Ashe COVID-19 Situation Update

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Ashe COVID-19 Situation Update


COVID-19 Situation Update for Ashe County
August 13th, 2020

This document is intended to provide a regular update on the local response to COVID-19 in our
communities and timely, trended data related to COVID-19. This report will be published on Thursdays
each week for the Sunday through Saturday of the prior week.

Situation Update for August 2 through August 8, 2020

As cases continue to increase for Ashe County, we are urging everyone in the community to help us slow
the spread of this virus. This pandemic has made it more apparent than ever that each person’s health is
affected by the community as a whole and it will take all of us working together to have an impact and
begin to see our cases decline.

Of the newly identified cases for this week, we are continuing to see the same trend with cases exposed
due to close contact with others through living or working closely with others or attending social

“We are concerned about increased community transmission with more cases reported. This virus is
highly contagious and sometimes people can spread the virus without realizing it because they have
mild or no symptoms at all. By practicing the 3Ws and avoiding large gatherings of people, we can slow
the spread together,” stated Jennifer Greene, Health Director, AppHealthCare.

Key points from this week:

● Our case trends have continued to increase with the largest percentage of cases in the 25-49
year old age group.

● On Saturday, August 8th we held a community testing event for Ashe and Alleghany residents in
partnership with Mako Medical Labs and conducted 104 tests with 5 of those resulting positive.
We are very pleased with how the event turned out and it was successful because of strong
community partnerships. We appreciate each person who came out to be tested.

● Open communication continues with Ashe County Schools as they prepare for a new school
year. We are working closely with them to provide public health information to inform their
decisions about operation of schools this year, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

● We are continuing to work to increase testing opportunities for the community. Planning for
proactive testing for staff in locations that have opted-in to that service continues. Also, we are
conducting response based testing when data gathered in the case investigation of a positive
case informs the need to conduct broader testing. These response based testing events are
intended to focus on areas where there is potential for further spread, a cluster of cases, or an

● PPE (personal protective equipment) levels remain stable.

● Turn-around times for testing have improved with most tests resulting around 2-4 days.

● We have posted additional positions to assist with COVID-19 response efforts to respond to the
increased demand due to increased cases. More information about those positions can be found
here .

● Outreach continues to be an important part of our collective community strategy to address
COVID-19. Regular meetings take place with community partners to discuss the current situation
in the county, strategize areas for growth and improvement and provide a time for questions
and answers.