2018-19 Classified Employee of the Year Ashe County Schools

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May 7, 2018
2018-19 Support Staff/Supervisory Employee of the Year Ashe County Schools
May 7, 2018
2018-19 Classified Employee of the Year Ashe County Schools


2018-19 Classified Employee of the Year

Ashe County Schools


The nomination period was March 1, 2018 through March 30, 2018.


All nominations were collected in the Human Resources Office and screened by Central Support Services staff to determine eligibility.  Nominees were then organized by site/school. A list of nominees was sent to the respective site/school. Employees had an opportunity to vote by ballot for the finalist from their school/site.

The top finalist from each school/site had the opportunity to complete a questionnaire and participate in a county-wide interview to determine the Ashe County Schools Classified Employee of the Year.


We are excited to announce the recipient of the Classified Employee of the Year for 2018-19 is Mrs. Tina Greer, bus driver at Blue Ridge Elementary.  Mrs. Phyllis Yates, Superintendent, along with other administrators from Ashe County Schools Central Support Services and Blue Ridge Elementary surprised Mrs. Greer with the announcement today. 


Tina Greer has been employed with Ashe County Schools since 1996. Mrs. Greer is dedicated to her job. She takes pride in her work and wants the best for the students.  “Mrs. Tina Greer is a dependable and dedicated bus driver.  She is always more than willing to go out of her way to help students as well as co-workers”, stated Jerry Baker, Assistant Principal and Bus Supervisor at Blue Ridge.

One individual who nominated Mrs. Greer put it this way, “She is loving, kind, and patient with all her children. She always puts their safety first.”    She loves the children and is happy to help so that they may have the best day at school possible. Mrs. Greer takes it very serious that she is the first and last school employee a student sees every day.  She creates an environment on her bus that is welcoming and supportive.  She has even developed strategies to assist students with their homework or to study for a test while on the bus ride. When students are learning multiplication tables or studying for a spelling test, she quizzes them as they travel to school. Even when arguments occur during the bus ride Mrs. Greer uses the situation as a teachable moment.  She is not just a bus driver.


The following is a list of employees who were nominated from each school or site:


Tammy Woods – Ashe County High School

Jeffery Wegmann – Ashe County Middle School

Tina Greer – Blue Ridge Elementary

Debra Cox – Mountain View Elementary

Ed Robinson – Westwood Elementary

Dean Rupard – Maintenance