

May 11, 2021

Found: At Mountain View Lodge, a Husky Mix, Tan & White Dog with Blue Eyes. He is dragging behind part of a leash. There is no tag. He seems quite emaciated & hungry Call to claim. 877-0399

May 7, 2021

Found: On Kettle Knob Rd, an adult Male Tabby Cat, Tan with white on his chest. Call to claim 982-4060

April 23, 2021

Missing (since April 8th): From 11444 Hwy 194 N in Lansing, a Male, Short-Haired, Solid Gray Cat with Golden eyes, Answers to “Finnigan” Reward is offered for his safe return..........620-1844

April 20, 2021

Found: At Global Manufacturing on Beaver Creek School Rd, an Intact, Male Dachshund, Tan with a white spot on his chest, Wearing a Yellow Collar & a Gray Flea Collar. Call to claim 336-246-5143

April 13, 2021

Missing: From West Mill Creek Rd in Warrensville, a Small, Male, Blonde color, Chihuahua mix. Has a Collar on with tags. Answers to “Brownie” If seen call 384-3011

April 9, 2021

Missing: From Mtn. Aire Golf Course area, a 15 yr old, Spayed, apx 19-lb, Female mix breed dog with short, Blonde, Silky Hair. Has a Blue Collar with owner info & has bones on it. Answers to “Pickles” Very Friendly but skittish. If seen call 828-773-3578

April 1, 2021

Missing: From Double Springs Church Rd & Cranberry Creek area in Laurel Springs, a male, Whitish Tan, Labradoodle, apx 30 lbs. Answers to “BEAU” & a female, Tan Beagle with white feet, apx 15 lbs. Answers to “JUNE BUG” Both dogs are microchipped. If seen call 919-906-0687 or 919-417-2348

Found: Saturday, March 27th in the Silas Creek area, a young male Hound type dog, wearing a leather collar with no tag. Call and identify 977-3856

March 25, 2021

Found: On Deep Ford Rd a Female Heeler Mix, No Collar, she was trapped. To claim call 982-4060

Missing: From Three Top Circle & Buffalo Rd, all white, Great Pyrenees with 1 lazy eye. Sweet dog but shy around people he doesn't know. Answers to “Monga” If seen call 877-0357

March 24, 2021

Found: On Hwy 88 West in Creston, a Young Male, Black & Brown Aussie mix, no collar. Call to claim 982-4060

March 19, 2021

Missing: From Idlewild area near Calloway Gap, an 8 month old, Male, Black Cat, Wearing a Blue Reflective Collar with owners name & info on it. Answers to “Felix” Call 336-620-1344

Missing: From Beaver Drive in WJ, a 13-year-old Yellow Lab Mix approx. 120 lbs. Answers to the “Hercules” Wearing a Red Collar. Very friendly, Crippled in back hips with arthritis. Call or text 977-0919 or 877-7034

From Beaver Drive, a 13-year-old Yellow Lab Mix approx. 120 lbs. Answers to the “Hercules” Wearing a Red Collar. Very friendly, Crippled in back hip. Call or text 977-0919 or 877-7034

March 8, 2021

Missing: From Old Field Rd near Ashe Park, a Neutered Male, White & Brown Shih-Tzu. Answers to “Charlie” Did have a Black & White Bandana on, no collar. Reward is offered for his safe return. If seen call 977-0590

March 5, 2021

Missing: From Pond Mtn area in Creston, a young male husky mix, Black & white with bright blue eyes, wearing a mint colored collar. Answers to “Mac” If seen call...977-1141

Found: Wednesday Mar 3rd on Old Hwy 16 & Grassy Creek area, a Male, Intact, Yellow Lab, has a light green collar on. Call to claim 982-4060

Missing: From West Pine Swamp, a 7 yr old, Female, Black & White Australian Shepherd, Very Friendly but afraid of cyclists. Answers to “Bonnie” IF seen call 977-9650

March 1, 2021

Missing: From Silas Creek, between Landmark & Liberty Church, a Cream colored, Female Chihuahua. Answers to “Sable” Wearing a Pink Collar, Very Friendly. Reward offered for her safe return. If seen call 977-1502

February 24, 2021

Found: On Little Peak Creek Church Rd area in Laurel Springs, a Small Female Dog, all White with brindle face, no collar on. Looks to be a pit mix. To claim call...........982-4060

February 23, 2021

Found:Around Big Helton Creek Running together, a Lg. Male, Black Retriever & a Small Female, Golden Retriever, No Collars! Call 982-4060

February 18, 2021

Missing:Thursday, from Lansing around the Citgo Gas Station a Heeler Mix dog. Black & White Spotted with Brown Paws, has a Red Shock Collar on. Answers to ”Mud” If seen call 977-3172

February 11, 2021

Found:On the 2700 Block of Roaring Fork, Female, Brown Pit Mix Dog. Has white on her nose & Chest. Call to claim 982-4060

February 8, 2021

Found:Near Fairview Church Rd close to Pond Mountain, a Male Blue Tick Hound / Near Watertank Rd in WJ, a Female Red Heeler wearing a light pink collar. To claim these dogs call........982-4060

February 4, 2021

Found:Wednesday, in the road @ Bark Mobile, a Young, Intact Male, White & Brown Pit. Very Friendly, has a Green Collar on. Call to claim......877-7465

January 29, 2021

Missing: From Big Horse Creek, near Union Church, a male Chiweenie Dog, Brown with White Chest. He does not have his collar on, answers to “Peanut” If seen call or text 620-3192

January 26, 2021

Found: On Old 16, near Dr Clay’s office, a small, Young, male Beagle, Mostly & White with Tan on his face. No Collar on. Call to claim....620-2961

January 20, 2021

Missing: From Big Horse Creek, near Union Baptist Church, an 11 year old, small Brown, intact male, Dacschund. Has a reddish brown collar on. Answers to “Copper” If seen call 336-384-2436

Missing: From Tucker Road on Little Horse Creek in Lansing a 6-year-old Male English Shepherd dog. Mostly Black w/ Tan chest & leg markings with white on paws. Weighs 50-60 lbs. Answers to the “Azlan” Wearing Orange Collar with name tags & does have ID chip. If seen call 384-9120 or 336-908-7365

January 12, 2021

Missing: From Ripshin Rd in Lansing, a Female, 4 yr old, Black & White Beagle. Has been spayed, has no collar on. Answers to the name “Dew” If seen call...384-4969

January 6, 2021

Found: Near Ridgecrest Ave. & Long St, a Mostly Gray Young Cat with white feet. Call to claim......919-219-5738

December 3, 2020

Missing: From Creston, Pond Mtn area, a Female, Catahoula Leopard Dog. Black with White on her chest. Wearing an Orange/Pink Collar with tags, Has been Microchipped. Answers to “Maggie Mae” If seen call.....336-977-1536

December 1, 2020

Found: On Danny Ridge Rd in Jefferson, a Large Male, Brown & White Dog. Wearing a Camouflage Collar. Call to claim.......846-1556 or 620-4852

November 25, 2020

Found: 2 Dogs, Nov 11th on Fulton Reeves Rd in Laurel Springs. One is a Male Chocolate Lab with a Camouflage Collar, One is Female Blonde Collie mix with a Pink Collar. Call to claim....982-5381 or 620-3296

November 11, 2020

Found: 2 weeks ago a female Brown & White Hound, Wearing a black Collar, Very Sweet. Appears to have had puppies. Call to claim......919-886-8164

November 5, 2020

Missing: For 3-Top Rd, on the Todd side, a Male, Black & White Pit Bull wearing a Brown Studded Collar. Answers to “Chato” A reward is being offered for his safe return, no questions asked. Call .....620-1473 or 336-452-3099

October 8, 2020

Found: White Lab mix puppy in Lansing area, about a mile from Gilespie Baptist Church probably about 6 months, very loving and smart. Call to claim......828-238-1205

September 25, 2020

Missing: She goes by Dolly. She is a 17 week old mini Schnauzer. She is liver (brown) and tan. She was last seen in the Wagoner Access area. We are offering 150 dollar reward for anyone that can find her and return her safely home. If found, please call..... 336-877-0834

September 16, 2020

Found: At 3rd Day Market in Jefferson, a Black & Tan, Female Beagle, wearing a red collar. To claim call...........846-1089

August 31, 2020

Missing: From 4050 Dick Phillips Rd in West Jefferson - a 5 yr old, neutered, male Tri-Colored Beagle. Has been microchipped, No Collar on. Answers to “Yoshi” Reward offered for safe return. If found call......977-0782

Missing: From Elliott Rd near Smethport, a small Calico Kitten. Goes by Rosie. If seen call ...877-6653

August 11, 2020

Missing: From Plumb Nearly Rd in Crumpler, a male, Black German Shepherd mix dog. Answers to Jackson. Call if seen....977 6084

Found: @ 1606 Shatley Springs Rd in Crumper, 2 male, Brown, Short Haired dogs, has been neuterd, Neither has a collar on. Call to claim...982-2986

July 31, 2020

Found: At Goodwill in West Jefferson, Friday July 24th, a small Chiahuahua Mix, Intact Male Dog, Light Brown in color, Has a collar on. Call to claim....977-2553

July 30, 2020

Missing: From Warrensville, a Spayed, Female Calico Cat. Last seen on Pounding Mill Rd. Answers to “Pepper” If seen call.....620-1281

July 29, 2020

Found: In Silas Creek Area, 3 weeks ago, 2 Dogs. 1, Intact Male, looks to be Plott Hound, Brindle Color with a very worn collar on. The other dog is a smaller mix breed, has black spots around both eyes, with black ears. Mostly white body with spots. Call......877-6675

July 27, 2020

Found: On Idlewild Road, a male Beagle. Brown, Black & White with Brown spotted legs. No collar. Call......828-434-5566

Missing: From the Smethport area, a Male Chihuahua, Mostly Chocolate Colored with Tan around eyes & ears. Answers to “Poncho” No collar. Last seen near the intersection of Hwy 194 & 88. If seen call....828-292-9581 or 846-4488

July 6, 2020

Missing: From near the intersection of 163 & 221 @ McDonald’s a Female English Setter, White with brown ears & brown spot on side. Wearing a neon orange collar, answers to Belle. Call if seen.......877-6457

Missing: From Grassy Creek area, a male cat, White with Black Spots. Answers to the name Waldo. Call if seen......384-2077

July 2, 2020

Missing: From Copeland Rd in Warrensville: 2 male Pitbull/Boxer mix dogs. 3 years old, very people friendly, names are Buster & Quavo. Buster was last seen wearing a harness with his tag on it with owners info. Quavo had lost his collar. Reward is offered! If seen call....336 977 5633 or 336 646 4263

June 22, 2020

Missing: From the Conley Cheek & Rock Quarry Rd in Fleetwood, a Male, Tri-Colored with mostly Black Body, Beagle/Fiest mix dog. No Collar. Name is “Lucky” If seen call.....977-1685

June 16, 2020

Missing: A Neutered, White, Male Cat from the Shatley Springs area. His name is Poncho & he is skittish around people he doesn’t know. If seen call......982-4426

June 5, 2020

Found: In Buck Mountain Circle area, a young Black & White Cat. Friendly but scared. Call ...620-3074

June 1, 2020

Missing: From West Staggs Creek Rd in Warrensville, a White, Long Haired, Female Cat. Has a Green collar on with owner’s information & a Flea & Tick Collar as well. Her name is “Marshmallow” May be on Sugar Tree. If seen call ....877-6344 or 384-2098

May 26, 2020

Missing: From Lansing between the Carwash & the Welcome To Lansing sign, a Whitish Tan, Female Pomeranian mix. No collar. Answers to the name “Daisy” If seen...877-0506

May 19, 2020

Found: On Joe Little Rd, a young male, Black & White, Border Collie. Has 1 Blue Eye & 1 Brown Eye. Face is all white with Black ears, No Collar. Call to claim.....982-4060

May 18, 2020

Missing: From Twin Oaks Vet Clinic in Sparta, a Male, mostly Brown with tan, Chihuahua, 9 years old. No Collar, Name is “Buddy” If seen call.........704-868-6820

May 15, 2020

Missing: Near the intersection of Watertank Rd & Nettle Knob Rd a male, black cat, very friendly and has a broken place near the end of his tail. Name is “Stefan” Call...977-1253

May 11, 2020

Missing: From Walter Blevins Rd off Silas Creek on May 8th a Black, White & Grayish, Male Cat. Face is mostly White with Gray Stripes to the side of his eyes & up to his ears. No Collar. Name is “Leo” Call if seen......620-8004

May 8, 2020

Missing: From 163/Frank Dillard Rd in WJ a Small Female, tri-blend Jack Russell Terrier. Mostly white with a black spot on her back and a tri colored face. If seen call...977-5835

May 7, 2020

Missing: Near Dr Clays in Silas Creek area, a small Female, very friendly, Blue Tick Beagle mix. Wearing a black collar, no tags. Reward is offered for her Safe Return. Call...620-5811

Found: Friday, April 24th in Warrensville on Campbell Rd, near the river, a Dark Brown, large Hog. Has a Red X on it’s back. Call to claim.....828-421-6939

Found: Near Blevins Store on Hwy Old 16, a Young, Male Beagle, mostly Tan & white, No Collar. Call to claim......977-7081

April 9, 2020

Found: Near Coy Ham & Fairview Rd in Lansing area, a Young, Smaller dog. To claim, call & give description.....384-3069

Missing: From Lansing a male, Husky/German Shepherd mix, wearing a Green Collar & a Blue Flea Collar. Name is “Moonshine”. Last seen going up toward White Top. If seen call...704-677-5170

April 3, 2020

Found: A Male, Darker Colored, Golden Lab. Been roaming around Buck Mountain Rd. Very Skinny. Call to claim....989-287-0538

March 27, 2020

Found: Goose in Pine Swamp area. Call and describe....620-6083

March 23, 2020

Found: On Big Tree/Black Bear Inn Rd area, a Young, Male Dog, Mostly White with Caramel Colored Spots, Very Friendly, Apx 20 lbs. To claim call......919-971-4438

Found: At Sheets’ Bridge, a small Grey & White Kitten, Very Friendly. To claim..977-6781

March 17, 2020

Missing: From Hwy Old 16, Near Ashe Park, A Female, Reddish Brown Pomeranian, No Collar. Name is “Suzie Q” Reward offered! Call.......982-3644

Found: On West Main Street in Jefferson, near Dollar Mart, a Male, German Shepherd Mix Dog. Black & Tan with White on his chest, No Collar, House Trained, Very Friendly. To claim, go to Dollar Mart in Jefferson and talk to the ladies in store

Missing: From Calhoun Rd off Buffalo, a 4 month old, mix breed dog. Mostly White with Brown spots, No Collar, Very Friendly. Name is “Pocco” If seen call...................877-4589

March 11, 2020

Missing: From Nettle Knobb Rd in WJ, a Small Female, Tri-Colored Beagle. Wearing a bright green collar & a leather collar with owner’s info on it. Name is “Trigger” Call....977-7553

Missing: From Warrensville area on Teaberry Rd, a Gray Calico Cat with a little tan in her fur. Name is “Sissy” No collar on. If seen call......977-1513

January 23, 2020

Found: Near Sheet’s Bridge & Bear Creek Rd. An Older, In-Tact, Male, Black & Tan, German Shepherd. Has a place missing from left ear. Call to claim...982-2664

January 21, 2020

Found: Jan 19th on Nettle Knob Rd in WJ, a Female Beagle. Black & White with a Brown face. Very friendly. Is NOT wearing a collar. Call to claim...877-5142 or 977-2664

January 20, 2020

Missing:From Buck Mountain Circle and Beaver Creek School Rd, a male, 14yr old, Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix, about 45lbs. Ginger & white in color. His name is “Coco” & very hard of hearing. Call if seen.....812-584-3466

January 17, 2020

Missing: From Bare Creek Rd, in the Glendale Springs area, a male, Beige & White Long-Haired Cat. Wearing a multi-colored collar with a bell on it. Name is “Elvis” If seen call...336-488-3119

January 15, 2020

Missing: From Bald Mtn area, a Neutered Male, Beige, Yellow & White Cat. Last seen going toward Black Bear Inn Rd. Wearing a Green, Serento Flea collar. Very Friendly, name is “Sunny” If seen call....704-574-2252

December 31, 2019

Missing: From Idlewild Rd, a male Medium Sized, Older, Shepherd Mix dog. Black, White & Tan wearing an orange collar with tags. If seen call.........982-5006 or 877-0446. REWARD OFFERED

November 27, 2019

Missing: Still looking for "Pip", Missing from Water Tank Rd, a small, female, English Terrier, Salt & Pepper color, Name is “Pip” No collar on. If seen call.......620-2862

November 25, 2019

Missing: From the McConnell Street area near the Health Department in Jefferson, A Male, Beagle Mix dog. Black & Tan with white on his chest. Answers to “Ranger” Wearing a Green Collar. Reward offered. If seen call.......336-649-1732

November 21, 2019

Missing: From Lansing, the Deep Ford Rd area, a Male Cat, mostly white with grayish black patches. Answers to the name “Chance” Wearing No Collar, however he is Microchipped. If seen call...336-468-0765

November 18, 2019

Found: In Fleetwood near Ira Jordan Rd (near the overpass), an older Brown & White, Female, Medium size, Mix Breed Dog. Very Friendly. Left eye is missing & looks like she’s had some past surgery on her back left leg. Wearing a faded, Tan collar with Silver Studs..977-1622

November 15, 2019

Missing: From 792 NC Hwy 88 East, Jefferson, a Spitz Feist mix dog with reddish blonde, long hair. Answers to Bella. If seen call....828-505-9422 or 336-982-6181

November 1, 2019

Missing: From Water Tank Rd, a small, female, English Terrier, Salt & Pepper color, Name is “Pip” No collar on. Is seen call.......620-2862

October 14, 2019

Found: A Schnauzer on 16, near Family Central. Was hit by a car and needed medical attention. Must identify to reclaim...620-5035

Found: Near the Bristol Baptist Church, a black & white hunting dog. Call......977-3381

Found: On Helen Blevins Rd in Jefferson, a small, tan & black, female dog. No collar on. Looks like a Dachshund / Yorky mix. Call to claim.....877-6085 or 846-2140

October 11, 2019

Missing: From the Nettle Knob area, a 5 month old gsp / border collie mix, dog. No collar on, answers to the name “Rhett” Last seen near Bare Ridge Rd. If seen call.............620-4839

October 8, 2019

Missing: From Ka Ola Drive in Jefferson, a male Cat, mostly gray with white on his feet and chest and a white mark on his face. Answers to the name “Socks” Wearing a reflective collar. Last seen on Sept 29th. If seen please call.....846-2322 or 828-386-7870

October 7, 2019

Missing: From Little Horse Creek in Lansing, on Greer Holler Rd, a large Brown Lab wearing an orange collar. Answers to the name “Gibbs”. Possibly running with a black and white dog. Last seen on Lee Osborne Rd. If seen call........384-4802

September 25, 2019

Missing: From Quail Holler Rd in the Crumpler area, a Male, very dark brown, Lab/Pit mix dog with white on his chest & neck with a white spot on his left hind foot. Has a red collar on. Answers to the name ‘Vix” If seen call.....977-3363 or 977-3361

September 19, 2019

Found: At a residence across from the Neaves Trucking Company on 221 N in Jefferson, A male kitten. Looks to be apx 2 - 3 months old. Very friendly & sweet. Mostly white with gray stripes. To claim call.....982-4453

September 11, 2019

Missing: From the Dogget Rd near the Hwy 88 side, an 11 yr old Black & White Female, spayed cat. Answers to the name “Chrissy Boo” If seen call.....620-3047 or 977-0747

August 29, 2019

Missing: Sept 3rd 2019 Missing: From Bear Rd in Glendale Springs, a 14 yr old, Black, White & Tan Male Beagle. Answers to “Buddy” Has no collar on. If seen call..............................................982-9096

August 15, 2019

Found: At Bed-Bath & a Bone in WJ, a small dog, Jack Russel Mix. To claim call Bed Bath and a Bone @......846-2140

August 6, 2019

Found: On Allen Rd off 221 at the County Line, 2 Small, Female Beagles, Black, Tan & White. Call to claim.........980-621-3630

August 2, 2019

Found: In the Chestnut Hill Community, a male, Med sized, Brown, Mix-Breed dog. Has a black Muzzle. To claim call....877 0041

July 29, 2019

Found: In Piney Creek area just off 221, an older, Tan, Female Chihuahua, No Collar on. To claim call & Must provide proof of ownership......980-621-3630

July 23, 2019

Missing: Missing: From Claybank Area, in Smethport, a Black, Male, Standard Poodle. Answers to the name ‘Cooper” $700 Reward for his safe return. If seen call...977-5981

July 10, 2019

Missing: From the Fleetwood area, a small, brown & white Terrier mix dog. Wearing a red collar & answers to the name “Skipper” A Reward is offered for her safe return. If seen call...977-8155

July 9, 2019

Found: On Sugar Tree Branch in Warrensville, a Black, White & Tan, Male Beagle. Has an orange collar on with tags. Call...385-3691

July 8, 2019

Missing: A Husky, female dog. Last seen July 4th in Mountain View Estates (off Buck Mountain Road). Has a red collar & tags on. Answers to the name Brandy. If seen call....252-341-0718

July 2, 2019

Missing: From Crumpler area, a spayed, female Siamese cat. Small with grey face and blue eyes. If seen call....620-2594

June 27, 2019

Found: on Long Branch Rd. Call 336-500-3844 or 336-501-7484

June 24 2019

Missing: From Nettle Knob, near the river. A large, neutered, male, Black & White cat. Has short hair & answers to the name “Steve” No collar on. If seen call......706-455-7296

June 10, 2019

June 12th 2019 Found: On West Sugar Tree Rd, 6 Cattle, (2-Bulls, 4-Females), all are Black & White. Call to claim............................................................................................................385-2676

Found: In Baldwin near Woodstown & Indian Lake. Very sweet brown dog. She is wearing a collar, but no tags. Missing one eye. Call or text .....336-977-5848

May 29, 2019

Missing: on Big Laurel Rd Creston. Answers to Bear. Wearing black colar with green letters. Has rabies tag and has been neutered. Very friendly. Call 336 385 6336 or 336 620 2830

May 17, 2019

Missing: From Buffalo/Three Top Circle area, a Gray, neutered adult male cat. Very friendly. Is last gift from my husband who passed. Answers to the name “Won’t”. If seen, please call phone..............................................................................941-229-0011 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Missing: From the Old Hospital area, a Spayed Female, Black, Tan & White Beagle. Answers to the name “Rosie” Very Friendly. Call if found..................................846-3809

Found: In Creston, April 27th A Very friendly, male terrier mix, wearing a turquoise nylon collar. No tag or ID.......977-2798

April 26, 2019

Missing: From the Lansing area, above the old Lansing School, a small, female Beagle. She’s black, brown & white, wearing an orange collar with tags. Answers to the name Sadie. If seen call..............................................................................................877-5345

Missing: Last seen in Glendale Spring - "Frisky" white and black little dog. Reward offered! Please call....336-455-2113

April 17th, 2019

Missing: From Blue Ridge Manor off of 163, on April 15th a Chocolate Lab mix & Plot Hound, Tan with Chocolate ears. If seen call......828-406-9527. There is a $200 Reward offered for their return!

April 15th, 2019

Found: Stray dog found on Calloway Gap Rd on Friday evening. White with a Red Collar on. Looks to be part Pit Bull. Call......982-9337 or 336-480-8065

April 12th, 2019

Missing: From Friendship Baptist Church Rd, A Female, Chihuahua mix dog. Black with some white on her. If seen please call...............................................................982-3124

Missing: From Indian Lake Rd in West Jefferson, 1, small, female, white dog. Answers to the name Fifi. Walks with a limp, No collar on / 1 large, male, black dog with some white on chest & legs. Answers to the name Mike. Both are about 4 months old.........620-3186

March 8th, 2019

Found: Near Warrensville Methodist Church a brown and white male terrier. He is very friendly and well mannered. Call to claim all.....384-3194

February 21st, 2019

Missing: From Hidden Mtn area, on Feb 15th, 2 dogs. One is a large male, Black, Lab mix with 3 legs. No collar, answers to the name John. Other one is a small, male, Brown & White, Jack Russell mix, answers to the name Copper. Both dogs have been neutered. If seen call.....910-877-2110

February 20th, 2019 Found: On Walk-About Lane in Fleetwood off off Hwy 221, an older, small black & white , terrier mix dog, no collar or tags. Has been neutered. Call to claim.............336-409-1640

February 18th, 2019
Found: On 4-lane between Dollar Mart & Jefferson Post Office, a Black & Tan Beagle., Skittish and looks mal-nourished. For more information call after 2 pm.................................................................................................................336-384-4255 Missing: Last seen on Feb 3rd on upper Cranberry Creek Rd in Laurel Springs, 2 large lab type dogs. One is Chocolate Brown & name is Coco. Other is Black & answers to the Molly. Both are wearing black collars. If seen call............977-0672 or 982-5484...Coco has been found!!!

February 8th, 2019
Missing: From West Staggs Creek Rd, a male Brown and White boxer. Has collar and rabies tag but no contact info on collar. Very friendly. Answers to the name Buddy. If seen, please call.......336-877-6892

February 6th, 2019
Found: On Whenlin Ridge Rd in Lansing, small terrier brown and white in color, very friendly, wearing no collar. Call ..........877-6536

Feb 4th 2019
Missing: From Big Laurel Rd in Creston, a small, Chihuahua mix dog with long hair. Light golden-red in color. No collar on. Used to being indoor. Answers to the name “She-Bear” If seen or found call..........................................................................................
Missing: From Burgess Rd & near the Wagoner Access Rd in Jefferson, a large, male Pyrenees Dog. Has a Red Collar on but may not be seen due to the long hair. Answers to the name “Sisko” If seen please call..................................................................982-9118

January 25th, 2019
Missing: From the Baldwin Area & Black Bear Inn Rd, a White, male Maltese dog. Has a white collar on. Answers to the name “Rag-Mop” If seen call.......828-263-3662

January 15th, 2019
Missing: From the Nettle Knob area in West Jefferson, a white, male kitten with blue eyes, about 10 months old. Was last seen Wednesday night Jan 9th. If found, please contact......336-877-0305 or 336-877-0704

January 11th, 2019
Missing:Since Tuesday Jan. 8th from Lansing, Big Springs area, a male Miniature Aussie. Answers to the name Wesson, beloved pet, very timid and weary of new people. If seen contact call....336-469-5992 or 384-1033

January 8th, 2019
Found:Behind Southern Scoops (the old dairy house restauarant) on Tuesday, a tan medium size dog with a little white. Very sweet but frightened & has a "pet safe" collar on but no tag that can be seen. Call to claim........977-1751 or 846-9257

January 3rd, 2019
Found: On Christmas Eve Day, on Old Field Creek Rd in Grassy Creek, a Female, White, Pyrenees Dog. Has no collar on, Very Friendly. Call to claim...............................384-4934
Found: On Christmas Eve Day, on Old Field Creek Rd in Grassy Creek, a Female, White, Pyrenees Dog. Has no collar on, Very Friendly. Call to claim....384-4934

December 21, 2018
Missing: For a few weeks, from the Big Horse creek area in Lansing, near Bare Wallow Rd, a small, female, Pomeranian. Goes by the name is Izzy. Reward is offered for her safe return. If seen please call....620 3390

December 18th 2018
Found: 2 Beagle type dogs, in the Bent River Estates on Silas Creek. One has an orange collar on & the other has a green collar on. 1 is black & Brown, 1 is white, Black & Brown. To claim call..977-7172

December 17th 2018
Found: In the Idlewild area, a Gray, short hair cat, with white paws & white streak down its nose. Very friendly! To claim call 336.877-6663.

December 12th 2018
Found: On Bare Waller Rd in Lansing, a White & Tan, Female Beagle. Has a collar on but no tag or Id on it. To claim call 384-1976

December 7th 2018
Missing: From Carson Woods Rd, a black & white dog with a white stripe down his face. Very friendly, Answers to the name Larry, is not wearing a collar. If seen call.....977-6572
*$300* Reward for her safe return!


PET of the WEEK

WKSK is proud to present “The Pet of the Week"!

This Week’s Pet: We have a 4 yr old unaltered Black male Lab named River that needs to find a home!!! He was found last week and never claimed!

Visit the Face Book page for Ashe County Animal Control for links & Info on how you can adopt this pet!


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