Saturday, June 29th

Friday, June 28th
June 28, 2019
Monday, July, 1st
June 28, 2019
Saturday, June 29th

Nancy Lewis

Sharon Roark McGrady 55 years’ old



Anniversary Wishes

Allen and Debbie Miller 45 years

Andy and Rachel Sexton 17 years


Sunday, June 30th

Cullen Windish

Shirlene Widner

Jacob Flint Day 27 years’ old

Matthew Barr 21 years’ old

Virginia Poe 82 years’ old


Anniversary Wishes

Petey and Betty Eller 29 years

Todd and Stephanie Call

Donnie and Betty Lou Houck 35 years

Walter and Cindy Pugh

Lester and Linda Dain 47 years