Ashe County School Update for Friday, May 29th

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May 29, 2020
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June 1, 2020
Ashe County School Update for Friday, May 29th



Good evening everyone.  Wow—what a year!  It almost seems like a dream—we were in school on Friday, March 13—then we got word of something called COVID-19, and the Governor declared the closure of all school facilities—not instruction, just the buildings.  Come Monday, preparation got underway to teach students through remote learning.  What a whirlwind in such a short timeframe.  But you know what—we overcame the challenges—the challenges didn’t overcome us.  We faced the new normal with grit!!

Our teachers and other instructional personnel are amazing.  They adapted quietly and very quickly to an array of new challenges for student instruction.  I know this new normal has created new stressors for our teachers, parents and students but all of you overcame.  Thank you.

I want to give a big shout out to every employee who participated in the meal preparation and delivery program.  Our children are our most precious resource—these folks prepared and delivered 151,434 breakfast and lunch meals between March 16 and May 28.  Wow!!

As I informed you last night, yesterday was the last day for meal preparation and delivery until Monday, June 8.  As the regular school program ends, it requires reorganization before the Summer Feeding program can begin.  The Director is in the process of pulling a team together to staff the Summer Feeding program.  If you should need assistance in the meantime, you can find Food Bank and Pantry Resources for Ashe County listed on the school system’s website under the Community tab.  If you have not done so, contact your child’s assistant principal if you want to participate come June 8.  Our goal is to continue curb-side pick-up and bus delivery. 

Are you ready for the answer to yesterday’s riddle? (What do lazy cats like to do for fun?)  They like to watch the lazy dogs chase parked cars!!  This one is just for you Moose!!

The 2019/20 school year is over.  I want to thank students, families, staff and administrators for working together and supporting one another during this difficult time. 

I know I’ve talked a lot about reading and shared the incredible benefits we get from reading every day.  I encourage everyone of all ages to make reading an everyday habit.   Just pick a book you like and read every night!!

School is out, so I will not be calling every night.  I will send messages as we learn things from the State level about how instruction will be delivered next school year.  Take good care of yourselves.  Stay healthy—if you leave home, know your Ws!  Wear a cloth face covering, wait 6 feet apart and avoid close contact and wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer. 

I’ve enjoyed talking with you every day.  The riddles and animal studies have been lots of fun for me—I hope you enjoyed them as well.  Blessings to all.

Seniors and parents . . . Please look on the Ashe County Schools website.  There is a special message on the Superintendent’s page to the Senior Class of 2020.