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August 25, 2020
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August 25, 2020
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Republican convention showcases rising stars, dark warnings
WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans have opened their prime-time convention with dark warnings about America’s future if President Donald Trump isn’t reelected. Two of the Republican Party’s rising stars, both people of color, offered an optimistic view of Trump’s leadership Monday night. They cast him as a protector of religious freedom, the nation’s workers and more. Earlier, Trump turned a surprise opening day appearance at the scaled-down convention into an opportunity to cast doubt on the integrity of the fall election. That was just moments after delegates renominated him. Trump contends he’s done such a great job as president the only way he can lose “is if this is a rigged election.”



WHAT TO WATCH: Melania, Pompeo and Trump at GOP convention
LAS VEGAS (AP) – Tuesday’s program at the Republican National Convention is likely to wade into familiar waters, with a lineup expected to speak on divisive issues like abortion and “cancel culture,” while lambasting Democratic rival Joe Biden and the Democrats’ progressive wing. First lady Melania Trump is set to give the night’s marquee address from the Rose Garden of the White House. President Donald Trump is expected to make an appearance during prime-time programming. The program’s speakers include Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, another Republican who is being closely watched for signs of future political aspirations. Trump appeared frequently during the first day of his party’s convention.



Insurance company to pay $1.1M for claims violations
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – A life insurance company has agreed to a $1.1 million penalty after North Carolina regulators found claims processing violations and delays. State Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey announced a voluntary settlement agreement with Gerber Life Insurance Co., which is also paying $2.5 million in additional recoveries and interest to claimants. The department says an examination of 300 claims from over seven years revealed many violations with Gerber Life’s accidental death and dismemberment policies. Causey’s office says the violations included demanding unnecessary documentation and failing to pay interest on delayed claim payments.



Melania Trump taking Rose Garden turn to pitch her husband
WASHINGTON (AP) – Melania Trump’s address to the Republican National Convention on Tuesday night will be her first sustained public appearance since the start of the coronavirus pandemic that has come to define her husband’s administration. Mrs. Trump is to make the case for her husband’s reelection from the White House Rose Garden, newly renovated at her direction, despite questions about using government property for political purposes. áOne challenge for the first lady will be to avoid doing anything to take the focus away from her speech. Her 2016 convention speech was later found to have included passages similar to what Michelle Obama had said in her 2008 convention speech.



The Latest: Guilfoyle says she’s a 1st-generation American
WASHINGTON (AP) – In her Republican National Convention speech, Kimberly Guilfoyle described herself as a first-generation American, citing her mother’s Puerto Rican roots. But Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, and its residents are U.S. citizens. Guilfoyle, a Trump campaign adviser and the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., cited her heritage to make the case that she knows how dangerous a socialist agenda would be for the nation. She says her mother was from Puerto Rico, while her father, whom she described as “also an immigrant,” came to this nation in pursuit of the American dream.” Her father is from Ireland. The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for clarification.



WHAT TO WATCH: After Biden’s moment, it’s Trump’s prime time
LAS VEGAS (AP) – Republicans this week will renominate President Donald Trump and highlight four years of his administration and promises he delivered on. While Democrats held an entirely virtual convention last week to nominate Joe Biden, the Republicans are holding a pared-down version of an in-person gathering on Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina. The rest of the convention runs through Thursday and includes speeches from Washington, D.C., and Fort McHenry in Baltimore. Trump will give a formal acceptance speech Thursday night from the South Lawn of the White House, but he’s expected to make an appearance every night in the 10 p.m. Eastern hour.



Trump convention blurs official business and politics
WASHINGTON (AP) – Plenty of presidents have walked right up to the line separating official business from politics – or even stepped over it. President Donald Trump has blown past it with a bulldozer. And his planned Republican convention speech from the White House lawn this week might be the latest and most blatant example yet. Down in the polls and facing the headwinds of a coronavirus-battered economy, Trump suggested he speak from the White House. He said it would be the easiest location for the Secret Service and law enforcement to secure for the event after Republicans scaled back their convention because of the pandemic.



Several arrests precede Charlotte’s pared-down share of RNC
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Police in Charlotte, North Carolina, arrested a person who illegally entered a secure area hours before the start of the Republican National Convention. RNC security officials said in a tweet Monday that the unidentified person entered the security perimeter near the Charlotte Convention Center. Delegates at the center on Monday formally nominated President Donald Trump for reelection. Security officials said the person didn’t enter an area where delegates were present or disrupt any events. They didn’t say when the transgression happened. He was arrested by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, who didn’t respond to an email seeking additional information. In addition, five protesters were arrested during demonstrations on Sunday night.



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