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November 2, 2018
William Edward Moss
November 2, 2018
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NEW YORK (AP) – It’s an interesting take on the ongoing debate about the news media being the “enemy of the people.” Fox News Channel’s Ainsley Earhardt is drawing fire for saying President Trump feels the press could get on Trump’s good side – if they’d report the news the way the president wants it. Earhardt is one of the hosts of “Fox & Friends” – and she says she can understand the president’s frustration with not seeing reports that synch up with his view of things. Earhardt’s comments have drawn a swift response. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer calls them stunning – and said they reflect the kind of thinking that flourishes in totalitarian regimes and dictatorships.



WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump says he likes Oprah Winfrey. But he says he doesn’t agree with her choice of candidate for the governor’s race in Georgia. Winfrey was in Marietta, Georgia yesterday where she urged voters to elect Stacey Abrams to the statehouse. Winfrey calls Abrams a “changemaker” who “cares about the things that matter.” Republican candidate Brian Kemp countered Oprah’s star power with an appearance by Vice President Mike Pence. He said he had a message for Abrams’ big-name supporters, “This ain’t Hollywood.”



NEW YORK (AP) – Michael Moore’s first reaction to hearing his picture was one of those plastered on the man suspected of sending pipe bombs to President Trump’s critics was an interesting one. He told “Late Night With Seth Meyers” he was watching TV when they showed his image with a set of crosshairs on it and thought, “that’s a really good picture.” Speaking seriously, Moore said the FBI visited him at home and he says agents told him the suspect had done “an abundance of research” on him. And Moore says they were surprised that he hadn’t received a pipe bomb. He says one of the agents joked that maybe it was lost in the mail. Moore has been a frequent critic of President Trump and his new movie “Fahrenheit 11/9” is a reference to the date Trump was elected president.



ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – The Upside Down haunted house will be open for an extra day this year. And that extra day will be Election Day. Universal Orlando Resort says the haunted house that recreates the first season of “Stranger Things” will stay open until next Tuesday. The maze dedicated to the Netflix show is one of 10 haunted houses at the park for Halloween Horror Nights. The exhibit was to end tomorrow. But because of the show’s popularity, officials decided to keep it open a little longer.



LOS ANGELES (AP) – Since late summer, there’s been talk that actress Daryl Hannah had married musician Neil Young. But none of that talk has come from Young or Hannah. Until now, anyway. Young has acknowledged the hitching in a post on his website – saying his wife Daryl helped put the project together. It’s the third marriage for Young and the first for Hannah, who had previously dated Jackson Browne and John F. Kennedy Jr.



TORONTO (AP) – You’ve seen her in plenty of movies. But tonight, you can catch Julia Roberts in her first star turn in a scripted TV series. She’s in “Homecoming,” which streams on Amazon. In the psychological thriller, Robert plays a case worker at a remote military facility designed to help soldiers make their return to civilian life. Roberts says she was attracted to the project – and notes there are a lot of meaty roles on TV these days.



LOS ANGELES (AP) – A longtime TV memorabilia collector is putting some stuff up for auction. And fans of “Batman” will want to take notice. James Comisar says among the 400 items he’s putting up for bids is the green jacket worn by The Riddler in the first episode of “Batman.” Also in the lot is a protective glass “bat shield” from the 1960s series. And there are more than 50 lots of “Star Trek” costumes, sketches and correspondence. The auction begins Dec. 1 at the Prop Store – and people can bid either at the store or on its website.



LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) – The real estate market may be booming – but not for Johnny Depp. He’s been trying to sell his 42-acre horse farm in Kentucky – but he has found no takers. So, to move the parcel, Depp is lowering the price. It had been $2.9 million. It’s now listing at $1.6 million. The farm features a 6,635-square-foot home, with six bedrooms, six full baths and a four-car garage.



BOSTON (AP) – Will the Red Sox visit the White House? That’s the colorful question being asked – now that the Boston Red Sox have captured their latest World Series title. The team hasn’t decided whether it will visit the White House. Also to be decided: whether President Donald Trump will invite the Sox. One factor may be Hurricane Maria. Red Sox’ manager Alex Cora is from Puerto Rico, which was devastated by the storm. And some have blamed President Trump for his administration’s lack of response. In recent years, the traditional winners’ trip to the White House has become partisan, with some players declining to attend because of their political views. Earlier this year, Trump disinvited the Philadelphia Eagles once it became clear few members of the Super Bowl winning team would show up.


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