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September 11, 2019
Appalachian welcomes more than 19,200 students, sees record number of underrepresented students
September 11, 2019
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NEW YORK (AP) — For any young student today, from elementary to high school, the Sept. 11 terrorist attack isn’t a memory. It’s history.

A new HBO documentary that debuts today on the attack’s 18th anniversary treats it that way. “What Happened on September 11” is a short film aimed at young people to explain what happened on that tragic day.

Filmmaker Amy Schatz has specialized in projects that explain difficult topics to young people. She was convinced of the need for a 9/11 related film when she interviewed a young girl who told her that she and a friend Googled “Sept. 11 attack” while on a playdate to find out about it.

Schatz says that search turns up some terrible images, and that young people need an age-appropriate way to learn about the attack.




LOS ANGELES (AP) – Jessica Chastain is afraid of snakes and Jay Ryan is afraid of spiders.

Cast members of “It Chapter 2” reveal during an Associated Press interview what scares them.

Jaeden Martell says he’s afraid of drowning. He says his version of Pennywise would be a tsunami, especially a saltwater one, because “getting it up your nose, that’s the worst thing ever.”

Isaiah Mustafa is afraid of taxes. When Chastain asks him why he does not just hire someone to do his taxes, Mustafa says, “I do, but they still ask you for the information.”

Bill Hader says his version of Pennywise is “the pre-approving mortgage clown.” He says they offer a rate that’s way too high, then they pretend to go talk to an associate.

“It Chapter 2” is in theaters now.




MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. (AP) _ The hotel where the 1980 movie “Somewhere in Time” was filmed is about to be sold.

The owners of the iconic Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac (MAK’-ih-naw) Island say they’ve reached a tentative deal to sell the hotel to a private equity firm.

The Musser family announced the deal with KSL Capital Partners Tuesday. They are expected to close within 30 days. Terms were not disclosed.

The 397-room hotel was built in 1887 on the island in the Straits of Mackinac that separates Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas. The Mussers have owned it since the 1930s.

Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour starred in the film “Somewhere in Time.” The 1947 Esther Williams musical “This Time For Keeps” shot scenes at the hotel as well.