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August 24, 2020
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August 24, 2020
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Delegates ready to renominate Trump at Charlotte convention
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Republicans are ready to formally nominate President Donald Trump for reelection at a scaled-down convention kickoff in Charlotte, North Carolina, that begins a weeklong effort to convince the American people that he deserves a second term. Despite the ongoing pandemic, delegates will hold an in-person roll-call vote at the Charlotte Convention Center. It’s a sharp contrast to the approach of Democrats, who created a video montage from states across the country to avoid a large-scale gathering at their well-received virtual convention last week. Attention then turns to the Republican prime-time programming Monday through Thursday nights.



WHAT TO WATCH: After Biden’s moment, it’s Trump’s prime time
LAS VEGAS (AP) – Republicans this week will renominate President Donald Trump and highlight four years of his administration and promises he delivered on. While Democrats held an entirely virtual convention last week to nominate Joe Biden, the Republicans are holding a pared-down version of an in-person gathering on Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina. The rest of the convention runs through Thursday and includes speeches from Washington, D.C., and Fort McHenry in Baltimore. Trump will give a formal acceptance speech Thursday night from the South Lawn of the White House, but he’s expected to make an appearance every night in the 10 p.m. Eastern hour.



Trump, US agriculture secretary set to visit North Carolina
MILLS RIVER, N.C. (AP) – President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Mills River, North Carolina. The president is slated to visit a Farmers to Families Food Box program site Monday. The program is sponsored by the U.S. Agriculture Department. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is also scheduled to join the president, as well as Trump’s daughter Ivanka. The program aims to help farmers and families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The visit is taking place on the first day of the Republican National Convention in Charlotte. GOP officials are expected to vote to renominate Trump in a small in-person session Monday.



ECU and UNC Charlotte move classes online
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – East Carolina University and University of North Carolina at Charlotte are moving courses online in response to the coronavirus pandemic. ECU announced Sunday it will move undergraduate courses online for the remainder of the fall semester, beginning Aug. 26. Undergraduate classes are suspended Monday and Tuesday at ECU to adjust to the change in the schedule. UNC at Charlotte will begin classes as scheduled on Sept. 7, but it’s delaying the start of undergraduate and graduate in-person instruction for three weeks until Thursday, Oct. 1. Separately, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill identified a cluster of COVID-19 cases at Avery residence hall.



Police arrest 5 during RNC protests in Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Police have arrested five people in Charlotte, North Carolina, where protesters demonstrated against the Republican National Convention for a second night. Police said the arrests happened Saturday night after a group of demonstrators left a park. One person was charged with possession of a weapon, when police seized a firearm after being alerted that a demonstrator riding a bicycle had a gun. Police say that at about 11 p.m., officers blocked off a street for safety when pepper spray was used on a demonstrator who assaulted an officer. Police say three more were arrested for assaulting officers and refusing to obey lawful orders.



Trump’s moment: What’s at stake for GOP as convention begins
NEW YORK (AP) – President Donald Trump’s Republican Party will try to reintroduce itself to the American electorate this week. It will be no easy task. Over the last four years, the Grand Old Party has been fundamentally redefined by the instinct, attitude and social media posts of the most divisive president in the modern era. Given an opportunity to present a more thoughtful message during this week’s national convention, Trump’s GOP must now decide whether it has the capacity or the willingness to expand its appeal beyond the president’s die-hard base. A collection of Republican officials described this week as a pivotal moment for their party just 10 weeks before Election Day.



Emails show businesses held sway over state reopening plans
Records obtained by The Associated Press show that governors worked closely with business interests as they weighed when and how to reopen their economies last spring. Emails released under public-records laws highlight how governors in some cases leaned on the advice of businesses over public health officials who urged greater caution in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. Some governors sought to reopen their economies before meeting federal criteria for doing so. The records show that some industry groups wrote the guidelines that governors eventually adopted. In many cases, their states later experienced a surge in COVID-19 cases.



2nd night of protests against GOP convention in Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Protesters have returned to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, to demonstrate for a second night as GOP officials gathered in the city for the Republican National Convention. Police used bicycles to block protesters Saturday night from gathering too close to the Charlotte Convention Center, the site of the convention. Several people were arrested Friday night. Police say one protester armed with a gun was arrested Saturday. Police also say pepper spray was used to stop another protester armed with a pole from advancing on officers. GOP officials in Charlotte are expected to vote to renominate President Donald Trump in a small in-person session on Monday.



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