WCC 56th Commencement Ceremony Held Friday, May 13

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May 19, 2022
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May 19, 2022

WCC 56th Commencement Ceremony Held Friday, May 13


WCC 56th Commencement Ceremony Held Friday, May 13

 WILKESBORO, N.C. – Wilkes Community College’s 56th Annual Commencement Ceremony took place on Friday, May 13, in the John A. Walker Community Center on the Wilkes Campus. There was a total of 426 graduates with two ceremonies being held.

            The Arts & Sciences Division and the Business & Public Service Technologies Division had 146 graduates participating in the 4 p.m. ceremony The Health Sciences Division and Applied Career Technologies Division had 129 graduates participating in the 7 p.m. ceremony.

            Presenters for the program were Dr. Jeff Cox, president of Wilkes Community College; Mr. Jay Vannoy, chairperson of the Board of Trustees; and, Peyton Paisley, president of the Student Government Association. Dr. Yolanda Wilson, vice-president of Instruction, presented the candidates.

            The prelude for the ceremony was Summit Strings Duo (Mr. Steve Holman & Ms. Katie Archer Miller). Ms. Angela Roten, Soloist sang the national anthem and provided inspirational music.

            Following the ceremony, a reception was held in the Lakey Ballroom for graduates, faculty, staff, and guests.

Arts and Sciences Division



Two-year Associate Degrees were awarded to the following students:

ASSOCIATE IN ARTS:  Cassie Paige Adams, Wilkesboro; Kaitlyn Adams, Warrensville; Hannah Aguilar, Wilkesboro; Sasha Alexander, North Wilkesboro; Dylan Chase Anderson, Grassy Creek; Karlie Anderson, Moravian Falls; Joseph Andreski, Wilkesboro; Ethan Ryan Atwood, North Wilkesboro; Madison McKenzie Avery, Jefferson; Thomas Ballard, West Jefferson; Abigail Nicole Billings, Traphill; Allison F. Blevins, Laurel Springs; Andrew Boggs, North Wilkesboro; Kaylee Elise Presnell Bowles, Taylorsville; Jacob Brewer, North Wilkesboro; Cameron Brown, Boomer; Cameron Todd Brown, Millers Creek; Haley Jordan Bundy, Lansing;

Leighan Natalie Burns, North Wilkesboro; Abbey Byrd, North Wilkesboro; Britney Carmona-Salazar, Wilkesboro; Moriah Zaynab Carver, North Wilkesboro; Sydney Caudle, North Wilkesboro; Miles Lee Childress, Purlear; Anna V. Church, Hickory; Levi Church, North Wilkesboro; Megan Faith Church, Ferguson; Jack Ray Clement, III, Mooresville; Evan Murphy Cox, Wilkesboro; Wyatt Cox, Jefferson; Michael Curran, Wilkesboro; Danielle Daughtry, Yadkinville; Matthew Edwards, Wilkesboro; Tyler L. Eldreth, Moravian Falls; Grayson Troy Faw, Wilkesboro; Sophia Fernandez, Jefferson; Noah Fields, Laurel Springs; Lauren Mary Foster, Wilkesboro; Bernardo Gomez-Meza, Wilkesboro; Zane Graybeal, Wilkesboro; Brooke Ashleigh Greene, Wilkesboro; Victoria E. Greene, Purlear; Savannah Greer, West Jefferson;

Braxton Shane Grose, Millers Creek; Zane Allen Gunn, Ronda; Kailyn Gwyn, North Wilkesboro; Cilissa Harris, Taylorsville; Tracy Sierra Hauser, Wilkesboro; Maria Del Carmen Hernandez, North Wilkesboro; Angelica Hernandez-Medrano, Wilkesboro; Anabelle Grace Higginbotham, Wilkesboro; Kacha Holt, Jefferson; Carlie Honeycutt, North Wilkesboro; Kennedy Houck, West Jefferson; Carrie Donean Howell, North Wilkesboro; Valerie Jeanne Hynson, Wilkesboro; Raven James, Fairmont; Bethany Karina Jarvis-Hernandez, North Wilkesboro; Brody Johnson, North Wilkesboro; Tate Clifton Johnson, Wilkesboro; Samuel James Johnston, Hays; Abbie Joines, Sparta; Kristen Faith Kilby, Millers Creek; Sophia Louise Kiser, Jefferson; Summer Dawn Kiser, Taylorsville; Hannah Grace Krider, Laurel Springs; Sydney K. Lambert, North Wilkesboro; Zoe Lebkuecher, Wilkesboro; Annabelle M. Lewis, North Wilkesboro; Olivia Lewis, Lansing; Jacqueline Limon, Wilkesboro; Gabriela Limon-Davalos, Wilkesboro; Morgen Nicole Love, North Wilkesboro; Christian Luna, West Jefferson;

Elizabeth Martin, North Wilkesboro; Elizabeth Marlette Martinez-Francisco, West Jefferson; Jaliyah Angelle McCathern, Wilkesboro; Savannah McLean, North Wilkesboro; Chloe Mendrala, Wilkesboro; Ashley Cortez Merida, Moravian Falls; Grayson L. Miller, West Jefferson; Hunter Blaine Miller, Millers Creek; Gracee Millsaps, Hiddenite; Reef Minerva, Jefferson; Caleb McKinley Moore, Millers Creek; Vivian Nguyen, Wilkesboro; Taylor Rose Ogburn, North Wilkesboro; Mariana Olvera-Buitron, Wilkesboro; Kellcey Minton Osborne, Ronda; Erica Elizabeth Parsons, Millers Creek; Jacob Pennington, Jefferson; Lauren Olivia Peters, Purlear; Diane W. Phipps, Purlear; Luke Poe, Lansing; Sylvia Prevette, Ronda; William Rambo, Jr., North Wilkesboro; Haley Paige Rife, Sparta; Natalie Elizabeth Roberts, Boomer;

Drew Rowland, Crumpler; Emerson Rumfelt, West Jefferson; Benjamin Steven Searcy, Wilkesboro; Dyanna Leigh Shatley, Fleetwood; Chloe Shew, North Wilkesboro; Cole Shumate, Hays; Makenzie Shumate, Hays; Stacie Lea Shumate, Roaring River; Kristhan E. Spears, Purlear; William Spencer, Jefferson; Samantha Maria-Louisa Stoneburner, Wilkesboro; Brandon K. Taylor, Sparta; Ashley Delana Tilley, Jefferson; Sang Tran, Millers Creek; Dacey Danielle Triplett, Ferguson; Hailey A. Vandergraff, Warrensville; Katelynn Vannoy, Jefferson; Skyler Braid Vannoy, Jefferson; Grace McKinley Wall, Boonville; Robert Lyle Watkins, III, Hays; McKinlee Watson, Millers Creek; Paige Riley Wells, Hays; Madison Ann Whitt, Traphill;  Katie Whittington, Millers Creek; Kristin L. Wilfong, Wilkesboro; Hannah Williams, Statesville; Logan Williams, West Jefferson; Hailey Grace Workman, North Wilkesboro; Evelin Berenice Yanes, Hays; Evan Zelensky, Wilkesboro.

ASSOCIATE IN GENERAL EDUCATION: Arizona O’Neal, Wilkesboro; Yan Jing Royal, North Wilkesboro; Sarahi Montoya Tobar, Wilkesboro.

ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE: Alana Barber, Moravian Falls; Nicholas Andrew Barrows, North Wilkesboro; Logan Patrick Billings, Sparta; Abbegayle Bourne,     Piney Creek; Maria Guadalupe Castaneda Carbajal, Hiddenite; Cristian A. Castillo-Rojo, Wilkesboro; Erasmo Chavarria Pacheco, North Wilkesboro; Wyatt Cox, Jefferson; Tessa Maemichal Foster, Purlear; Caydia Friberg, Moravian Falls; Jadon Scott Gage, Wilkesboro; Justin Horton,         North Wilkesboro; Jashim Howlader, Traphill; Daniel James Candeias Jolin, Wilkesboro; Hardin C. Kennedy, IV, Traphill; Lucas Lingerfelt, Lenoir; Cynthia Maciel, North Wilkesboro; Elizabeth Martin, North Wilkesboro; Gracie Mast, Lansing; Reef Minerva, Jefferson; Jonathan Reyna, Laurel Springs; Alondra Rosales, Hays; Kelsey Shore, Hamptonville; Allison Shumate,    North Wilkesboro; Abram Sparks, Ronda; Wesley Waddell, Jefferson; Benjamin Zanon, North Wilkesboro.

Business and Public Service Technologies Division



The following students received Associate in Applied Science degrees:

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE – Concentration in Accounting: Kandace Dayle Allen, Taylorsville; Taylor Anderson, King; Laura Willes Bowers, Jefferson; Kara Bray, Yadkinville; Brandon Dutton, Wilkesboro; Katherine Leigh Gibson, Ennice; Tiffany Paige Hamm-Gentry, Glade Valley; Chloe Grace Jennings, Purlear; Haley Perez-Ramirez,      Wilkesboro; Amanda Templeton, Kernersville; Samantha Wagoner, Hays.

ADVERTISING & GRAPHIC DESIGN: Asia M. Castilleja, Millers Creek; Samantha Ann Church, Wilkesboro; Bailey Ann VanHoy, Wilkesboro.

BAKING AND PASTRY ARTS: Tyler Jacob Glen, North Wilkesboro; Shaina Christine Treadaway, North Wilkesboro.

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Sasha Alexander, North Wilkesboro; Jacob Alexander Brown, North Wilkesboro; Christy B. Cheek, Laurel Springs; Jennifer Cortez-Rayas, Wilkesboro; Chandler Haven Eldreth, West Jefferson; Katherine Leigh Gibson, Ennice;  Amanda Sheree’ Hampton, Roaring River; Andrea Harless, Purlear; Amanda Holman, Hays; Hailey Kanupp, North Wilkesboro; Mark Rhoades, North Wilkesboro; Madison Taylore Shatley, North Wilkesboro; Summer Briann Sparks, Millers Creek; Samantha Marie Trivette, Creston; Maritza Angelica Vazquez, Hays; Adam K. Widner, West Jefferson; Kaylee Tristen Wiles, North Wilkesboro.


BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – General: Ashley Diane Carver, Vilas; McKenzie Nicole Greer, North Wilkesboro; Angela K. Hall, Piney Creek; Valerie Jeanne Hynson, Wilkesboro; Tonya Roten, Purlear; Carolyn B. Sheets, North Wilkesboro.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE TECHNOLOGY: Lauryn Scott Bishop,   Millers Creek; Justin Mark Johnson, Purlear; Kamden Kimmer, State Road; Lexie Rae Love,              Millers Creek; Steven Eugene Russell, Roaring River; Jasmine Irene Peter Snider, Wilkesboro; Cody Stanley, North Wilkesboro; Aubree Wyatt, Millers Creek.

CULINARY ARTS: Connor Andrew Hartley, Ferguson; Nicholas Redd, Roaring Gap.


EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SPECIALTY-Non-Transfer: Laura Kimberly Hall, North Wilkesboro; Rachel Marie McCoy, Sparta; Tiffany P. Pierce,               Wilkesboro; Christy Sharp, Fleetwood; Martisha Marie Turner, West Jefferson; Tammy Renee Webb, Boomer.

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION – Specialty – Transfer Licensure: Leia Kelly Adams, North Wilkesboro; Mindy Brown, North Wilkesboro; Treasa Huffman Edmiston, Moravian Falls.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Special in Game Development: Anthony Briggs, Wilkesboro; Tanner Dakota Harrold, Millers Creek; Jacob H. Smith,                                                      Hays.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Network Management: Devin O. Courtner, North Wilkesboro; Alex T. Duffield, Millers Creek; Abby Greene, Wilkesboro; Alexy Mario Palma, North Wilkesboro.


ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE – Concentration in Accounting: Belinda Ferguson Anderson, Ferguson; Erica Lee Jaimes, North Wilkesboro.

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Allison Blevins, Sparta; Lily Alexis Church, Millers Creek;

Starlette D. Johnson, North Wilkesboro.




The following received certificates:

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE – Accounting: Lauren Elizabeth Clawson, Wilkesboro; Grady Preston Holleman, North Wilkesboro; Maria Isabel Tadeo-Orduna, Ennice.

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE – Accounting Clerk: Ebony Anderson, Boomer; Cynthia L. Tennant, Millers Creek.

ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE – Computerized Accounting Clerk: Cynthia L. Tennant, Millers Creek.


ADVERTISING AND GRAPHIC DESIGN – Advertising and Graphic Design: Anthony Alexander Babb, Millers Creek.

ADVERTISING AND GRAPHIC DESIGN – Digital Media: Lacey Kilby, North Wilkesboro.


ADVERTISING AND GRAPHIC DESIGN – Photography: Anthony Alexander Babb, Millers Creek; Danielle Alexander Call, Millers Creek; Colleen Ainsley Cassell, Glade Valley; Cole Eli Hayes, Wilkesboro; Hailey Dakota Parsons, Millers Creek; Zachary Tyler Smith, Wilkesboro.


BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Business Administration: Caden Barber, North Wilkesboro; Emery Brinegar, Crumpler; Carter James Evans,             North Wilkesboro; Robert Joseph Heavner, West Jefferson; Grady Preston Holleman, North Wilkesboro; Katelyn Grace Little, North Wilkesboro; Faith Nicole Miller, Laurel Springs; Jada Nicole Pennington, Jefferson; Ava Rector, West Jefferson; Crystal L. Staley, Millers Creek.

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION – Transfer: Grady Preston Holleman, North Wilkesboro;

Jared Whittington, Wilkesboro.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE TECHNOLOGY: Maggie Mae Bullard, North Wilkesboro;  Shane Reese Cleary, North Wilkesboro; Mary Elizabeth Cothren, Hays; Kasyn Juliann Graham-Moxley, North Wilkesboro; Robert Austin Hub, Hays; Reagan Elise Jenkins, North Wilkesboro; Alexa Janet Portillo, North Wilkesboro; Cayden Seth Summerlin, Wilkesboro; Joshua Samuel Thornton, North Wilkesboro.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE TECHNOLOGY – Transfer: William Charles Hamilton, Sparta.

EARLY CHILDHOOD: Caitlin Savannah Dowell, Sparta; Carmelina Mahaffey, Warrensville;

Natasha Black Owens, Moravian Falls.

EARLY CHILDHOOD – Administration: Ashley Lofland, Lincolnton.

INFANT/TODDLER CARE: Angela O. Key, Millers Creek; Carmelina Mahaffey, Warrensville.


INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY – Information Technology: Matthew Dylan Johnson, North Wilkesboro; Austin Dwayne Kiger, North Wilkesboro; Gemma Arianna Limon-Galvez, North Wilkesboro; Devlyn Earl Roach, Hays.

Health Sciences Division



The following students received Associate in Applied Science degrees:


ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING: Yuliana Alfaro, Wilkesboro; Alivia Anderson, North Wilkesboro; Kaitlyn Danielle Bailey, Mocksville; Megan Spicer Bass,         North Wilkesboro; Mattie Marie Blackburn, Thurmond; Kaylin Nicole Blankenship, McGrady; Chelsea Danyale Blevins, Traphill; Sharon Brookshire, Elkin; Gracie Bumgarner, Taylorsville; Amanda Carpenter, Sparta; Madison Leigh Carter, East Bend; Vanessa Castillo, Wilkesboro; Taylor Elizabeth Curry, Moravian Falls; Hannah Ellis, Millers Creek; Alisha D. Everhardt, Millers Creek; Silvia Gaspar-Manuel, North Wilkesboro; Madison Goforth, North Wilkesboro; Raegan L. Gragg, North Wilkesboro; Ashley Nicole Hemric, Elkin; Margaret Stuart Knight,                Warrensville; Ashley Lyons, Millers Creek; Heather Merritt, Wilkesboro; Kathryn Elaine Parsons, Purlear; Tina Renee Peck, North Wilkesboro; Nicole Jean Shores, Hamptonville; Jodi Walsh, Boomer; Emily Danielle Watson, North Wilkesboro; Marla Nicole Yokeley, Kernersville.

ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSING-RIBN: Haley Jordan Calloway,                                                Ronda; Noel Olivia Noblett, Wilkesboro.

HUMAN SERVICES TECHNOLOGY: Stormi Lea Bledsoe, Jefferson; Tracy Diane Eldreth, West Jefferson; Jennifer Gonzalez Ortiz, Millers Creek; Sarah Beth Hamby, Purlear; Abigail Hawks, Ennice; Misty McGill, North Wilkesboro; Lacey Rene Mullins, State Road; Erin Kincaid Phipps, Crumpler; Marissa J. Shumate, Hays; Kimberly Sloan, Wilkesboro.

MEDICAL ASSISTING: Jada Leann Anderson, Jefferson; Carla Garcia, Wilkesboro; Arizbeth E. Garcia-Montoya, Wilkesboro; DeAnna R. Hackett, Millers Creek; Sharon J. Morales, North Wilkesboro; Sierra Reynolds, North Wilkesboro; Brittany Martin Smith, High Point; Amanda Teague, Wilkesboro; Sarahi Montoya Tobar, Wilkesboro; Tammie Huffman Watson, North Wilkesboro.

RADIOGRAPHY: Benjamin Grey Longbottom, Hays; Emily Mabe, Laurel Springs; Alexis Nicole Moore, Traphill; Taylor Moore, North Wilkesboro; Sierra Danielle Parks, Sparta; Allyson Perryman, North Wilkesboro; Ryan J. Wyatt, Laurel Springs; Seng Xayavong, North Wilkesboro.

RESPIRATORY THERAPY: Hannah Billings, Roaring River; Evangeline Francis, North Wilkesboro; Courtney Ann Fulton, Winston-Salem; Darla G. Harrison,           North Wilkesboro; Caroline Deanna Jones, Jefferson; Grace Riley Morgan,        North Wilkesboro; Kaitlyn Morrison, Statesville.




The following will receive one-year diplomas:

DENTAL ASSISTING: Karsyn Michelle Bates, Boonville; Samantha Gabrielle Bell, North Wilkesboro; Alexa Taylor Church, North Wilkesboro; Savannah Grogan, Jefferson; Taylor Harrold, North Wilkesboro; Raegan Lane Johnson, Union Grove; Grace Manners, Olin; Kathryn Matheson, Laurel Springs; Simone McFarland, Sparta; Monica Meyer, North Wilkesboro; Brandi Dyan Miller, Olin; Cassidy Miller, North Wilkesboro; Silvia Guadalupe Nunez, Union Grove; Maribel Rayo, Dobson; Brittany Nicole White, Ferguson; Gracie Abigail Wood, Elkin.

HUMAN SERVICES TECHNOLOGY: Dawn E. Carlton, Millers Creek; Tanya Elaine Moore, Wilkesboro.

MEDICAL ASSISTING: Lexus F. Bottomley, North Wilkesboro; Morgan Johnson, Wilkesboro; Tiffany N. Mount, Laurel Springs; Donna Rae Reeves,                                                            Warrensville.


Applied Career Technologies Division



The following students received Associate in Applied Science degrees:


AGRIBUSINESS TECHNOLOGY: Sawyer Davis, Boonville; Brandi E. Falder, Mocksville;

Noah Jacob Hudler, Taylorsville; Jennifer Linley, Elkin.


AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY: Zackary Cartner, Harmony; Evan Lee Gibson, Statesville; Bryce C. Stanley, Purlear.




APPLIED ANIMAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY             – Animal Science Concentration: Chelsie Ann Bobbitt, Ennice; Haley Grace Bowman, Westfield; Paul Zane Cooper, Elkin; Isaac Scott Edmiston, Moravian Falls; Danielle F. Hammond, Hays; Chloe Harrelson, Elkin;  Karah LeAnn Kennedy, Traphill; Jonathan Thomas Smith, Wilkesboro; Lily Weston, Boomer.


APPLIED ANIMAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY – Poultry Management Technology:

Paul Zane Cooper, Elkin; Isaac Scott Edmiston, Moravian Falls; Brandi E. Falder, Mocksville;

Karah LeAnn Kennedy, Traphill; Jonathan Thomas Smith, Wilkesboro; Christian Spitzky, Taylorsville.

APPLIED ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY – Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology: Quinn Jeffrey Culverhouse, Wilkesboro; Graylan Galloway, Roaring River; Chandler J. Price, Todd.

APPLIED ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY – Industrial Systems Technology: Lucas Seth Anderson, Wilkesboro; Blake Greene, Wilkesboro; Raymond O’Grady, Millers Creek.

APPLIED ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY – Machining & Maintenance Technology:

Brandon Thomas Nichols, Sparta; Ricky Poe, Warrensville.

APPLIED ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY – Robotics, Automation, & Mechatronics Technology: James Waylon Ireland, Hamptonville.

ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY: Daniel Durham, Elkin; Alicia Holbrook, Millers Creek; Jazmyn Martinez, Roaring River; Allison Kay Smith, Roaring River; Jordan Van Pelt, Millers Creek; Timothy Lee Williams, Jr., North Wilkesboro.


AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY: Jonathan Lugo-Parra, North Wilkesboro; James Matthew Taylor, North Wilkesboro.

BUILDING CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Michael Brison Byrd, Statesville; Dayshia Elizabeth Cowles, North Wilkesboro; Jose Miguel Jimenez Cervantes,    North Wilkesboro; Ariel Lagunas, North Wilkesboro; Jackson Samuel Little, Jefferson; Marcus Antonio Lopez-Limon, Wilkesboro; Shane Pellicano, Wilkesboro; Luis Amilcar Perez,          Wilkesboro; Hector Roberto San German Garcia, Ennice; Lucas Dylan Sloan, Olin; Caden Smith, Sugar Grove; Jackson Teague, North Wilkesboro; Beau Edward Webb, East Bend; Colby D. Wike, Hiddenite; Lucas Worley, Lansing.

COLLISION REPAIR AND REFINISHING TECHNOLOGY:                                                   Tyler James Reavis, North Wilkesboro.

CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY: Zackary Cartner, Harmony; Evan Lee Gibson, Statesville; Joey Miller, Jefferson.

DIESEL AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY: Jordan Bennett, Statesville; Dustin Canter, Boone; Raul Limon-Mendiola, Wilkesboro; Ethan A. Oliver,           Lenoir; Bryce C. Stanley, Purlear; Joshua Wheeler, Lenoir; Zebulon Wilcox, North Wilkesboro.


HORTICULTURE TECHNOLOGY: Luke Carson Blake,       North Wilkesboro; Allison Paige Cook, Statesville; Ariel Lee Horney, Newland; Jennifer Linley, Elkin; Arianna Miller, CrestonZachary Hunter Tilley, Jonesville.






DIESEL AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY: Devin Jones, Claremont; Austin L. Petree, Hickory.


WELDING: Matthew Anderson, North Wilkesboro; Austin Matthew Barker, Roaring River; Tyler Blevins, Lansing; Garris Hayden Coulter, Statesville; Diana Haro, Millers Creek; Jerry Jacob Harrelson, Elkin; Joseph Brady Johnson, Hays; Sam H. Joines, Moravian Falls; Jorge Lopez, Jr., Jonesville; Brayden McGlamery, North Wilkesboro; Aaron Shaver, Wilkesboro; Garrett A. Shumate, North Wilkesboro.




AGRIBUSINESS TECHNOLOGY: Wyatt James Benton, Ronda; Danielle Nicole Taylor, Laurel Springs.


APPLIED ANIMAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY             – Animal Science Concentration:                                                                        

Erin Lindsay Norton, Edneyville.


Introduction to Animal Science: Chloe Dawn Edwards,            North Wilkesboro; Isabel Garcia-Limon, North Wilkesboro; Elizabeth Paige Macrae, Ferguson; Matthew Grant Owens, Millers Creek; Lily Morgan Price, Purlear.


APPLIED ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY                  – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning:

Jared Denny Bumgarner, North Wilkesboro.


AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY- Basic Transportation: Jacob Nathaniel Beamon, Wilkesboro; Jacob Tyler Billings, Roaring River; Dakota Scott Blackwell, Moravian FallsKase Salem James Byers, Purlear; Nicholas Marshall Chandler, Sparta; Andrew Jordan Crane, Millers Creek; Hunter Wayne Draves, North Wilkesboro; Donovan Gage Hamm, Sparta; William Jerry Isaac Harrold, Traphill; Matthew Grey Johnson, Wilkesboro; Hayden Roebie Key, North Wilkesboro; Jose Antonio Martinez, Ennice; Blake Edwin Owens, Wilkesboro; McKinley Wayne Queen, Jr., Moravian Falls; James William Jose Valdez, Ennice; Spencer Reilly Wood, Piney Creek.


Transportation Climate Control: Jacob Nathaniel Beamon, Wilkesboro; Dakota Scott Blackwell, Moravian Falls; Kase Salem James Byers, Purlear; Andrew Jordan Crane, Millers Creek; Hunter Wayne Draves, North Wilkesboro; William Jerry Isaac Harrold, Traphill; Matthew Grey Johnson, Wilkesboro; Hayden Roebie Key, North Wilkesboro; Blake Edwin Owens, Wilkesboro; McKinley Wayne Queen, Jr., Moravian Falls.


BUILDING CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY   – Construction Mechanical Trades: Hazel Esther Pasley, Sparta.


Intro Architecture & Construction: Emily Michelle Martinez, Todd; Cade Alan Stone, Wilkesboro; Alejandro Oqueli-Ortez, North Wilkesboro.

COLLISION REPAIR AND REFINISHING TECHNOLOGY    – Painting and Refinishing: Tyler Christopher Couch, Elkin.


Structural Damage: Tyler Christopher Couch, Elkin.


DIESEL AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY               – Advanced Diesel P/M Diagnosis: Jacob Tyler Billings, Roaring River.


Engine Systems: Jacob Tyler Billings, Roaring River.


Power Trains: Jacob Tyler Billings, Roaring River.


Suspension & Engine Management: Jacob Tyler Billings, Roaring River.


Vehicle Maintenance: Jacob Tyler Billings, Roaring River.


HORTICULTURE TECHNOLOGY – Horticulture Concentration: Erin Lindsay Norton, Edneyville.


Introduction to Horticulture: Gilberto Yahir Perez-Lemus, North Wilkesboro.




Basic Welding: Landon Jacob Seth Andrews, SpartaRyan Dean Bottomley, Sparta; Ashley Grace Bumgarner, Millers Creek; Lacelia Shawntara Harris, Wilkesboro; Bailey R. Hogge, McGrady; Dalton Lane Osborne, Thurmond; Roman O’Sullivan, Moravian Falls; Anthony San German Garcia, Ennice; Baileigh Makenzie Walsh, Wilkesboro.

MIG: Traeson Ray Colbert, Elkin; Jake Alexander Davis, State Road; Alexander Lewis Gentry, Elkin; Wesley Gage Gorich, Millers Creek; Dominick Roland May, Boomer; Landon Hunter Patterson, Ferguson; Samuel James Rhodes, North Wilkesboro; Ricky Lane Watkins, Hays.


MIG/TIG: Easton Ty Brown, State Road; Traeson Ray Colbert, ElkinJake Alexander Davis, State Road; Alexander Lewis Gentry, Elkin; Houston Chase Mathis, Roaring River; Dominick Roland May, Boomer; Samuel James Rhodes, North Wilkesboro; Ricky Lane Watkins, Hays; Rikki Blaire Williams, Millers Creek.


STICK: Raegan Drew Brown, Millers Creek; Traeson Ray Colbert, Elkin; Bailey R. Hogge, McGrady; Houston Chase Mathis, Roaring River; Dominick Roland May, Boomer; Samuel James Rhodes, North Wilkesboro; Ricky Lane Watkins, Hays.