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February 11, 2020
Wednesday, February 12th
February 11, 2020
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NEW YORK (AP) – “Never happened.” That’s what a Mexican model says about a claim by one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers. The model, Claudia Salinas, denies she stood by and did nothing as the movie mogul sexually assaulted a woman in the bathroom at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2013. The testimony is the strongest to date by a defense witness – and it challenges a claim made by model Lauren Marie Young last week. Young told the jury Salinas closed the door behind her and Weinstein as they entered a bathroom and Weinstein assaulted her. Young says when she left, Salinas was there – and she shot the woman an evil look. For her part, Salinas testified she’d remember if she had done such a thing. The defense continues putting on its case today.


NEW YORK (AP) – What if they gave an Academy Awards – and nobody watched? It wasn’t quite that bad at this year’s Oscars – but the ratings indicate the telecast isn’t exactly must-see TV for people any more. Nielsen reports Sunday’s Oscars telecast on ABC reached its smallest audience ever. The 23.6 million viewers this year is down 20 percent from last year’s show. And it undercuts the previous nadir of 26.5 million who watched in 2018.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Don’t fear the subtitles. That’s the message the man behind this year’s Oscar winner for best picture is telling Americans. Bong Joon Ho has been trying to get Americans to overcome their aversion to reading dialogue while watching movies. When he won the Golden Globe for best foreign-language film last month, Bong urged American audiences to give subtitles a chance. He said, “once you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” On Sunday, “Parasite,” directed by Bong, won the best picture Oscar. It’s the first foreign-language movie to ever do so.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – If you watched the Oscars Sunday night, you no doubt noticed how accepting Hollywood types are of foreign-language films, as many in the audience cheered the success of “Parasite.” But there are other people for whom the change isn’t coming easily. For example, a widely-discussed post on Mother Jones yesterday complained about having to read subtitles for a movie. And one conservative TV host took to Twitter to blast Bong Joon Ho’s acceptance speech, because it was spoken largely in Korean. Jon Miller griped, “these people are the destruction of America.”


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Want to watch something light on TV tonight – but still want to keep tabs on the New Hampshire primary? You can do both – by watching just one show. Tonight, ABC airs a live episode of “The Connors.” It will include – in real time – reaction to the Democratic primary voting. The show, starring John Goodman, will be performed live twice – once for the East Coast, one for the West. The show’s producer, Bruce Helford, says he’s grateful the show didn’t decide to go live last week, when the Iowa Caucuses were held – since a technical glitch caused results to be delayed.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Sadness. Grief. And, yes, anger. Those are among the feelings Kobe Bryant’s widow is expressing in an Instagram post yesterday. Vanessa Bryant says her “brain refuses to accept that both Kobe and Gigi are gone.” Gigi is the nickname for Gianna, the daughter who died with her dad and 7 others in a helicopter crash last month. Vanessa Bryant says losing her husband and daughter at the same time “feels wrong.” And when it comes to Gianna’s death, she is “so mad” because the 13-year-old “had so much life to live.” Meanwhile Bryant says she realizes she must remain strong for her three surviving girls – and asks for prayers for her family and those of the other victims of the helicopter crash.


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