Ashe County School Update for Tuesday, May 19th

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May 19, 2020
Thursday, May 21st
May 20, 2020
Ashe County School Update for Tuesday, May 19th




Good evening my friends.  Today was excellent weather for ducks—looks like they will be happy for the rest of this week!  I hope the weather clears up for the weekend.

Day 31 of required instruction—6 ½ more days and counting.  Continue checking your email, Remind app, phone messages and school web site or Face Book page for end-of-the-year announcements.  You need to do this every day for the next 6 ½ days to make sure you don’t miss out on any important information.  Also, don’t forget to return your library books.

Day 40 for CN— ­­­­1757 breakfast and 1757 lunch meals were prepared and delivered today.   Our folks do a terrific job.  Thank you, thank you.

Are you ready for the answer to yesterday’s riddle (What has feet on the inside but not on the outside?)  Shoes of course!!  This one gave me a chuckle.  If you got the answer, then you get an A+!!        

Today’s riddle.  A group of bunnies were having a birthday party.  What kind of music were they listening to?  We’ll find out tomorrow!!


More about our dolphin friends.  Dolphins are known for being vibrant, playful and full of life.  They are especially known for being smart and having the ability to learn and perform impressive tricks.  Although many dolphins are trained for entertainment purposes, the US Navy trains dolphins to protect nuclear weapons.  In the past, the US military has used dolphins in the Vietnam and Persian Gulf conflicts.  Thanks to their intelligence, speed and echolocation skills, dolphins are trained in today’s world to find enemy swimmers, locate underwater mines and guard nuclear arsenals.  Sa . . . lute to these amazing creatures.  More amazing facts about these fun marine mammals tomorrow.

Benefit #11 of 15 reasons why we should read every day—It boosts sleep.  Reading is like a sleeping pill—it is relaxing and helps induce sleep, especially if you are tired or stressed.  Reading not only helps you to fall asleep, it improves your overall sleep quality.  So, how can we improve our sleep?  Pick a book you like and read every night!!

Enjoy the remainder of the night.  Before you turn off the lights, read some more in your book.  And don’t forget . . . I’ll be back tomorrow!!