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November 27, 2018
Bobby Perkins
November 27, 2018
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NEW YORK (AP) – A journalistic version of the “space force?” It isn’t clear what President Donald Trump means when he talks about launching “our own Worldwide Network.” Trump says it’s needed to challenge what CNN spreads abroad. In a tweet yesterday, Trump said CNN has “a powerful voice” but uses it to portray the U.S. “in an unfair and false way” – and “something has to be done.” What that “something” is anyone’s guess. The U.S. government already has Voice of America, which last year reached some 275 million people worldwide with news from the U.S. on TV radio, online and social media. CNN has had no comment on this new, latest, criticism by Trump. Voice of America hasn’t commented, either.



NEW YORK (AP) – Can’t get a big enough Fox News fix? There’s a new option for you, starting today as Fox Nation is launched. The streaming service is aimed at the same audience that follows the network now. Like the programming on its TV outlet, Fox Nation skews right. And it will feature in digital form many of the same talking heads Fox fans are used to seeing on TV. Most of Fox Nation’s original programming is being streamed between 9 a.m. and prime-time, so as not to siphon off viewers from the Fox News TV lineup.



WASHINGTON (AP) – An associate of Trump confidant Roger Stone said says he has rejected a plea offer in the special counsel’s Russia probe. Jerome Corsi is a conservative author who has trumpeted several conspiracy theories. He has said in earlier interviews he was given a chance to plead guilty to one count of lying to investigators. But says he won’t do that – because he’d be admitting he willfully lied.



NEW YORK (AP) – Alec Baldwin’s lawyer says there’s videotaped proof his client is not guilty of slugging a man in the face over a parking space. The attorney appeared with the actor at an arraignment hearing in New York yesterday. Baldwin faces charges of misdemeanor attempted assault and harassment stemming from a clash outside his Manhattan apartment building Nov. 2. Baldwin is free on bail and is due back in court Jan. 23.



MILWAUKEE (AP) – Oprah Winfrey’s mother, Vernita Lee, has died. A rep for the former talk show queen says Lee died at her home in Milwaukee last week – and a private funeral was already held. No other details were provided. Lee was a teenager when she gave birth to Winfrey in Mississippi in 1954. They moved to Milwaukee when Winfrey was 6.


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