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June 18, 2020
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June 19, 2020
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World markets higher … Cyberattacks against Australia increasing … Bank of England apologizes for past link to slavery


BEIJING (AP) – World stock markets turned higher today despite concerns that a global economic recovery may be derailed by coronavirus infections. In early trading, Germany’s DAX added 0.6% and the CAC 40 in Paris jumped 0.7%. Britain’s FTSE 100 surged 0.8%. In Asia trading, the Shanghai Composite Index closed 1% higher and the Nikkei 225 in Tokyo added 0.6%. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong picked up 0.7% and Seoul’s Kospi added 0.4%. Wall Street also looks set for gains, with Dow and S&P futures each up 0.7%.


CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says a “sophisticated state-based cyber actor” is targeting Australia in an escalating cyber campaign threatening all levels of government, businesses, essential services and critical infrastructure. He would not name the state, but there’s speculation that the cyberattacks are part of Australia’s increasingly hostile rift with China. China has made trade moves and has warned its citizens against visiting Australia in measures are widely interpreted as punishment for Australia’s advocacy of an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.


LONDON (AP) – The Bank of England has apologized for the links past governors of the institution had with slavery. The bank has called the trade in human beings “an unacceptable part of English history,” and pledged to not to display any images of former leaders who had any involvement. The bank says in a statement it is “aware of some inexcusable connections involving former governors and directors and apologizes for them.”


BEIJING (AP) – The world’s biggest sales event, the Canton Trade Fair, opened online this week to avoid the coronavirus pandemic, but it isn’t clear how many foreign buyers are following. The event usually draws more than 180,000 buyers to China’s southern city of Guangzhou (gwahng-joh). This year, it has been transformed into an e-commerce platform. Vendors have launched mini-shopping channels on its website.


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – A Central Texas school district is considering offering more than $60 million in tax incentives to attract a proposed Tesla “Gigafactory. Tesla revealed the Del Valle Independent School District proposal in an application filed Thursday with the Texas comptroller’s office. The district would offer Tesla $68 million in property tax breaks over 10 years to build on a 2,100-acre site on Austin’s southeastern outskirts. Austin is competing with Tulsa, Oklahoma, to become the city to host the plant that builds Tesla’s electric pickup truck.



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