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June 28, 2019
Town of Boone Hires New Cultural Resources Department Director
June 28, 2019
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LONDON (AP) – Idris Elba has been mentioned recently as someone who could be the next in line to play the role of James Bond. But the actor says it’s disturbing that some people won’t accept him in the spy role because he’s black. The British-born actor talks about the Bond role in an interview in the current issue of Vanity Fair. Elba says he’s heard people say that he “can’t be” Bond – for one reason or another, only to find out that, quoting here, “it really turns out to be the color of my skin.” Elba says while there are people who think he’d be the perfect Bond – and that it’s a coveted role – he is reluctant to take it if people can’t get over his being black. Elba says he doesn’t want to put himself in the position of wondering whether his success or failure boils down to whether people will accept a black man in the 007 role.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Good news for fans of the re-booted version of “One Day at a Time.” Pop TV says it has approved a new season of the series, which was canceled by Netflix. Pop TV, which is owned by CBS, says the series is both “culturally significant” and funny – and will be revived for the 2020 season. The original sitcom – which aired from 1975 to 1984 – featured a single white mother navigating life on her own with her daughters. In the new version, Justina Machado plays a Cuban-American parent and military vet in the star role – a rarity on TV. “One Day at a Time” was dropped by Netflix earlier this year after three seasons.


BOSTON (AP) – Kevin Spacey is facing criminal liability after a young man accused the actor of groping him. And now the former star of “House of Cards” is also facing a civil lawsuit filed by his accuser. The suit was filed Wednesday – and seeks unspecified damages for what the suit calls “severe and permanent mental distress and emotional injuries.” Both the suit and the criminal case claim Spacey plied an 18-year-old server at a restaurant and bar with booze – then groped him against his will. Meanwhile, the criminal case against Spacey has centered on a cellphone used by the accuser the night of the encounter. The defense says it needs to recover text messages from it – messages it says will support Spacey’s claim of innocence.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Directors Guild of America is changing the eligibility rule for its top award. It has voted to require that films being considered for its awards make their debut in theaters first before being available on any other platform. The new rule goes into effect for those projects that will be nominated for the upcoming DGA Awards. The rules are aimed at blocking projects released on streaming services like Netflix from being considered if they haven’t also been released in theaters. All previous feature film nominees would still qualify under the new rule, including last year’s winner “Roma.” It was a Netflix movie that made its debut in theaters before being offered to the streaming outlet’s subscribers.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – There’s a mixed bag of ratings news from the first Democratic presidential primary debate. Nielsen reports the clash drew 15.3 million viewers. That topped every primary debate for the 2008 and 2012 elections. But the Wednesday session didn’t come close to the numbers for the first 2016 GOP primary debate. That was the first one that candidate Donald Trump took part in against his fellow Republican hopefuls. Still to come are overnight numbers from last night’s debate for 10 other Democratic candidates, including early front-runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.


NEW YORK (AP) – Youth definitely is being served when it comes to the voting for this year’s major league baseball All-Star Game. Cody Bellinger, Ronald Acuna Jr. and Christian Yelich have been all voted in to start in the outfield for the July 9 exhibition in Cleveland. The NL’s lineup averages just under 26 years old. And depending on who gets picked as DH for the American League, the average age of the starting position players could break the record for being the youngest ever. The 1967 NL and 2017 AL clubs had an average age of 26.0 years.


NEW YORK (AP) – AT&T is trying to inoculate itself against losing broadcast channels in disputes over fees. The wireless carrier, which also owns DirecTV, has put money up for a free streaming service called Locast. The donation of $500,000 is seen as a way for DirecTV to undercut threats by station owners to pull channels during licensing fees spats. AT&T says it’s offering access to Locast through its DirecTV service, as well as through its U-verse cable service.


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