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July 31, 2019
Thursday, August 1st
July 31, 2019
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LOS ANGELES (AP) – Epilepsy. That’s what the Los Angeles County coroner’s office says caused the death of Disney actor Cameron Boyce. An autopsy report, released yesterday, states the star of “Descendants” was found unresponsive at his home on July 6 – and was later pronounced dead at the scene. He was 20. After his death, Boyce’s family said the actor died due to an ongoing medical condition for which he was receiving treatment – but didn’t provide specifics. Disney Channel canceled the red carpet premiere of “Descendants 3” after Boyce’s death, and says Friday’s telecast will be dedicated to Boyce’s memory.


NEW YORK (AP) – Things have never been especially cozy between President Donald Trump, his political supporters and the mainstream news media. But the latest skirmish among those parties seems particularly heated. Yesterday, Trump went after the MSNBC show “Morning Joe” on Twitter. After being asked by a reporter about a Washington Post column that called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a Russian asset, Trump said Post officials “ought to be ashamed” – and should apologize. When “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough picked up the thread and called McConnell “Moscow Mitch,” McConnell took umbrage, speaking out on the Senate floor. Later, Trump defended McConnell while speaking to reporters outside the White House. Meanwhile Scarborough delivered a 10-minute essay on his show about Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings – who’s been targeted by Trump as presiding over a failing district. In turn, Trump crowed that the “Morning Joe” ratings have crashed because, “people are tired of hearing Fake News delivered with an anger that is not to be believed.”


NEW YORK (AP) – Kathy Griffin says she decided to do a documentary about what she went through after posing with a photo of her holding a mock severed head of President Donald Trump – so others won’t have to experience what she went through. The comedian says she wants people to see “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story” so they can understand the criticism, investigations and other stuff she went through. Griffin says she was put on the no-fly list for two months and was investigated by the feds for whether she posed a credible threat to Trump. She says a conviction on that charge could have netted her a life sentence in prison. The documentary will be in some theaters tomorrow. But after that, Griffin says she doesn’t know how people can see it.


PAWHUSKA, Okla. (AP) – Martin Scorsese is doing some background work as part of his preparation for his next movie. The famed director visited Oklahoma to meet with the principal chief of the Osage Nation. The discussions are aimed at laying the foundation for filming “Killers of the Flower Moon.” It’s an adaptation of the David Grann book that documents the 1920 slayings of wealthy Osage tribal members – after oil was discovered on their land. Tribal chief Geoffrey Standing Bear says Scorsese told him the movie will star Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Forty-one million dollars. That’s the amount attorneys for a Christian rap song say Katy Perry’s hit “Dark Horse” has made since its release in 2013. That figure will be a big point of contention in determining how much the pop star will have to pay after a Los Angeles jury determined she wrongfully copied the 2009 “Joyful Noise” recorded by Flame. Attorneys for Perry say the earnings for “Dark Horse” amounted to just $3.2 million, minus $800,000 in production and promotion costs.


LONDON (AP) – For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, two is enough – when it comes to the number of children they want to bring into the world. In an interview for British Vogue, Harry says he and his wife won’t have more than two kids – because of their concern for the environment. The prince says the destruction of the environment is “terrifying” – and reducing the number of little feet pitter-pattering about will reduce their personal footprint on Earth. In case you’re wondering, this isn’t news to Meghan – in part because she was guest editor of the issue of British Vogue which features her hubby’s comments.


NEW YORK (AP) – Can you feel good about winning a race – if there’s little competition in the field? CBS and its crime series “Instinct” will likely accept the victory – especially because it involves the current TV ratings race. Nielsen reports “Instinct” was the nation’s 20th most-watched program last week – and the only scripted comedy or drama series to make it to the top 20. It’s a reflection of the fact that we are in the midst of the summer season – with fewer people flipping on the screen to watch, compared to the spring, fall and winter.


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