Prepare for Potential Flooding

Friday, September 30th
September 29, 2022
Donna Elaine Day Sherman
September 29, 2022

Prepare for Potential Flooding

We are asking citizens to prepare for potential flooding and gusty winds from the remnants of Hurricane Ian. The track still has some uncertainties but the current forecast indicates our area could receive 4-8” of rainfall Friday night and Saturday. If you live within the 100 year or 500 year floodplain, along the river or a stream please keep an eye on the water levels, particularly if you could potentially become isolated by flood waters when bridges or roads are covered.


We are asking citizens to do the following as part of their preparation:


Have enough supplies, food, water, medicines, diapers etc. on hand for a minimum of five days without electricity. Several areas of the county could become isolated and unreachable. Be aware of alternate routes to take in the event a road is closed or a bridge is out.


Ensure any pets, livestock or other confined animals within the floodplain or near any time of stream are relocated.


Move Recreational Vehicles and any un-anchored items well outside of the 100 and 500 year floodplains.


If you must receive weekly or daily medical procedures, consider staying closer to where you receive the treatments. If you require a medical device that is electricity dependent, ensure you have a battery back-up and plenty of batteries and/or a generator. Have extra oxygen bottles and other necessary supplies.


IF you own or manage a vacation rental that is located on a stream or that could become isolated by flood waters overtopping low water bridges/roads make sure your renters are aware of the situation and have supplies on hand.


Hurricane Ian – Ashe County FaceBook group has been set up by Susan Colvard Carter for residents to post flood photos, videos and storm related information:




Patty Gambill

Emergency Management Coordinator

County of Ashe

(336) 846-5521