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July 25, 2018
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July 25, 2018
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LOS ANGELES (AP) – One of the tapes President Trump’s personal lawyer secretly taped is no longer secret. Parts of it was aired on CNN last night – and on it, Trump and Michael Cohen discuss a potential payment for a Playboy model’s story about an alleged affair. On the tape, Trump and Cohen chat over whether the money should be paid by cash or check. Trump denies the affair ever happened and his campaign had said he knew nothing about the payment. The audio recording was secretly made by Cohen two months before the 2016 presidential election. It was provided to CNN by Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Roseanne Barr is getting some air time – for the first time since her ABC sitcom was canceled. She’s to be a guest on the Fox News show “Hannity” tomorrow night. ABC canned its successful reboot of “Roseanne” in May after Barr posted a racist tweet comparing former Obama administration adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape. Since her firing, Barr has alternated between apologizing for the remark – and explaining it. For example, she has tweeted she made the ape comparison because she was taking the prescription sleep aid Ambien. And she has said her remark comparing Jarrett to an ape wasn’t racist – because she thought the ex-Obama official was white.



JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Like his former “Roseanne” co-star, John Goodman is wading into a political issue. But this one isn’t nearly as controversial as the kind Roseanne Barr is embroiled in. Goodman is featured in a radio ad opposing a right-to-work law on Missouri’s Aug. 7 ballot. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the ad is airing in the St. Louis market. In the ad, Goodman says the law is touted as a way of helping workers. But he says the measure is “all about corporate greed.”



NEW YORK (AP) – There are any number of signs pointing to the likelihood that Demi Lovato is being treated at a hospital for a drug overdose. But there’s no official confirmation of. The pop star’s rep acknowledges Lovato is in the hospital for treatment – but that some of the reporting on her case is incorrect. The statement didn’t get into specifics. TMZ was first to report Lovato was hospitalized for an OD. Other outlets, like People magazine, have sources saying basically the same thing. Emergency officials confirmed they transported a 25-year-old woman who lives on Lovato’s block to a hospital yesterday. And recently she recorded and performed a song titled “Sober,” which has lyrics indicating she’s relapsed into drug use after six years of sobriety.



ATLANTA (AP) – The Georgia lawmaker who shouted the n-word and dropped his pants on TV – is now dropping his efforts to stay on his job. A spokesman for the Georgia House Speaker says Rep. Jason Spencer will step aside at the end of the month. On Sunday’s broadcast of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s show “Who Is America?,” Cohen poses as an Israeli military expert who goads Spencer to take part in several outlandish exercises. Spencer repeatedly shouts the n-word after Cohen tells him it’s useful to draw attention to an unfolding attack. He also exposes his rear before backing it into Cohen while shouting “USA!” and “America!” Cohen told Spencer that would incite fear among homophobic jihadists.



UNDATED (AP) – A jury has already convicted him of sexual assault. Now, some Pennsylvania authorities are recommending that Bill Cosby be classified as a sexually violent predator. The recommendation is being made by the Pennsylvania Sexual Offenders Assessment Board and it asks that the former TV star attend sex offender counseling – both in prison and out. It also would require police to post warning flyers in Cosby’s neighborhood whenever he is freed from prison. It’s up to a judge to decide whether to accept the suggestions. No date has been set for a hearing on that.



ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) – Garrison Keillor’s son – like his dad before him – has seen his ties to Minnesota Public Radio cut. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports Jason Keillor has been dismissed, along with two other employees of the show that used to be known as “A Prairie Home Companion.” The younger Keillor tells the newspaper he “treasured” his 22 years in public radio – but that “the business has changed.” Garrison Keillor retired from the show in July 2016. Last November, MPR severed ties with him over accusations he sexually harassed a woman who worked on the radio show. Keillor has portrayed his relationship with the woman as a mutual flirtation. But she disputes that.



HERSHEY, Pa. (AP) – Hersheypark in Pennsylvania is trying to dry out after a three-day stretch of heavy rain and flooding forced the attraction to close. The park was shuttered Monday but did reopen yesterday. A nearby theme park, ZooAmerica, was closed Monday and yesterday because of flooding. The park reports its animals were moved to safety.


LOS ANGELES (AP) – It’s called the All-Star Game. But the ratings indicate the annual major league baseball mid-summer classic is more like a bench warmer when it comes to TV ratings. The numbers from Nielsen says last week’s exhibition drew 8.7 million viewers on Fox – a record low. It also reverses a slight increase in viewership from last year. The All-Star Game was second behind “America’s Got Talent,” which drew 11.3 million viewers to NBC.


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