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November 21, 2018
WBB: App State 65, Elon 62 (Final Stats/Recap)
November 21, 2018
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WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump is suggesting he might attend next year’s White House Correspondents Dinner. And he says the reason for his change of heart – is that the event is no longer featuring a comedian. In his tweet, Trump writes: “So-called comedian Michelle Wolf bombed so badly last year at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner that this year, for the first time in decades, they will have an author instead of a comedian. Good first step in comeback of a dying evening and tradition! Maybe I will go?” Presidents traditionally attend the dinner – but the past two years, Trump has skipped it.



WASHINGTON (AP) – Lock her up? Eh, not so fast. President Trump says there’s a difference between his daughter, Ivanka Trump using private email to conduct government business – and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing so. During his presidential campaign, Trump mercilessly criticized Clinton as “Crooked Hillary” for doing government business using private email – and once told her to her face at one of the debates saying she belonged in jail. But now that the White House has acknowledged Ivanka Trump did the same thing, Trump has said the two cases aren’t the same. Trump says his daughter didn’t have a private server, never emailed classified information – or deleted emails.



WASHINGTON (AP) – An actress who says she had a relationship with Michael Avenatti is detailing the claims of domestic violence she accuses the attorney of. Mareli Miniutti’s claims are in a sworn statement contained in court documents obtained by The Associated Press. She says during an argument, Avenatti dragged her across the floor of his Los Angeles apartment. She also says Avenatti cursed her and hit her in the face with pillows. Avenatti was arrested last week on a felony domestic violence charge. He calls the allegations “completely false.” He’s due in court on the case next month.



DUBUQUE, Iowa (AP) – A man accused of messing up part of the Iowa baseball field featured in the movie “Field of Dreams” won’t be getting jail time in the case. A TV station in Dubuque (KCRG-TV) reports Austin Pape of Dyersville has been sentenced to between two and five years of probation. He was also granted a deferred judgment. That means he conviction can be wiped off the books if he meets terms of his probation. Investigators say Pape acknowledges driving onto the field in January. He pleaded guilty to a charge of felony criminal mischief after prosecutors dropped a charge of reckless driving against him.



NEW YORK (AP) – During her career as one of the foremost experts on living the good life, Martha Stewart would often declare something as being “a good thing.” But it turns out her first Uber ride was not one of those things. She took to Instagram to describe her experience. He says she paid for the “most expensive version” of the ride-hailing service’s offerings – but that the treatment wasn’t top-tier. She says the first car never showed up. As for the second, she says it ended up parking “halfway down” the street from her where she was – so she couldn’t see the plate. To top it off, Stewart complains the car “was a mess inside and out.” Uber says it’s disappointed to hear about Stewart’s experience – and is reaching out to her and her reps.



NEW YORK (AP) – So, did you catch the season finale of “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday? If the answer is no, it looks like you had lots of company. While the ratings for the final show aren’t in, Nielsen reports “DWTS” hasn’t been the ratings champ it has been in the past. This season, each episode averaged 8.2 million viewers the night it aired – and during the week afterward. That’s down 22 percent from last year, when each show pulled in 10.4 million viewers. The show was once a routine top 10 performer for ABC. But the shine seems off the mirrorball trophy this year – as last week’s semifinals didn’t even crack the top 20.



WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) – Former NBA star Michael Jordan returned to his hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina – and was treated like a hero. And it wasn’t for anything he did on a basketball court. He met with some of the victims of the hurricane that recently hit his home state. He handed out Thanksgiving dinners at a home improvement store and gave away Jordan Brand shoes at a Boys & Girls Club where he once played. After the storm, Jordan made a $2 million donation to help with relief efforts.


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