Ashe County School Update for Wednesday, May 6th

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May 6, 2020
Confirmed COVID-19 Case in Watauga County, Bringing Total Identified Cases to 9
May 6, 2020
Ashe County School Update for Wednesday, May 6th




Good evening everyone.  Well . . another cool and rainy day—it’s also hump day—two more days until the weekend and Mother’s Day. 

Day 22 of required instruction—Students—Ranger Tom wanted me to remind you about the 2020 Mt. Jefferson Poetry Contest that began a few weeks ago.  I want to make sure that all K-6 students are aware that they can submit a poem.  Poems can be any style or length and are due Friday, May 15.  Prizes will be awarded.  Students and teachers can watch a short video for more details—the link is on our website.    

Students and Parents—there is a box on each bus for you to return your library books. 

Day 31 for CN— 1851 breakfast and 1851 lunch meals were prepared and delivered today.  As always, good job everyone.

Are you ready for the answer to yesterday’s riddle (I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old.  What am I?)  Ok—how many of you got the answer without having to look it up—yes, I’m talking to you Moose!  That’s right—it’s a candle. 

Today’s riddle.  What’s really easy to get into but hard to get out of?  We will find out tomorrow.


More about our zebra friends.  Zebras are very social animals.  They first live in small family groups and these groups combine into a large herd.  A herd uses all of its extra eyes to watch for predators like lions and hyenas.  When a zebra is attacked, other zebras come to its defense by forming a circle around it to ward off the predator.  When a zebra is out by itself and is cornered, it rears, kicks and bites in defense.  There are recorded cases of zebras killing lions by a swift kick to the head.  Zebras live to be between 20 to 30 years old, can run up to 35 mph and have excellent endurance.  Their zigzagging gait also helps them to evade predators.  Zebras are like mules—they are very stubborn and very resistant to becoming domesticated.  More tomorrow. 

We talked yesterday that many of us don’t read as much as we should and learned that there are 15 benefits from reading every day.  I want to share each of those benefits with you.  Benefit #2—Reading reduces stress.  Snuggling up with a good book for just 6 minutes can reduce stress levels up to 68%.  Pick a book you like and read every night.

Good night everyone and rest well.  Remember—don’t go to sleep before reading in your book.  I’ll be back tomorrow.