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June 25, 2019
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June 25, 2019
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NEW YORK (AP) – The Mueller Report on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election is fairly dramatic stuff – but most Americans haven’t read it – because it’s, well, long. Now, some Hollywood types have stepped up to share the report with people by reading it on stage – and asking us to check it out online. The all-star cast includes John Lithgow, who reads the parts attributed to President Donald Trump, in a reading done at Riverside Church in New York. Joining him in the endeavor are Kevin Kline as Robert Mueller, Joel Grey as Jeff Sessions, Jason Alexander as Chris Christie – and Alfre Woodard as Hope Hicks. Others taking part in the reading are Mark Hamill, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Sigourney Weaver. The reading was streamed on the Law Works site – and a recording of it can be found there now.


WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump says he couldn’t have sexually assaulted a writer because she was – quoting him here – “not my type.” Trump defended himself in a new allegation of sexual misconduct in an interview with The Hill yesterday. Trump says author E. Jean Carroll is “totally lying” about what happened between her and Trump at a New York City department store in the 1990s. She says Trump pushed her against a dressing room wall, undid his pants and forced himself inside her. Carroll says she pushed him away and ran from the store. During his presidential campaign, more than a dozen women accused Trump of sexual misconduct in earlier years. Trump denied the allegations. He has also disparaged the looks of an accuser before.


CHICAGO (AP) – It doesn’t shed much more light on the Jussie Smollett case than we already have. But new stuff from Chicago police helps fill in some of the gaps about what happened when authorities began investigating the “Empire” actor’s claim that he was the victim of a hate crime. Some of the information includes footage from body cameras worn by police officers when they went to visit Smollett in late January. The clips show the actor wearing a thin rope around his neck, tied to appear to be a noose. One of the officers asks Smollett, “Do you want to take it off or anything?” Smollett says he did – but wanted to make sure that officers saw it before he did. In all, Chicago police released nearly 1,200 different files yesterday, including police body-cam footage of their interaction with Smollett.


NEW YORK (AP) – An attorney for Cuba Gooding Jr. has asked a judge to dismiss the groping case against the Oscar-winning actor. In court documents filed ahead of a hearing set for tomorrow, Mark Heller said both witnesses and security video contradict the woman’s claims. Heller also says the woman making the allegation has done blog posts that suggest she has what the attorney calls a “troubled mentality.” The Manhattan D.A.’s office has declined to comment on the filing. Gooding is accused of putting his hands on the woman’s breast and squeezing it without consent. The woman told police she believed Gooding was drunk at the time. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges filed against him.


WASHINGTON (AP) – It’s a meeting comedian Jon Stewart says should have taken place a long time ago. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is to sit today with first responders from the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Stewart has complained the Senate is balking at making sure a $7 billion compensation fund for first-responders doesn’t run out of money. After criticizing lawmakers in Washington earlier this month, Stewart mocked McConnell on TV last week, accusing him of slow-walking the legislation and using it as a political pawn. For his part, McConnell has says he doesn’t know why Stewart is “all bent out of shape” on the issue.


LAS VEGAS (AP) – Just because you’re really good at one thing – doesn’t mean you’re good at everything. That’s what “Jeopardy!” champion and professional sports gambler James Holzhauer has learned. He finished out of money in his debut at the World Series of Poker. A rep for the Las Vegas tournament says Holzhauer finished 45th among more than 1,800 in the field of a No-Limit Hold’em event. Holzhauer set a host of single-day records during his run as Jeopardy! champion. He played online poker as a semi-pro in the early 2000s – but makes a living now as a sports bettor.


NEWARK, N.J. (AP) – A former “Melrose Place” actress has already served prison time for her role in a fatal crash. But there’s a chance she may have to do even more time behind bars. Prosecutors in New Jersey want Amy Locane’s sentence from February thrown out – because the judge handling her case ignored legal principles by giving her a lighter sentence. Locane served about 2 1/2 years for a 2010 crash that killed a 60-year-old woman. A state expert testified that her blood alcohol level was about three times the legal limit. Prosecutors say the actress should have done seven years.


HONOLULU (AP) – A rep for “Dog the Bounty Hunter’s” wife says Beth Chapman remains in a medically induced coma at a hospital in Hawaii. The rep says Duane Chapman’s wife is being kept in a vegetative state so she can be treated for cancer without suffering pain. She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer late last year, soon after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. The rep says the Chapman family hopes she will recover.


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) – Tiger Woods is out of the rough when it comes to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of a drunken driver who died in a crash. The parents had sued Woods because he is an investor in The Woods restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. The parents’ suit claims their son, who worked at the eatery, was served too much booze before the accident – and those working there let him drive after being over-served. The suit is going forward, but not with Woods being held personally liable for the crash.


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