February 16, 2018
Monday, February 19th
Raylan Daniel Roten 3 years’ old Josh Williamson Jacob Dollar 10 years’ old Caleb Jones 10 years’ old Madge Sawyer Angeline Dawn Blevins Noah Johnson 17 years’ old Taylor Barker 19 years’ old
February 16, 2018
Saturday, February 17th
Addison Combs 5 years’ old Barry Boult Willa Dean Tucker Taylor Barker 19 years’ old   Belated Wishes, February 15th Josh Goodman 21 years’ old   Sunday, February 18th   Samara Ashley Wilson Sheyenne Mullis Randall Edwards 60 years’ old Brett Hardison Angel Greer 36 years’ old Conner Isaacs Tristan Blevins Greg Howell Jeza Mae McNeill
February 15, 2018
Friday, February 16th
Ann W. Vannoy Joyce Vannoy Kristin Treadway Mary Dollar Jerry Carlton 21 years’ old Jorden Carlton 16 years’ old John Howell 16 years’ old Faye Walls Paige McKinley Roten 11 years’ old Kenneth Darrell Howell   Wishes in Advance, February 17th Shirley Francis
February 14, 2018
Thursday, February 15th
Clint Johnson Kendra Thompson Lori Segraves Lenna Brooks 88 years’ old Miles Murphy 7 years’ old Elijah River Wood 12 years’ old Tucker Hazlewood 5 years’ old Richard Minor
February 13, 2018
Wednesday, February 14th
Kelly Barker Charlie Farmer Ashley Honeycutt Ruby Calhoun Rita Testerman Bailey Witherspoon 18 years’ old Faye Weaver 66 years’ old Ryan Moser Tim Walton Belated Wishes, February 13th Russell Sheets   Anniversary Wishes Donnie and Anessa Elliott Pete and Betty Powers “Papa and Mama Moose” 59 years Chad and Stacey Jenkins 20 years


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