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May 26, 2022
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May 27, 2022
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Global shares gain…US, Germany clean energy cooperation


TOKYO (AP) – Global shares are gaining as investors cheer a strong set of earnings from retailers that sent U.S. shares higher. European shares are mostly rising in early trading. Asian benchmarks finished higher, including Japan, China, Australia and South Korea.
BERLIN (AP) – The United States and Germany have signed an agreement to deepen their cooperation on shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy in an effort to rein in climate change. The deal will see the two countries work together, especially in the area of offshore wind power, zero-emissions vehicles and hydrogen. The U.S. and Germany have pledged to also collaborate on promoting ambitious climate policies and energy security worldwide.


COLUMBIA, Md. (AP) – A massive safety recall and supply disruptions have swept many leading formula brands off store shelves. Many parents are having problems finding formula, but some experts point out systemic inequities contribute to lower rates of breastfeeding among Black and Hispanic women, making their babies more dependent on formula. The majority of formula in the U.S. is bought by low-income families.


DALLAS (AP) – If you haven’t booked your summer vacation plans, you are already too late to snag the best deals, according to travel experts. Airfares are up, hotels rates are up, and airlines are bracing for a big summer. High prices are not the only thing travelers need to worry about. Airlines have thousands fewer employees than they did before the pandemic, and that means they could struggle to handle the expected crowds.


WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) – The United States has won the latest round of a legal battle to seize a $325-million Russian-owned superyacht in Fiji, with the case now appearing headed for the Pacific nation’s top court. Fiji’s Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by Feizal Haniff, who represents the company that legally owns the superyacht Amadea. The case highlights the thorny legal issues as the U.S. tries to seize assets of Russian oligarchs linked to the war in Ukraine.