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January 16, 2020
Nancy Louise Black
January 16, 2020
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WASHINGTON (AP) – The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump figures to be one of the most watched TV events of our time. But some of those being paid to watch the trial – and report on it – are upset over over how much access they will have to the event. The head of a committee of Congressional correspondents says restrictions on reporters will exceed those for the Clinton impeachment 20 years ago – not to mention high-profile events like the State of the Union address and Inauguration Day. A preliminary security plan would greatly limit the movement of credentialed media members. For example, reporters will be penned in a designated area and can only speak to senators who approach them. Usually, credentialed journalists can buttonhole lawmakers in hallways or as they head to elevators or the Senate subway.


WASHINGTON (AP) – Usually the chats between candidates after a televised debate get little attention. But they are now, after Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders got into a tense exchange after Tuesday’s debate, with Warren refusing to shake Sanders’ hand. CNN, which televised the debate, has released audio of the confrontation. In the clip, Warren asks Sanders if he called her “a liar on national TV” by denying telling Warren a woman could never be elected president in the U.S. Sanders tells Warren he’s willing to discuss the rift but said, “Let’s not do it right now.” Before the exchange ended, Sanders accused Warren of calling him a liar. The two then turned away from each other and left the debate stage from opposite wings.


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) – Issa Rae says she’s “kind of tired” of the same old conversation about the lack of diversity in the motion picture industry. She says she finds it “annoying” to keep having to complain about the lack of blacks, women and other minorities from the annual list of nominees. Rae seemed to sum up the frustrations of many when she drolly congratulated “those men” who were nominated for best director after reading their names on Monday. She says her comment wasn’t deliberate – but that she was told to engage in banter for a few seconds while the teleprompter reloaded.


NEW YORK (AP) – Stephen King is drawing heat for comments he made in response to the flap over this year’s Oscars nominations. The author tweets that when he decides on awards, he cares only about “quality” not “diversity” – and to do otherwise “would be wrong.” King, who is involved in the voting process, says when he was considering his picks, “the diversity issue” didn’t come up. Some are questioning why King suggests quality and diversity are somehow different things. Ava DuVernay says King’s comments were “so backward and ignorant” – that when she woke up to hear about them, it made her want to go back to bed.


NEW YORK (AP) – Judd Apatow has had one of his newest projects land in a prime spot at the South by Southwest Film Festival. His “The King of Staten Island” will make its premiere on the opening night of the event in Austin, Texas. It’s Apatow’s first fiction film as a director since the 2015 movie “Trainwreck.” “The King of Staten Island” stars Pete Davidson, giving the “Saturday Night Live” player his highest-profile project ever. The movie will be released in June. The South by Southwest festival will be held March 13-22.


PASADENA, Calif. (AP) – So, will there ever be a “Friends” reunion? The definitive answer right now – is a rather un-definitive “maybe.” That answer is coming from the chief content officer of HBO Max. Kevin Reilly says people connected with the old NBC hit have “interest all the way around” in doing a reunion. Only problem is, it hasn’t gotten beyond the “interested” stage. Recently there were reports that the “Friends” crew was in talks for an HBOMax special.


NEW YORK (AP) – Ken Jennings says when it comes to the “Jeopardy!” Greatest of All Time tournament, it’s one and done for him. Asked about a possible rematch with two other top players, he said simply, “I’m out.” Jennings won three matches to take the competition, which wrapped up on TV earlier this week. Jennings took home a $1 million prize – but says when it comes to another competition, he doesn’t think he’d be up for it.


UNDATED (AP) – Dwayne Johnson’s father has died. And like his acting son, Rocky “Soulman” Johnson first made his mark as a professional wrestler. He was a WWE Hall of Famer who teamed up with Tony Atlas to become the first black world tag team champions in that circuit’s history. Johnson later trained his son in the squared circle – and The Rock eventually had the privilege of inducting his father into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008. The elder Johnson was 75.


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