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October 2, 2018
Wednesday, October 3rd
October 2, 2018
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NEW YORK (AP) – So far, neither ABC nor CNN has commented officially about the latest dustup between President Donald Trump and one of their White House correspondents. It happened yesterday when reporters and the president mixed it up in the Rose Garden about Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. At the start of the Q&A session, Trump called on Cecilia Vega – and seemed to mock her. First Trump said Vega was “shocked” that he picked her. Vega responded “I’m not. Thank You, Mr. President.” Trump appeared to mishear the remark, thinking she said that she wasn’t thinking. Trump responded, “That’s OK. I know you’re not thinking. You never do.” Vega called Trump out on the apparent public dissing, saying “I’m sorry?” Trump replied “Go ahead” and Vega asked her question about the Kavanaugh investigation. Meanwhile, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tried to get Trump to answer a question about Kavanaugh – but Trump said he only wanted to answer question about trade legislation. Trump scolded Collins, saying “Don’t do that. That’s not nice.”



UNDATED (AP) – Perhaps Bradley Cooper put it best when he described how he and Lady Gaga ended up working together on the remake of the movie “A Star Is Born.” Cooper says, “it was nuts.” It seems Cooper saw Gaga perform “La Vie en Rose” at a fundraiser of entrepreneur Sean Parker. Cooper says Gaga not only slayed, she “demolished the room” – and he decided that her performance was beyond gold or platinum – but “was plutonium.” The next day, the two got together at Gaga’s home near L.A. – and they shared some leftover spaghetti before getting down to work. Gaga says she was equally impressed with Cooper’s singing – and before you know it the two of them decided to do the movie. He also decided that he would both act in and direct the movie, which opens this weekend.



NEW YORK (AP) – Looks like Gwyneth Paltrow has consciously coupled again. She has apparently married the co-creator of “Glee.” She and Brad Falchuk posted an image of two hands wearing matching wedding bands – a move that seems to confirm that she’s hitched. On the other hand, the image had to go with the photo – and Paltrow’s rep hasn’t returned an email seeking comment. Paltrow and Falchuk met on the “Glee” set; they announced their engagement in January. Paltrow eloped with Coldplay singer Chris Martin in 2003. They had two kids before separating in 2014 – a move she described at the time as a “conscious uncoupling.” They ended up divorcing in 2016.



BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) – People organizing a Vermont book festival are catching flak over a decision to book an appearance by Garrison Keillor, who used to host “A Prairie Home Companion.” The Burlington Free Press says organizer Steve Cormier calls the decision “tone deaf” because Keillor was accused of sexually harassing a woman who worked on his radio show. Keillor denies the allegations, which prompted Minnesota Public Radio to cut ties with him. The festival’s founding director is defending his move to book Keillor. He noted Keillor’s contributions to literature. And he cautioned people against making comparisons between Keillor and “people like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.” The Vermont event Keillor was invited to is set for Oct. 14.



PITTSBURGH (AP) – You may not know George Romero by name – but if you’ve ever gotten a fright watching “Night of the Living Dead,” you are familiar with his work. Romero died last year – and his widow and the city of Pittsburgh are taking time to honor him. A ceremony was held yesterday outside the theater where “Night of the Living Dead” made its debut 50 years ago. Later this month, there will be a week of programs and movie screenings in tribute to Romero. Night of the Living Dead was inducted into the National Registry of Films in 1999.



NEW YORK (AP) – Serena Williams says her latest video appearance has taken her out of her comfort zone – but she’s comfortable with that. The tennis star goes topless and sings “I Touch Myself” as part of a clip to promote breast cancer awareness month. In the video, Williams is seen with her hands covering her breasts – part of a campaign to urge women to check for signs of breast cancer regularly. Williams says she wanted to do the project because early detection can help save lives.



NEW YORK (AP) – Former ESPN commentator Jemele Hill has a new gig. A few weeks after leaving the sports-themed network, she is joining the staff of The Atlantic as a commentator, anchor, reporter and writer. Hill had a verbal dustup with President Donald Trump over the NFL national anthem controversy and other issues. She was briefly taken off the air for a tweet in which she declared Trump is a “white supremacist” who mostly surrounds himself with like-minded people.


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