North Carolina Space Education Ambassadors (NCSEA) program.

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North Carolina Space Education Ambassadors (NCSEA) program.

North Carolina Space Education Ambassadors (NCSEA) program.

NC Space Grant announces the third annual class of the North Carolina Space Education Ambassadors (NCSEA) program. NC Space Grant expanded the number of ambassadors this year, with 16 teachers from 12 counties — including one from your coverage areas — in the statewide network of master teachers who deliver NASA educational content to their local students, schools, and communities. For the complete news release and statewide listing of ambassadors, go to the NC Space Grant news page.

The NCSEA program is offered in collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. NC Space Grant partners with NASA education specialists from various NASA centers, including Langley, to provide professional development seminars following NASA Next Gen STEM education themes. Ambassadors earn NASA digital badges as they participate and progress in professional development opportunities.

“We are pleased to welcome our newest group of Space Education Ambassadors,” says Jobi Cook, the associate director of NC Space Grant. “These teachers offer a diverse range of creativity and demonstrate an eagerness to collaborate, which will make for a productive year. I am excited to witness their growth as they professionally develop and expand their network to include NASA leaders.”

The newest ambassadors include: Charlene Horton


Charlene Horton, Earth and Environmental Science Teacher Ashe County Middle School; Warrensville, Ashe County

“Under the umbrella of NASA and space education are numerous careers giving students real-world, tangible learning. We need to put the wonder of space back in the classroom!”