Hurricane Florence PSA

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September 13, 2018
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September 14, 2018
Hurricane Florence PSA

Ashe County PSA Hurricane Florence


Please DO NOT call 911 dispatch, the sheriff’s office or the EOC with road condition, water level or other non-emergency questions during this storm. These organizations will be tied up handling life safety issues. Please utilize the following sources for information on these things:



Road conditions: Dial 511 (stay on the line through the recording for an operator) or check this website:



Water levels/stream gauges: or


You can also check this Hurricane Florence Ashe County FaceBook page that was set up by Susan Colvard Carter for residents to post flood photos and videos:



Floodplain maps:



For individuals planning on staying at the shelter, please bring the following (this list will also be posted on the Ashe County Emergency Management FaceBook page):


Items recommended if an individual plans to stay at a shelter:

  1. All Required Medications and Medical Support Equipment: (7 DAYS or 2 WEEK SUPPLY)
  2. Dietary Needs—Food and Water/ Liquids: Bring enough nonperishable food to survive for 72 hours per person. (Every endeavor will be made to provide food and water; however it is always best to have your own supply ready if conditions warrant it.)
  3. Important Papers: Wills, deeds, licenses, insurance policies, home inventory, doctors’ orders
  4. If a person has a Do Not Resuscitate or Living Will, documents must be present to be honored.
  5. Identification: with photo and current address, medical identification card
  6. Comfort Items: Small games, cards, books, batteries, etc.
  7. Personal Hygiene Items: Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, deodorant, towels, dentures, glasses, hearing aids and batteries, etc.