Ashe County School Update for Monday, May 18th

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May 18, 2020
Catherine Ann Eldredge
May 18, 2020
Ashe County School Update for Monday, May 18th





Hello everyone.  Wasn’t this weekend gorgeous?  It was a great time for canoeing, kayaking, cooking out, working in the yard, or just lying in the shade.  Whatever you chose to do, I hope you had a great time.  I know I did!

Day 30 of required instruction—7 ½ more days and counting.  Ok—back to our daily routine.  I know you won’t give up now—the end is in sight!  I also know that you can do whatever you set your mind to do and do it well—that’s how much I believe in you and your abilities. 

Day 39 for CN— ­­­­1784 breakfast and 1784 lunch meals were prepared and delivered today.   As usual, you guys and gals did a great!!

Are you ready for the answer to Friday’s riddle (I have not life, but I can die. What am I?)  How many said . . . a battery?  If you did, then you are right on target again. 

Today’s riddle.  What has feet on the inside but not on the outside?  We’ll find out tomorrow!!


Let’s talk about dolphins this week.  How many of you grew up loving Flipper—he was in movies and on TV.  I did—dolphins are adorable and loveable.  Kids—if you have the chance, please watch a dolphin movie—you’ll be glad you did.  They have small teeth and are easily recognized by their curved mouth—this makes them look like they have a permanent smile.  There are 36 dolphin species and are found in every ocean.  Dolphins feed chiefly on fish and squid.  They track their food by using echolocation—what is echolocation you may ask?  It is a built-in sonar that bounces sound waves off their prey—the sonar tells the dolphin pertinent information—like the location, size and shape.  Amazing isn’t it?  A bottlenose dolphin can make up to 1000 clicking noises per second—wow!  More amazing facts about these fun marine mammals tomorrow.

Benefit #10 of 15 reasons why we should read every day—It is free entertainment. Books can be pricey but you don’t have to buy a single one.  Visit your local library for free or a second-hand book store—books there cost next to nothing.  There are also online resources where you can download free e-books.  So—what can we do to enjoy free entertainment?  Pick a book we like and read every night!!

Hope you had a good day and that you didn’t have any trouble getting back into your daily routine.    What are you going to do before turning off the light—yep—read some in your favorite book.  Don’t forget now—I’ll be back tomorrow!!