Saturday, March 27th

Friday, March 26th
March 26, 2021
Monday, March 29th
March 26, 2021

Saturday, March 27th

Carrie Knight
Kyle Greer
Ryan Absher
Jasmine Johnson 17 years’ old
Candace “Charlie” Roten
Justin Weaver
Faye Poe
Marie Miller 87 years’ old

Belated Wishes, March 26th
Brandon Johnson 39 years’ old

Anniversary Wishes
David and Marcella Trivette 51 years
Jonathan and Alisha Church

Sunday, March 28th

Jerry Wilkes
Kelli Bare Miller
Bodie Dillard 19 years’ old
Jean Burkett
Teresa Wiles
James Roark Jr.

Anniversary Wishes
Sonny and Joyce Vannoy 57 years