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April 14, 2020
Wednesday, April 15th
April 14, 2020
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WASHINGTON (AP) – It’s considered an unusual move, even for a politician who has done more than a few unusual things during his tenure in the White House. During yesterday’s daily White House briefing, President Donald Trump aired what amounted to a taxpayer-funded “sizzle reel” praising his own handling of the coronavirus crisis. At the start of the briefing meant to tell the nation about the pandemic, the lights in the briefing room were dimmed for the three-minute-plus video. It showed a series of officials lauding Trump for his efforts to contain the virus. Trump said the video was produced in-house by his social media director and staffer – and was done at taxpayer expense. Trump says he ordered the video to be made to keep the press “honest.” During the briefing, Trump also jousted with reporters as he insisted that as president, he had the authority to singlehandedly declare the crisis over – and tell the nation to get back to normal.


NEW YORK (AP) – June is usually part of Hollywood’s summer season, when studios roll out the first wave of what they hope will be a series of blockbusters. That idea has now been busted because of the coronavirus. Disney says Pixar’s “Soul” has now been pulled from the schedule. Instead of opening June 19 as planned, it will be delayed until around Thanksgiving. That means that all the major studios have now scrubbed all their June releases. Some movies are still scheduled to hit theaters in July. But it’s unclear whether theaters which are now closed will reopen by then – or if people would want to go back to the movies as they did before COVID-19 hit.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – With the nation’s theaters sitting idle while the world waits out the coronavirus outbreak, it’s left to digital debuts to fill the void. And now, there’s a clear champion in the category. “Trolls World Tour” has become the biggest digital debut of all time. The animated movie, released this past weekend, features the voices of Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. Universal Pictures says the project was No. 1 on all the major digital platforms, including Apple, Amazon and Comcast. FandangoNow also says the release of “Trolls World Tour” helped the service have its best weekend ever. It was also its most preordered film ever.


NEW YORK (AP) – “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos has tested positive for the new coronavirus. But he says you’d never know it by the way he feels. The ABC anchor said he has been relatively symptom-free, telling viewers on yesterday morning’s show he feels “fine.” For his wife, though, it’s a different story. Ali Wentworth also has COVID-19 and tweets she’s “never been sicker.” By contrast, Stephanopoulos says the only symptom that links him to the profile for the disease – was a slight decrease in his sense of smell. Most people who are infected with coronavirus have mild symptoms – and most recover from the disease.


ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – Some of the people who work at Walt Disney World have staged a labor protest, staying home from the jobs yesterday. But their beef isn’t with Disney. The protest is aimed at the unemployment system in Florida. To show their displeasure, some workers stayed home, some hung signs from their apartment windows – and in one case, drew Disney characters on a sidewalk along with their complaints. Disney is laying off 43,000 workers because the park is closed due to COVID-19. The company reached a deal with the workers’ union to let the furloughed workers keep their benefits until they can return to work – or for up to a year.


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