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May 15, 2019
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NC ‘bathroom bill’ sponsor wins GOP redo of tainted election
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – Republicans want the sponsor of a headline-grabbing “bathroom bill” that voided anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people to represent them in a special congressional election needed after last year’s contest was deemed too tainted to stand.
State Sen. Dan Bishop on Tuesday topped nine other GOP candidates seeking the 9th Congressional District nomination. He won almost half of the ballots cast in an election that drew less than 10% of eligible voters.
Bishop will face Democrat Dan McCready on Sept. 10, as well as Libertarian and Green candidates.
McCready is a former Marine and Harvard MBA who seemed to narrowly lose last year’s race to Republican Mark Harris. An investigation then found Harris ignored warnings and paid a political operative who illegally collected mail-in ballots.
Harris opted not to run again.



Craft beer sales deal on tap for North Carolina Senate panel
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – A proposed agreement reached between North Carolina alcohol wholesalers and small breweries over who distributes their beer as they grow is on tap in a state Senate committee.
The state House already approved the measure sought by the state’s largest microbreweries in the state, which don’t like current limits on self-distributing their products. Now it’s going before the Senate commerce committee on Wednesday.
Current law says once a brewery sells more than 25,000 barrels in a year, third-party distributors take over all sales, marketing and pricing. A compromise announced in March would double self-distribution to 50,000 barrels.
The number of craft breweries in the state has grown this decade from 45 to over 200. Only a couple of these brewers produce enough now to potentially benefit in the near future.



N Carolina state patrol highlights law for cars to move over
SMITHFIELD, N.C. (AP) – North Carolina law officers are trying to spread the word that motorists are required to change lanes or slow down when they near stopped patrol cars flashing emergency lights.
The North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program holds an awareness event Wednesday at the Highway Patrol station in Smithfield. It’s marking a day that memorializes law officers who died on duty nationwide. Many of them have been killed alongside state roads.
One was Lumberton Police Officer Jason Quick, who died in December after police say a passing car struck him as he tried to walk across the highway during an investigation.



Harvest of shark species to be cut to avoid overfishing
BOSTON (AP) – Federal regulators say there will be a reduction this year in the harvest of a species of shark that is subject to commercial fishing.
Fishermen catch spiny dogfish from Maine to North Carolina on the East Coast for use as food, though there is a limited market for the shark in the United States. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says this year’s quota for the dogfish will be a little more than 20 million pounds, which is slightly less than fishermen have harvested in most recent years.
NOAA says the reduction in quota, which is nearly 50 percent from 2018, is important to make sure overfishing doesn’t occur. Quotas are slated to rise in 2020 and 2021 to levels that are higher than the size of the typical harvest.



North Carolina public safety secretary gets $23K raise
(Information from: WRAL-TV, http://www.wral.com)
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s public safety chief received a $23,000 salary increase in April in part based on the secretary’s growing workload. The raise frustrated some concerned about correctional officer pay and the Cabinet agency.
WRAL-TV reported Tuesday that Department of Public Safety Secretary Erik Hooks now earns over $179,000.
State human resources spokeswoman Jill Lucas says Hooks’ increase reflects his “24/7” responsibilities, including work to improve prison safety and build out a new disaster recovery office. The station says the increase was reviewed by human resources and approved by Cooper’s office.
State Sen. Bob Steinburg leads a Senate prison safety panel. Steinburg says he was “flabbergasted” by the increase and called the timing inappropriate given a legislative proposal to move the adult prison division out of the department.



Authorities ID hiker killed in Appalachian Trail attack
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Federal authorities have released the identity of a hiker who was stabbed to death in an attack on the Appalachian Trail in southwestern Virginia.
The FBI and U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen said 43-year-old Ronald S. Sanchez Jr. of Oklahoma died of injuries he received Saturday.
James Jordan of West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, has been charged with murder and assault with intent to murder for allegedly attacking Sanchez and a female hiker.
Authorities said Jordan had repeatedly threatened four hikers before chasing them with a knife. Two managed to escape.
Authorities have not identified the wounded female hiker, who remains hospitalized.
Hikers had complained to authorities in southwestern Virginia and in Tennessee in recent weeks about Jordan allegedly threatening them.
A federal judge has ordered Jordan to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.



Evaluation sought for woman accused of trying to kill baby
(Information from: The Asheville Citizen-Times, http://www.citizen-times.com)
ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) – An attorney for the North Carolina woman accused of faking her infant daughter’s kidnapping and trying to kill the baby wants to have his client evaluated and treated for postpartum depression or possibly postpartum psychosis.
The Asheville Citizen Times reports attorney Sean Devereux says the intent is not to build a defense for 35-year-old Krista Noelle Madden, but to get her some help.
Madden said last week that the infant was kidnapped, but Henderson County authorities said that claim quickly unraveled. The baby was found in a ravine and Madden is charged with attempted first-degree murder with bond set at $750,000.
Devereux says Madden’s attorneys haven’t sought to get her $750,000 bond reduced because they need to secure a spot in a facility before she makes bond.



Deadline postponed for dealing with UNC Confederate statue
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) – The board governing North Carolina’s public universities has again pushed back its deadline for deciding what to do with a Confederate monument at its flagship campus.
The University of North Carolina system issued a news release Tuesday saying it would not be discussing the statue known as Silent Sam at its May 21 meeting as planned. May had been picked after a March deadline was pushed back.
No new deadline was given Tuesday. The next scheduled Board of Governors meeting is September.
The news release says the board and universities have been focused on other issues including the legislative session.
“Silent Sam” stood in a main quad for over a century before it was torn down last August by protesters who called it a racist symbol.