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September 18, 2018
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September 18, 2018
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The Latest: Wastewater flows into river tributary in NC
WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) – Heavy rainfall from the remnants of Hurricane Florence sent tens of thousands of gallons of untreated wastewater into a tributary of North Carolina’s Cape Fear River basin over the weekend.
The City of Greensboro said in a statement Tuesday that about 63,000 gallons (about 240,000 liters) of untreated wastewater flowed from a sanitary sewer main for about four hours on Sunday. Officials blame infiltration from heavy rainfall accumulated from Florence.
The untreated wastewater entered North Buffalo, a tributary of the Cape Fear River basin. Officials say the area was cleaned and flushed.



S. Carolina town worries plan to save road will flood homes
CONWAY, S.C. (AP) – Some residents and officials in Conway, South Carolina, worry homes will flood because the state wants to save the main highway into Myrtle Beach instead.
On Monday, the Waccamaw River was already flooded and hadn’t yet crested.
State officials say they must keep the road open, or hundreds of thousands of people would be isolated. Tourist-destination Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas are more densely populated.
So the state is building a higher wall in its last stand on U.S. Highway 501.
Officials say the nearly 1,000 homes that will likely flood would be in harm’s way no matter what. They say the plan causes no additional damage.
Joe Holmes fears his home will flood after close calls in other storms. He says officials can’t know what will happen until the water rises.



Hurricane rating system fails to account for deadly rain
TRENTON, North Carolina (AP) – Meteorologists and disaster experts say the nearly 50-year-old hurricane rating system fails to convey the full danger of storms because it only measures wind speed, not rainfall or storm surge.
Some people decided to stay put when they learned Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a Category 1 storm before it hit last week. But experts say the storm was at least as dangerous. The risk of flooding hadn’t decreased at all, and water accounts for 90 percent of storm deaths.
Several meteorologists and disaster experts said that needs to change.
They point to Florence, last year’s Hurricane Harvey, 2012’s Sandy and 2008’s Ike as storms where the official Saffir-Simpson category didn’t quite convey the danger because of its emphasis on wind, not the massive amounts of water the storms generated.



S. Carolina gov spots men on flooded road, summons rescue
CHERAW, S.C. (AP) – As South Carolina continues its wait to see how the rains of Florence will impact the state’s low-lying areas and communities, Gov. Henry McMaster’s flight over soggy parts of the state Monday turned from an observation trip to a rescue mission when the governor spotted two people stranded atop a flooded vehicle.
Flying with a South Carolina National Guard crew in a Blackhawk helicopter, the governor was touring Chesterfield and Marlboro County when he pointed at the men, who at first looked like they were floating in a red raft.
But McMaster and Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks noticed the men weren’t on a raft but on the roof of what appeared to be a flooded pickup truck.
Brooks called to dispatchers, who sent in a boat crew to get the men to safety. After making another pass, the governor asked his pilot if the helicopter could land nearby to watch them get to land.



2 men, bystander shot at gas station following argument
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) – Police in North Carolina say an argument led to the shooting of three people at a gas station.
News outlets cite a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police release that says three men began arguing in a McDonald’s parking lot shortly before midnight Monday, and continued as they walked over to a convenience store at the Shell gas station. Police say one of the men shot the other two as they left, and a woman pumping gas was also struck by a bullet.
All three were hospitalized for what police say are non-life-threatening issues.
No one has been arrested and no identities have been disclosed.