Town of West Jefferson Rules for Street Closures for Restaurants

William Henry Hardin
June 3, 2020
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June 4, 2020
Town of West Jefferson Rules for Street Closures for Restaurants


June 3, 2020



To the merchants of West Jefferson,



Pursuant to Executive Order 141, I am authorizing the temporary closure of certain streets to assist our local restaurants to be able to serve their customers. Please review the attached rules and regulations regarding these temporary closures. These closures shall remain in effect for so long as Executive Order 141 is in effect, unless otherwise extended or retracted by the Town of West Jefferson. Except as otherwise modified by Executive Order, we continue to require all restaurants to comply with any laws or regulations set forth in the North Carolina General Statutes, the North Carolina ABC Commission or other controlling legal entity. We greatly appreciate your assistance and your support for the Town of West Jefferson.


To assist the restaurants during current Phase II restrictions the Town Board voted to close certain streets and parking spaces to help increase seating capacity. The street closures are temporary due to the current restrictions of Phase II that only allows restaurants to seat at 50% capacity.  Once Governor Cooper lifts restrictions and allows restaurants 100% capacity the temporary street closures will end.


  • The following streets will be closed Friday at 5PM until Sunday at 5PM
    1. East First Street (Jefferson Ave to Third Ave)
    2. West Ashe Street (Jefferson Ave to Backstreet)
    3. West Market Street (Jefferson Ave to Backstreet)
  • Restaurants that are not adjacent to these streets will be allowed to block off 2-3 parking spaces to allow for tables to be set up in front of their restaurant – limited to the frontage of the restaurant
  • Restaurants will supply the tables for the areas
  • Restaurants will be required to clean and disinfect tables after each use.
    1. Increase disinfection during peak times and disinfect all shared objects
  • Restaurants will be required to keep areas clean by keeping trash cleaned up.
  • Areas must still meet the Executive Order No. 141 Guidelines
    1. Limit the number of people in the space so that groups can stay six feet apart
    2. Arrange tables so that customers sitting at a table are not within six feet of any customers sitting at another table. Limit customers at tables so that no more than ten people shall be seated together at one table.
  • Restaurants must follow current ABC Guidelines as outlined in Executive Order 141 (see attached).







Tom Hartman, Mayor