Scam Alert

Ronald John Maher
April 27, 2018
Joseph Marvin Boyden
April 29, 2018
Scam Alert


Scam alert

The Watauga County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports from individuals who are receiving telephone calls from someone claiming to be an officer with the WCSO. The callers are using specific names of real officers who work for the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller is telling the individuals that they have missed federal court and that they are in danger of being arrested. They are being directed to obtain various types of gift cards “money packs” from grocery stores to submit payments in the amount of $4000 dollars while keeping the fake officer on the phone line while these money packs are obtained.

If anyone receives a similar phone call, please notify local law enforcement immediately.

A reminder to all, protect your personal information. Never give any personal information to anyone that would include social security numbers, vehicle tag number, driver’s license number, bank accounts etc.