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December 19, 2018
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December 19, 2018
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NEW YORK (AP) – She made a name for herself in front of the camera as one of the top sitcom stars ever. And she made an even bigger name for herself behind the scenes as a director a number of smash hits. Penny Marshall has died. A rep for the family says she died Monday night at her home in Los Angeles due to complications from diabetes. She was 75. Marshall, born in the New York City borough of the Bronx, first caught the nation’s attention by starring in the sitcom “Laverne & Shirley,” which ran from 1976-1983. The show about a pair of working-class roommates made her a household favorite. She directed some episodes of the show, which was created by her brother Garry Marshall. In the end, she ended up directing movie comedies like “Big” and “A League of Their Own.” She also did her part to bust through the glass ceiling in Hollywood, as “Big” became the first movie directed by a woman to crack the $100 million mark.



LOS ANGELES (AP) – Celebrities offer their thanks, remembrances and condolences on the death of actress-director Penny Marshall, who died yesterday at 75.

“I loved Penny. I grew up with her. She was born with a great gift. She was born with a funnybone and the instinct of how to use it. I was very lucky to have lived with her and her funnybone. I will miss her.” – Rob Reiner, who was married to Marshall from 1971 to 1981, via Twitter.


“Goodbye, Penny. Man, did we laugh a lot! Wish we still could. Love you. Hanx.” – Tom Hanks on Twitter.


“She was funny & so smart. She made the transition from sitcom star to A List movie director with ease & had a major impact on both mediums. All that & always relaxed, funny & totally unpretentious. I was lucky to have known & worked with her.” – Ron Howard on Twitter.


“I am absolutely heartbroken.” – Rosie O’Donnell, in an emailed statement.


“Thank you, Penny Marshall. For the trails you blazed. The laughs you gave. The hearts you warmed.” – Ava Duvernay, via Twitter.


“I first met Penny one month after having arriving here in LA. I was a guest star on a TV pilot she was working on. The next time we worked together was on that iconic episode of ‘Happy Days.’ She was so inventive, so funny and so warm. She brought her own unique brand of humor to what was on the written page.” – Henry Winkler, in an emailed statement.


“Thank you for what you contributed to us girls. Grateful to have worked with you. Rest well you great Broad!!!” – Viola Davis on Twitter.


“Penny will be missed. May she Rest in Peace.” – Robert De Niro, via emailed statement.


“I grew up wanting to be as funny as Penny Marshall, and had the pleasure of meeting her a few times. Watch some old Laverne and Shirley to see why her brother Garry insisted on casting her. Comedy gold, she was.” – “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik, via Twitter.


“What an inspiring woman (hash)PennyMarshall was. Funny, talented, kind and giving. Penny was so supportive of my career from the very beginning and I will always be so grateful. A wonderful actress, producer and director. She will be missed by so many.” – Reese Witherspoon on Instagram.


“Sad to hear of Penny Marshall’s passing. a great comedienne a terrific director and a dear friend.” – Billy Crystal, via Twitter.


“Such a wonderful, funny and talented lady. Without her support and encouragement, I would not be where I am today. She will be missed.” – Mark Wahlberg on Twitter.


“The Marshall family grieves again as the great (hash)PennyMarshall dies at age 75. What an extraordinary family they were and continue to be, and how much love and sympathy my family and I send their way. The end of an era.” – Bette Midler on Twitter. Marshall’s brother, “Pretty Woman” director Garry Marshall, died in 2016.


“I’m sad to read she has passed. Director, producer and actress who had the humor, wit and fortitude to stand equally with the boys in Hollywood. Goodbye Penny, we will miss you. RIP.” – actress Marlee Matlin, who shared a photo on Twitter in which she said she was emulating Marshall.


“Penny Marshall had me audition 6 times for a role and then I didn’t get it. She didn’t know that I would audition for her forever. It was a treat to be in the room. She was glorious.” – Jason Alexander, via Twitter.


“Penny Marshall was a sweet woman. I was very fortunate to spend time with her. So many laughs. She had a heart of gold. Tough as nails. She could play round ball with the best of them.” – Danny DeVito, via Twitter.


“The LA Clippers are deeply saddened by the passing of Penny Marshall, a resilient pioneer with legendary talent, a committed advocate for women, and a passionate member of Clipper Nation.” – The NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, whose sidelines Marshall sat on for nearly every home game, via Twitter.


“She was an incredible artist. Met her when I was a broke young actor. She gave me her court side seats to a Clippers game. “Here, I can’t watch them lose anymore.” I felt like such a big shot with my friends that night sitting in Penny Marshall’s seats watching the Clippers lose.” – actor Alan Tudyk, via Twitter.


– “Big.” ”A League of Their Own.” ”Awakenings.” Today, we say goodbye to one of the greats. Penny Marshall, you will be missed.” – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences via Twitter.


“Penny Marshall brought us great laughter and truly broke new ground as a director. Neither a schlemiel, nor ever a schlimazel, she shall be missed by her many fans.” – George Takei on Twitter.


“I had the good fortune to be directed by her once and she was sharp and smart and hilarious. And A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN still holds up. What an amazing talent.” – Patton Oswalt on Twitter.


“I don’t know what to say.” – Michael McKean, Marshall’s “Laverne & Shirley” co-star, via Twitter.




CHICAGO (AP) – The MeTV Network is paying tribute to actress and director Penny Marshall. It will do a series of “Laverne & Shirley” episodes on Sunday. They will begin at 2:00, eastern and pacific time – and run through 6:00 p.m. in both time zones. A list of the episodes follows.


2:00pm-2:30pm: Laverne & Shirley – “Fakeout at the Stakeout”


2:30pm-3:00pm: Laverne & Shirley – “Bridal Shower”


3:00pm-3:30pm: Laverne & Shirley – “Guinea Pigs”


3:30pm-4:00pm: Laverne & Shirley – “Steppin’ Out”


4:00pm-4:30pm: Laverne & Shirley – “Airport ’59”


4:30pm-5:00pm: Laverne & Shirley – “Supermarket Sweep”


5:00pm-5:30pm: Laverne & Shirley – “Christmas Eve at the Booby Hatch”


5:30pm-6:00pm: Laverne & Shirley – “Oh, Come All Ye Bums”




NEW YORK (AP) – CBS isn’t giving up the money. And it doesn’t look like it will be giving up the details about what caused them to deny the $120 million severance to its former chief executive Les Moonves. The company based its decision to pull back the severance after its board concluded that Moonves was fired for cause – and as such, wasn’t entitled to the money. The New York Times got a draft copy of the report – which suggested Moonves was more deeply involved in sexual misconduct on the job than was first alleged. The report also indicated that Moonves was less than helpful in the investigation into his dealings with women at the network.



ATLANTA (AP) – Some advertisers say they are leaving conservative host Tucker Carlson’s show following his remarks that immigrants could make the U.S. “poorer and dirtier.” It’s the latest in a series of ad boycotts of shows hosted by Fox personalities. But unlike the ones that cost some Fox hosts their shows, this boycott may not be as successful. So far, the biggest ad buyers for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” are sticking with him and the show. Carlson has been under fire since last week when he declared that immigrants make the nation “poorer and dirtier and more divided.”



NEW YORK (AP) – The NFL is living up to its hype as a ratings monster these days. The latest numbers from Nielsen indicate that pro football fans aren’t abandoning their places on the couch or man caves when the games are on. Of the top 20 programs in the Nielsen ratings, four of them were NFL games. And when you add the three pre-game shows to the mix, football took up seven of the top 20 entries. For all the talk about declining ratings for pro football, the games usually dwarf regular programming. For example, Fox drew 17.4 million to its Thursday night game. Its next most popular show, “Last Man Standing,” had 12 million fewer viewers.


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