Sponsored Bills from Representative Ray Russell

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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019
Sponsored Bills from Representative Ray Russell


Representative Ray Russell sponsored and co-sponsored a flurry of bills this week to support Protecting the North Carolina Environment, Fair Voting, Government Transparency, Support for Teachers and Schools, Supporting Affordable Housing, and Supporting EMT Personnel. Here’s the list of bills from a busy week in Raleigh:

In the area of Protecting North Carolina’s Environment, Rep Russell was a primary sponsor for:

  • H545: Protect the Military/Fisheries/Tourism. This bill protects the NC coast from seismic testing so that military operations, fisheries and the tourism industry won’t be adversely affected. These three entities account for a sizeable portion of employment and GDP for our state.
  • H566: Polluter Pays. This bill requires polluters of water ways and water supplies to pay for cleanup and to provide alternative water sources for those affected by the pollution. The bill further prevents electric public utilities from passing along to customers the cost of cleaning up coal ash pollution.

He also co-sponsored:

  • H559: The Pollinator Protection Act. Prohibits the use of specific chemical agents that are harmful to bees and other pollinators.
  • H560: Ban Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Fire Retardant Foam. Bans the use of a firefighting chemical linked to water contamination, cancer and other diseases.
  • H567: Coal Ash/Prohibit Cost Recovery/Proper Disposal. Requires the removal of coal ash and requires the disposal into lined landfills. Prohibits companies from passing along cost to customers.
  • H568: Additional Measures for Emerging Contaminants. Creates enhanced requirements for discharges of pollutants into the state air and water. Provides additional funding to the NC Department of Environmental Quality to address contamination of drinking water supplies.
  • H592: Check-Off Donation Land Trusts. Allows state tax payers to make a donation to a fund for the protection of water, air and other natural resources.

Related to Fair Voting and Government Transparency, Rep Russell co-sponsored:

  • H510: Reenact Nonpartisan Judicial Elections/Fund. Reestablishes nonpartisan judicial elections and public financing for judicial campaigns.
  • H574: Fix Our Democracy. Establishes a citizen redistricting commission, re-enacts nonpartisan election of Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges, extends the waiting period for former legislators to become lobbyists, and requires live-stream video and audio of all meetings within the legislative complex.
  • H589: Let NC Vote Act. Provides for automatic voter registration and restores last Saturday early voting, among other things.

In support of schools and teachers, Rep Russell co-sponsored:

  • H524: Additional Funds for School Nurses.
  • H552: After-School Robotics Grants/Athletics.
  • H563: 30 Minutes Duty-Free Lunch for Teachers.

Rep Russell also co-sponsored:

  • H 549: Matching Funds for Affordable Housing.
  • H573: Give Workers’ Compensation for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in First Responders.

To read any of these bills in full, visit www.ncleg.net. In the upper right hand corner, under bill search, type in HB (for House Bill), then the number.