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October 22, 2019
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October 23, 2019
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Global markets mixed … UK prime minister mulls early election over Brexit impasse … Google says it’s taken a quantum leap


BEIJING (AP) – Global stock markets were mixed today after Wall Street fell and an EU leader said he would recommend that the trade bloc let Britain delay its departure. In early trading today, London’s FTSE 100 rose 0.4% and Germany’s DAX added 0.2%. France’s CAC 40 shed 0.4%. In Asia, the Shanghai Composite Index closed down 0.4% and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng lost 0.8%. Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 added 0.3%. Seoul’s Kospi declined 0.4%. Wall Street is expected to open higher, with Dow and S&P futures each up 0.1%.


LONDON (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears today to be pushing for an early general election after Parliament blocked a fast-track plan to approve his Brexit deal before Britain’s scheduled departure from the European Union on Oct. 31. Lawmakers on Tuesday backed the substance of Johnson’s divorce deal but rejected plans to allow only three days of debate before final consideration of the legislation, saying it didn’t provide enough time for scrutiny. The government is now waiting for the EU’s response on a possible extension of the Brexit deadline.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Google says it has achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing research. It says an experimental quantum processor has completed a calculation in just a few minutes that would take a traditional supercomputer thousands of years. The results of its study appear in the scientific journal Nature. Google says it has achieved quantum supremacy, which means the quantum computer did something a conventional computer could never do.


SAN JUAN PARANGARICUTIRO, Mexico (AP) – U.S. shipments of Mexican avocados could be threatened if violence from drug cartels continues. The situation has gotten worse in parts of western Mexico. After a U.S. Department of Agriculture team of inspectors was “directly threatened” in one Mexican town in August, the USDA sent the avocado growers and packers association in the region a letter, saying that if there’s a future threat to a U.S. inspection team, “we will immediately suspend program activities.”


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the destruction of South Korean-made hotels and other tourist facilities at the North’s Diamond Mountain resort, apparently because Seoul won’t defy international sanctions and resume South Korean tours at the site. Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency said Wednesday that Kim had visited the resort and described its facilities as “shabby” and lacking national character.


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