2018-19 Teacher of the Year Ashe County Schools

2018-19 Support Staff/Supervisory Employee of the Year Ashe County Schools
May 7, 2018
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May 7, 2018
2018-19 Teacher of the Year Ashe County Schools


Ashe County Schools Announces Teacher of the Year 2018-2019 – Ms. Jill Gambill, Art Teacher at Ashe County Middle School


Mrs. Phyllis Yates, Superintendent of Ashe County Schools, central service staff, school administration and students surprised Ms. Gambill, Thursday morning with the announcement.  Jill has been teaching for Ashe County Schools for 19 years.  She was a North Carolina Teaching Fellow and continued her journey in higher education to receive her Masters in Instructional Technology.  Jill is a product of the Ashe County School System.  She states, “I am a teacher everywhere I go.  It doesn’t start and stop in my classroom.” She believes that her classroom is a fun and inviting space for all students to learn.  “My favorite part of teaching, especially teaching art, is the “what if” moments, and helping students to find their own what if’s”, stated Ms. Gambill.


She is a leader in her school by providing professional development, planning dances, being the advisor for the yearbook, assisting with the Imagine program, Awards Day, and talent shows.  She leads in the district by representing the middle school on the district-wide calendar committee and providing professional development.  The district art professional learning community, made up of all the art teachers in our schools, provides regional and state professional development for art teachers throughout the state.  Mr. Farmer, principal of Ashe Middle says,” “I can think of very few teachers I have ever worked with that is more passionate about their content than Mrs. Gambill.  She can encourage those students who do not have a creative bone in their body feel proud of their finished product.  This is why her classes are continually maxed out year after year.  In addition, she supports reading, writing and math instruction and presents at the local, state and national level.  We are so proud of Mrs. Gambill and have high expectations for her as she moves forward through the Teacher of the Year process.  One student remarks, her room is always full of energy—never a dull moment.


The staff of Ashe County Middle School chose Ms. Gambill as their Teacher of the Year.  She will now represent our school district in the Northwest North Carolina Teacher of the Year competition, which will occur in September. 


Each spring, schools select a Teacher of the Year to represent faculty and staff during the following school year.  For 2018-2019, the Ashe County High School Teacher of the Year is Stephanie Stolt, social studies teacher.  The Teacher of the Year for Blue Ridge Elementary School is Susan Poe who teaches 5th grade.  Kim Treadway, 6th grade teacher, at Mountain View Elementary and John Franca, 6th grade teacher, at Westwood Elementary School represents their schools as Teacher of the Year.


“I congratulate all of our Teachers of the Year nominees for 2018-2019 for their tremendous contribution to their schools,” said Phyllis Yates, Superintendent of Schools.


Additional information regarding North Carolina Teacher of the Year Program.


The NC Teacher of the Year is recognized at the school, regional, and statewide levels. First, the teacher is chosen to represent their respective school as Teacher of the Year. Similarly, individual public charter schools nominate a Teacher of the Year who participates in a selection process facilitated by the Office of Charter Schools at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Next, once each school district and the charter school nomination processes are completed, the teacher finalists vie as one of the state’s nine Regional Teachers of the Year. [The state is divided into eight geographical regions and NC Charter Schools are clustered together to form the ninth region of the state. The Charter School Teacher of the Year joins the Regional Teachers of the Year team as a finalist for the state Teacher of the Year]. This selection process is facilitated in each region by Regional Education Facilitators representing the Educator Effectiveness Division at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.


After a series of relevant screening activities, the State Teacher of the Year is chosen by a committee consisting of professional educators as well business and community leaders. The state selection committee members are chosen based on their dynamic public record in support of education. The State Teacher of the Year and the other Regional Finalists form a collaborative network to provide ongoing professional development and support throughout the state on critical issues facing public education. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education take pride in celebrating the most innovative and effective public school educators in our state.


Since the inception of the program in North Carolina in 1970, three State Teachers of the Year have become National winners. Four have become National Finalists and one has been inducted into the National Teachers’ Hall of Fame. Thirteen North Carolina Teachers of the Year have taught at the elementary school level, eight at the middle or junior high school level and twenty-six at the high school level.