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January 31, 2019
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January 31, 2019
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NFL security chief: No threats to Super Bowl have surfaced


ATLANTA (AP) – The NFL’s top security officer says the league is not aware of any security threats against the Super Bowl.


National Football League Chief Security Officer Cathy Lanier said Wednesday that “no credible or specific threats” have been brought to the league’s attention.


She spoke at a news conference in host city Atlanta alongside the nation’s Homeland Security secretary and state and local law officers.


Outside, low-flying helicopters swooped over the downtown. On the ground, police dogs sniffed visitors to some hotels and other buildings.


The New England Patriots face the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53 on Sunday.


U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said that despite the recently ended partial government shutdown, the agency’s employees are committed to keeping the Super Bowl secure.




33 arrested on sex trafficking charges ahead of Super Bowl


(Information in the following story is from: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, http://www.ajc.com)


ATLANTA (AP) – Authorities say 33 people have been arrested in Atlanta on sex trafficking charges ahead of the Super Bowl.


Homeland Security Investigations Agent Nick Annan told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the arrests happened this week, but declined to discuss case specifics due to ongoing investigations.


Authorities say four victims have already been rescued. Advocates for sex trafficking victims say sex traffickers are attracted to large sporting events, such as this Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots.




Sam Adams releases limited edition Tom Brady beer


BOSTON (AP) – One of Boston’s most famous brewers is paying tribute to the city’s favorite quarterback.


Sam Adams is releasing a beer in honor of Tom Brady ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl when the New England Patriots will play the Los Angeles Rams.


The Double IPA is called “Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here.” The 41-year-old Brady and teammates have been using similar sayings to motivate them during the playoffs this season.


The label features a goat holding a football, a reference to Brady’s nickname as the GOAT – the Greatest of All Time.


The limited edition brew will be available only at the Sam Adams tap room Thursday afternoon.


Brady will play in his ninth super bowl Sunday. The Patriots have won five with him under center.




China’s Xi: 2022 Winter Games will be green, inclusive, open


BEIJING (AP) – Chinese President Xi Jinping says his country is well on track to deliver a “spectacular” 2022 Winter Olympic Games.


Xi also told IOC President Thomas Bach in Beijing on Thursday that China’s government was firmly committed to putting on a “spectacular games” with a “green, inclusive, open, and corruption-free approach.”


Xi added China’s preparations grew out of its people’s approach to performing jobs in a “methodical matter and well in advance.”


Beijing received the 2022 Winter Olympics by attrition, winning over Almaty, Kazakhstan, after a half-dozen European bidders dropped out, discouraged by soaring costs and taxpayer backlash.


Beijing staged the 2008 Summer Olympics and will be the first city to host the winter edition as well.