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Linda Rose Wilcox
June 12, 2020
Financial News
June 15, 2020
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Wall Street opens higher…Twitter removes China-linked accounts spreading false news…2 yrs’ growth wiped out for Britian


NEW YORK (AP) – Stocks are opening higher on Wall Street, a day after major indexes fell more than 5% for their biggest drops since mid-March. At 10:36 a.m. Eastern Time, the S&P 500 was up 54 points, at 3,056. The Dow was up 525 points, to 25,653. And the Nasdaq was up 182 points, at 9,675.


LONDON (AP) – Twitter has removed a vast network of accounts is says is linked to the Chinese government and was pushing false information favorable to the country’s communist rulers. Beijing today denied involvement and says the company should instead take down accounts smearing China. The U.S. social media company suspended 23,750 accounts that were posting pro-Beijing narratives, and another 150,000 accounts dedicated to retweeting and amplifying those messages.


LONDON (AP) – The British economy has seen nearly two decades worth of growth wiped out as a result of the lockdown measures put in place during the coronavirus pandemic. The Office for National Statistics says the economy shrank by a colossal 20.4% in April, the first full month that the country was under lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. All areas of the economy were hit during the month, in particular pubs, education, health and car sales.


LONDON (AP) – The British government says it will delay bringing in full border checks on goods coming from the European Union to relieve pressure on businesses hammered by the coronavirus pandemic. But the U.K. once again has ruled out delaying its full economic break with the bloc beyond the end of this year. The U.K. left the now-27-nation bloc Jan. 31 but remains part of its single market for trade and other economic structures during a transition period that lasts until Dec. 31.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Officials in Los Angeles County say they fear the number of homeless people will spike again once the full impact of the coronavirus is felt. Officials say over the past year, the number of homeless people in the county jumped 12.7% to more than 66,400. Data released by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority says the majority of the homeless are in Los Angeles, which had a 13.6% increase to 41,209.



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