Saturday, August 11th

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August 10, 2018
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August 10, 2018
Saturday, August 11th

Jeff Dollar

Mildred Mahaffey 77 years’ old

Mary Johnson

Jamie Watson

Meadow Bowman

Bently Kolseth

Ally Halsey 7 years’ old

Eric Greer

Eric Burgess 50 years’ old


Anniversary Wishes

Donny and Martha Cox

Rev. Danny and Ann Farmer


Sunday, August 12th


Melissa Goodman

Brooke Eldreth 21 years’ old

Robbie Jones 44 years’ old

Elesha Pittman

Larry Stanley


Anniversary Wishes

Larry and Dianne Ballou 46 years

Lanny and Betty Ballou 45 years

Wayne and Virginia Elliott

Mitchell and Pam Ellis