Ashe County Schools Set to Receive the Moderna COVID Vaccination

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February 24, 2021
Thursday, February 25th
February 24, 2021

Ashe County Schools Set to Receive the Moderna COVID Vaccination




Ashe County Schools Set to Receive the Moderna COVID Vaccination



Due to increased vaccine allocations to Ashe County, ACS employees will receive the first
dose of the Moderna vaccine on Friday, February 26th at the Ashe County Civic
Center. This has been made possible through our partnership with AppHealthCare and
our school nurses.

Over 400 employees will have the opportunity to receive this vaccine. School nurses will
assist with administering vaccinations alongside health department officials. Dr. Eisa Cox
stated, “We are so thankful and feel very blessed to offer the vaccine to all of our staff

The partnership between AppHealthCare and Ashe County Schools has been strong since
the beginning of the school year. Recently, Ashe County Schools cohosted two
vaccination events at Ashe County High School for our community. AppHealthCare
Director Jennifer Greene stated, “We are appreciative of our ongoing partnership with
Ashe County Schools and are excited to be able to support vaccination efforts for teachers,
staff, and childcare workers in our area starting this week. Thankfully, we have been able
to make major progress on our waiting list for older adults and will continue to prioritize
them as we move forward.”

Ashe County Schools will operate via remote instruction on Friday, February 26th in order
for employees to receive the vaccine throughout the day. Employees will receive the
required second dose on Friday, March 26th

. The optional teacher workday that was
originally scheduled on March 19th has been moved to March 26th in order to ensure that
students do not lose an additional day of instruction.

Dr. Eisa Cox reiterated, “We are extremely thankful to Jennifer Greene, our school nurses,
and our AppHealthCare partners for making this vaccine event happen.”
For more information concerning the COVID vaccine, visit the link provided below:
Moderna vaccine on the CDC website