Ashe County Habitat for Humanity

Tuesday, May 17th
May 16, 2022
Wednesday, May 18th
May 17, 2022

Ashe County Habitat for Humanity


Ashe County Habitat for Humanity received a $25,000 donation from a runner in the Blue Ridge
Relay, which is an annual event that passes through Ashe County every fall. After running parts
of the Relay through the county and meeting Habitat volunteers helping with the race over the
past few years, he began to feel a connection with Ashe County. The donor runner, who wishes
to remain anonymous, was impressed with the work of the mostly volunteer-run affiliate and
knows his money will help increase the organization’s impact on the affordable housing
shortage in the county. His donation will help break ground and lay the foundations for the next
two homes in the Hickory Hill community, speeding up Habitat’s ability to build decent,
affordable homes in partnership with hard-working Ashe County families.

Ashe Habitat is currently constructing their eighth house, and the third in the Hickory Hill
neighborhood. The home is being built in partnership with the Mullis family. As a Habitat
partner, the family is earning ‘sweat equity’ hours on the construction of their home and
volunteering in other ways as well. When construction is complete and the house is dedicated,
the family will assume a no-profit, no-interest mortgage, the payments for which will be
designated for construction of future Habitat homes

New volunteers are always welcome. Work begins at 9:00 am each Saturday, and the workday
generally runs until about 3:00 pm. Lunch is provided. Weekday work is also scheduled
regularly. Volunteers interested in receiving weekly e-mail updates should send an email to No special skills are required, and anyone over 16 years of age is

Interview Opportunities:
Beth Sorrell, President
Ashe County Habitat for Humanity
JB Byrch
Construction Project Manager