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February 12, 2020
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February 12, 2020
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NEW YORK (AP) – Harvey Weinstein says he “wanted to” testify in his own behalf at his rape case in New York. But the disgraced Hollywood movie producer won’t – on advice of his lawyers. Weinstein defense lawyer Arthur Aidala says his client was “ready, willing, able” and “quite anxious” to take the stand. But the lawyer says Weinstein’s legal team felt prosecutors failed to prove their case. The defense has now rested, paving the way for closing arguments in the landmark (hash)MeToo trial. Those are to take place tomorrow – with the defense getting first crack.


NEW YORK (AP) – If you’ve seen images of Harvey Weinstein entering and leaving court for his rape trial in New York, you’ve probably seen him hunched over a walker. Prosecutors have seen that too, and they want to make an issue of that when they make their closing arguments to the jury. His accusers who testified that Weinstein sexually assaulted them told jurors they were overpowered by Weinstein’s hulking frame – and couldn’t escape. But that may not square with the image of a frail man who has trouble getting around. Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon says she’ll tell jurors Weinstein’s physical appearance has changed since the time of the alleged assaults. But she rankled the defense team when she called Weinstein’s walker a “prop” to win sympathy from jurors. Defense attorneys say Weinstein needs the walker because of recent back surgery.


CHICAGO (AP) – Around this time last year, we were first hearing about “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s claim that he was the victim of a racist and anti-gay attack in Chicago. Eventually, police determined it to be a hoax – and Smollett was charged with making a false report. Now, the case is back in the news again – as a special prosecutor has indicted Smollett a second time on charges of lying to police about the incident. The indictment comes from a special prosecutor appointed after Cook County prosecutors dropped the charges last March. Smollett is due at an arraignment on the new charges next month.


HOUSTON (AP) – The guy who does the Trivago ads has gotten himself un-booked from his legal issues. Prosecutors in Texas have dropped a driving while intoxicated charge against actor Timothy Williams. The case was dropped after Williams completed steps aimed at having his case handled without going through the courts. An attorney for the actor tells the Houston Chronicle the actor showed he was taking the matter seriously by doing more than what the state required to have the case kicked. Police arrested Williams after finding him passed out behind the wheel of a vehicle stopped in a traffic lane in broad daylight last April.


NEW YORK (AP) – What was good for President Donald Trump was also good for Fox News Channel. Both had something to celebrate last week, when Trump was acquitted by a politically divided Senate in his impeachment trial. Nielsen reports last week saw Fox News post its highest ratings since the weeks since Trump was elected and inaugurated. Nielsen says Fox averaged 4.27 million viewers in primetime last week. That was better than any other network except for ABC, which aired the Oscars on Sunday.


LONDON (AP) – There’s a royal divorce to tell you about. Peter Phillips, eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, is getting unhitched from his wife, Autumn. The couple is divorcing after 12 years of marriage. The statement says the split is sad, but amicable. While they will no longer share a marriage bond, they say they will share custody of their two daughters, ages 9 and 7. Phillips is 42 – and is the first of the queen’s eight grandkids to divorce.


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