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July 20, 2018
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July 20, 2018
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LONDON (AP) – You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room where it seems everybody knows everybody – except you? That’s how Cher says she felt when she joined the cast of the sequel to “Mamma Mia.” She says as the newbie, she was a little apprehensive because “everyone knew each other” – and the actors and crew all seemed “like family.” But those concerns didn’t last long. Cher says everyone was “fabulous” to her – and she came to feel like family, too.

“Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” opens in theaters today.



LOS ANGELES (AP) – The home featured in the opening and closing scenes of “The Brady Bunch” is for sale for $1.885 million. Real estate records list the buyers as George and Violet McCallister. The home contains some of the same rock-wall fireplace, wood paneling and floral-print wallpaper that made it look like many homes did back in the fashion-challenged 1970s. The split-level home has two bedrooms and three baths. And if you’re thinking two bedrooms weren’t quite enough to house the eight members of the Brady clan, you’re right. The house in question was used only for external shots. The inside scenes were shot in a studio.


LONDON (AP) – It’s Jeff Goldblum as you’ve never seen him before. Residents of London and tourists to that town have been bemused to find a giant statue of a bare-chested Goldblum. The 25-foot statue shows the actor in the reclining pose he made famous in “Jurassic Park.” The artwork designed to mark the movie’s 25th anniversary. While the sculpture is attracting a lot of oohs and ahs – and a fair number of selfies – it is also generating a lot of questions. The main one: why. Fans pointed out that Jurassic Park wasn’t shot in London – and that Goldblum isn’t from London.



SEATTLE (AP) – The Sesame Street company is heading from the flat-screen to the classroom. Sesame Workshop and McGraw-Hill education have announced a new partnership – one that brings the popular educational TV programming into the highly profitable world of classroom curriculum. Observers say the move may open the door for other companies to make the leap from entertainment-based learning into the more sensitive space of teaching kids in a more structured setting.



SAN DIEGO (AP) – “Breaking Bad” is gone – but that doesn’t mean we have seen the last of Walter White. The creator of the hit TV show says there’s a good chance that White, the character played by Bryan Cranston, will be in the spinoff show “Better Call Saul” at some point. Also hinted to be returning to the sequel is Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman in the original. The announcement was made at Comic-Con in San Diego, where creator Vince Gilligan teased about the possible return of two of the show’s most popular characters.



SAN DIEGO (AP) – Disney says it will release new episodes of the Star Wars animated series “The Clone Wars” on its upcoming streaming platform. The studio announced that a 12-episode run was pending during a panel discussion at Comic-Con in San Diego. Disney says the show will continue the story lines of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker before he turns into Darth Vader, and the young Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tano. The show is set between two of “Star Wars” prequel films: “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith.” No release date for the show has been announced. Disney is to launch its streaming service next year.



LOS ANGELES (AP) – Paramount says it has fired the head of its television division. The studio says it has let Amy Powell go for making comments that drew complaints from employees. In a memo announcing the move, the nature of the statements and the circumstances weren’t spelled out – other than to say that they were made in a “professional setting.” The memo also says numerous workers complained about Powell’s behavior – and the decision to cut her loose was done in agreement with the company’s legal and human resources departments. A message sent to Powell was not immediately returned. She joined Paramount in 2004 and became president of its television division five years ago.



NEW YORK (AP) – Comcast is out when it comes to bidding for the Fox entertainment business. And that paves the way for Disney to get in. All that stands in the way of the Disney deal going forward is for Fox shareholders to sign off on the sale. The move would give Disney ways to boost its upcoming streaming service by buying the studios behind “The Simpsons” and X-Men. It will also help Disney compete with tech companies such as Amazon and Netflix for viewers’ attention – and dollars.



NEW YORK (AP) – CNN’s top executive, Jeff Zucker, is undergoing heart surgery. And as a result, he will be taking a six-week leave of absence from running the news network. CNN said Zucker made the announcement to his staff yesterday, after a morning editorial meeting. His top deputy, Michael Bass, will be in charge during his absence.


by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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