Ashe County School Update for Friday, May 22nd

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May 22, 2020
Ashe County School Update for Monday, May 25th
May 26, 2020
Ashe County School Update for Friday, May 22nd




Good evening everyone.  It’s Friday, the constant rain downpour has stopped and it’s supposed to be a sunny weekend.  Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Have a wonderful time working and playing in the sun!  Sorry, but school facilities and grounds are still closed to the public. 

Day 34 of required instruction—4 ½ more days and counting.  Wow—next week is the last week for students.  Make sure you get all your work into your teachers and that you stay in touch by phone, email, Remind app or your school’s website or Face Book page.    Seniors—I am so looking forward to seeing each of you tomorrow.  I plan to be at school bright and early!!

Day 43 for CN— ­­1757 breakfast and 1757 lunch meals were prepared and delivered today.   Thank you workers for another devoted week—have a wonderful weekend.

Are you ready for the answer to yesterday’s riddle? (What do lazy dogs do for fun?)  They chase parked cars!!  Now that’s funny.  Did you get the right answer—if so, good job!!

Today’s riddle.  A lawyer, a plumber and a hat maker were walking down the street.  Who had the biggest hat?  We’ll find out Monday!!


More about our dolphin friends.  We know from our study this week that dolphins are smart, playful, caring, funny, cute, athletic, friendly, social, helpful animals that sometimes behave like humans. I encourage everyone to do more research either online or at the library.  There is so much more to learn about these amazing aquatic mammals.  Better yet, as a family activity, watch some dolphin movies.  The most famous are Flipper, The Day of the Dolphin, Zeus and Roxanne, The Cove and Dolphin Tale.  I promise you that both adults and children of all ages will love these movies.  National Dolphin Day is April 14 every year.  I’ve had a request for next week—we’ll learn about giraffes!! 

Benefit #14 of 15 reasons why we should read every day—Reading is a workout for your brain!  There is a big, big difference between just passively watching TV and actively reading.  When you’re reading, you are training your mind to focus on and take in new information, which improves analytical skills, your ability to problem solve, and memory.  So, give your brain a workout— just pick a book you like and read every night!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend—it looks like the weather is going to be much nicer—I certainly hope so—we all need some warm sunshine.  The Governor has lifted some restrictions, but that does not negate that we all need to still follow the safety guidance from the CDC—the Center of Disease Control.  Have fun this weekend, continue reading in your book and remember that I’ll be back on Monday!!