Breaking & Entering String Ends With Arrest in Ashe County

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March 8, 2022
Mabel Gilley Jones
March 8, 2022

Breaking & Entering String Ends With Arrest in Ashe County

Breaking & Entering String Ends With Arrest

JEFFERSON, N.C. – Sheriff B. Phil Howell announces the arrest of 49-year-old Chad Stephen Weddle of
West Jefferson, NC.

Detectives with the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office have been working alongside the West Jefferson and Jefferson Police Departments in
attempt to find the person responsible for breaking into multiple locations, businesses and vending machines throughout the county.

Over the past few weeks a string of larcenies occurred at convenience centers throughout the county and businesses in West Jefferson.
Employees and law enforcement discovered vending machines across the county broken into, businesses with damaged doors and important
items missing from inside those locations.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at approximately 2:00 am, deputies with the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a van matching the description of the vehicle used in the vending machine larcenies. During the course of the traffic stop deputies found drug paraphernalia, tools matching the description of stolen items from the convenience centers, and items missing from West Jefferson businesses.

The male subject driving the van was identified as Chad Stephen Weddle of West Jefferson. Weddle was taken into custody without incident and is being held at the Ashe County Detention Center under a
$70,000 secured bond.

“This has been an ongoing problem that has led to a lot of late nights and extra shifts from our
detectives. Between our three local agencies, everyone dedicated a lot of boots on the ground to make
this stop. Now it’s time for the justice system to hold them accountable.” – Sheriff Howell
Chad Stephen Weddle, 49 years-old, of West Jefferson, NC. Weddle’s charges include:
• 7 counts Break Coin/Currency Machine
• 7 counts Damage Coin/Currency Machine
• 6 counts Misdemeanor Larceny
• 2 counts Felony Breaking and/or Entering
• 1 count of Willful Damage/ Vandalism to a
Coin Operated Machine.
• 1 count Felony Larceny after Break/Enter
• 1 count Felony Possession of Burglary Tools
• 1 count Felony Poss. Stolen Property Const. Site
• 1 count First Degree Trespass Enter/Remain
• 1 count Possess Drug Paraphernalia