Ashe County School Report for Friday, May 1st

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May 1, 2020
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May 4, 2020
Ashe County School Report for Friday, May 1st



Good evening everyone.  It’s been a cool and windy Friday—let’s hope we have better weather for the weekend so we can spend quality time outside.  Hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire sounds really good to me!

Day 19 of required instruction—I hope everyone used their catch-up day to catch up on any missing work.  Now for some good news.  I want to take this opportunity to do a shout-out for our middle school students—they are the champs in all three categories in the North Carolina Division III competition. At the beginning of yesterday, the Bulldogs were down 5,000 words, but between 7 pm and midnight last night, our kids came back and won—their final score was 167,199.  This is a huge, huge accomplishment.  In support of the competition, Principal Farmer stayed up on the roof of the school last night—he came down about 7:30 this morning. I attended the virtual competition last night and it was a pure joy to be able to see and socialize with our students and teachers.  Congratulations to our Bulldogs, and thank you Mr. Rivver for sponsoring and encouraging our students to participate in this really cool and educational event.   


Day 28 for CN—1797 breakfast and 1797 lunch meals were prepared and delivered today.  Today, May 1, is School Lunch Hero Day—it is a day for national celebration in honor of the hard-working individuals who prepare healthy meals for our students every day.  These dedicated women make the cafeterias and the schools a better place to be.  They have also been a blessing and lifesaver to our students during the coronavirus pandemic   Thank you, ladies—you are our heroes. 

Are you ready for the answer to yesterday’s riddle?  (What four-letter word can be written forward, backward or upside down and can still be read from left to right?)  I thought this one was hard.  The answer is the word noon—n-o-o-n.  If you got it, then a big thumbs up to you! 

Today’s riddle.  You can break me easily without touching me.  What am I?  We’ll find out Monday. 


Bears .  . . If by chance, you are out driving this weekend participating in the “Ashe County is going on a bear hunt”, you might just find my favorite bear, the polar bear, peaking out one of our office windows!!


Last day for fun facts about the sloth.  In today’s world, the sloth is a synonym for a lazy couch-potato and is known for being irresistibly cute.  With their permanently contented smiles, beady little sleepy eyes and adorable fluffy babies, they’ve become an internet sensation.  Sloths of today are small creatures, growing no longer than 31 inches and weighing up to 17 pounds.  Their ancestors were giants who lived on the ground instead of trees—some of them were up to 20 feet long and weighed close to 5 tons!  They disappeared from earth around 11,000 years ago.  Sloths are wild animals and do not make good pets but they are definitely cute and adorable!  I’ve had a special request—next week we will talk about the zebra!

Good night every one.  I’ll be back on Monday.  In the meantime, have a slothful and leisurely weekend!  You might even want to roast a few marshmallows, too!!  Don’t forget to stay safe so you can stay healthy.